Build an EDM by Robet Langlois – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Melting & Casting Aluminium by Robert on. Uploaded by. Build an EDM by Robert P. Langlois – Electrical Discharge Machining – Removing Metal by Spark Erosion. Softcover, 56 pages, illustrated. Build an EDM by. Results 1 – 6 of 6 Build an EDM, Electrical Discharge Machining – Removing Metal by Spark Erosion by Robert Langlois and a great selection of related books.

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The Power section powers up! I think I should change it to the same value or larger than the blue aluminum cap. The mechanical guys have got the first two figured and polished to a degree that I’m not capable of. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Your Password Forgot your password? One note for future-self: The input is from a 1: The hardcore kind of machinists that don’t really internet well. Max 20v on that junction. As it stands, I have a clean 5v rail and a dirty 80v rail. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Except buil the power output stage, I couldn’t find that board.

Made with easily sourced and inexpensive materials. That is made more difficult by the hackspace being in a state esm flux at the moment after having our lease unexpectedly terminate recently. The power bit is the hard, industrial-trade-secret type thing that makes electrodes spark.


Not Your Father’s EDM

There are three main categories in an EDM: By the way, EDM works well for those metals with low conductivity like steel. If they get really jittery during a burn, I know exactly what is happening, and a redesign will happen sooner rather than later.

I actually just started thinking about this a few weeks ago due to some spitballing with Russians on the internet. So far the damage on this project has been two blown caps that I’ve over-volted, a bunch of wasted time building some motor drivers that ended up being too noisy they would cause the microcontroller to brownout – I may fix this later, it’s not too hardand now a few more hours of wasted time.

So I did some more work, rebuilding that output power board: From the earliest prototypes to the finalish version, I’m planning on using the following, in order: They’re much less common than N-channel. Most of the EDM schematics out there are just rectifiers and timer-based pulse circuits. If you need a square hole, or other unique shape in a part make a square electrode and burn it into the part.

Very little drawing out of stuff beforehand. Read more Read less. The idea behind this was a very cheap and quick Z-axis for controlling the spark.

If I come across a transistor that is slightly faster, lower Rds this is 5 Ohm – too high! His version seems a unnecessarily complicated, though.

Build an EDM Machine (2 Book Set): Robert P. Langlois Ben Fleming: : Books

Had some more time to work on this yesterday. Share your thoughts with other customers. A little more effort turned up the distinctive blue box at the bottom of a shipping pallet, completely covered in shrink wrap.


Similar Projects The Hackaday Prize. That’s totally not what’s going on ronert this circuit! I’m using components scavenged almost byild from my hackspace’s parts bins, however, so I am limited by what I can find. I think that’s going to have to change. These values aren’t anything close to final, I’m just playing around.

Build an EDM ( edition) | Open Library

So expect to see some progress here, in the coming weeks. Robert Langlois put out a couple how-to manuals in the early s, and Ben Fleming has some much more recently. Later in the shower, it hit me – duh. This is the start of the power stage. The whole situation is ironic because it all happened the day before the hackspace is moved-in enough that I can work on stuff in there, for the first time in two months or so.

You should put at least one picture in the sidebar edit your project to do so. Electrodes are on the right. Well, I need to, to know what’s going on during a burn. I picked robet out of the bin because all of the max values are acceptable, but there are some issues I need to keep in mind.