This special system has been refined for over 20 years by Shihan Van Donk’s some 50 trips to train with Soke Hatsumi, his owning every piece of his bujinkan. Ninjutsu Curriculum of other Schools. What are the different membership levels in the Bujinkan? Rank Structure within the Bujinkan. Licensing and . At Sanami dojo there is no set curriculum of techniques that students are ranked Contrary to most martial arts Bujinkan’s Grandmaster, Hatsumi Sensei, says.

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It is currculum job as bkjinkan to do this. Retrieved from ” https: He created a “Godai” system in relationship to all the techniques. Everyone who is affiliated with us will have studied this material or has proven to Shihan Van Donk that they indeed know the material presented in our courses. The question that must always be asked is simply “does it work”? It is intended that ALL of us pay attention to the students and what they are getting as that is what IS important.

Masaaki Hatsumi and it is important to remember he still trains as well. Wazas also help you learn timing, distancing, and eventually true budo protection methods. No focus was announced forthough Hatsumi talked about three things that are important for a martial artist, which may be loosely considered to be the yearly theme. We believe in our standard and recommend that all teachers do the same. As a general rule persons are white belts for the first 2 or 3 months of their training, after which they are promoted to the first level of green belt.

Bujinkan Sanami Dojo

It is largely a title and does not suggest your training is done. Join Date Feb Posts 1 Likes received 0.


And I’ve seen videos on YouTube where seemingly pretty similar reactions have been either pass or fail After a student is currivulum he or she receives a certificate for their new rank. Your user name or email address: We strive to know how by doing at Sanami Dojo and keeping bujinoan connection with our teachers in Japan and other mentors and peers.

The 5th Dan level also requires that the student passes cuericulum Sakki test. Will it keep him safe? It is also used in the martial art of aikido to distinguish unarmed fighting techniques from others, such as those of stick fighting. Good discussion for a change. Junan taiso junan meaning flexible is a yogic method of stretching and curticulum [14] by means of which the Bujinkan practitioner may develop and maintain good physical condition and wellbeing.

We do no one any favor by shorting a student in their learning and giving rank without minimum levels of knowledge for their rank. I was wondering if there exists a set curriculum manual for the Bujinkan Dojo that shows the requirements for each kyu. Hatsumi continues to tell us as he did this past weekend, to forget the “technique” and that a “perfect” technique will get you killed. They build and grow and change over the course of our lives.

One should not get to caught up in this idea of master vurriculum should have a childs mind. Ranks just given without meaning or the student knowing what they have learned for the rank they where given is in our opinion unfair to the student. The only true master is Dr.

Bujinkan Curriculum | – Friendly Martial Arts Forum Community

Many of you have already hit the important points that must be considered. There are fifteen dan grades in the Bujinkan, although only ten are formally recognised 10th dan has five levels within it. This movement to have a “training manual” based on the Ten Chi Bhjinkan Ryaku no Maki in no way will hinder the very valuable flexibility we have as practicioners of ninjutsu.


One must apply for a teaching license to be a certified teacher. Not like a car which is perfect when you buy it then deteriorates. There are nine 9 different levels of green belt. It is our job to make certain that our students are the ones that get to “go home”. When the student reaches yon kyu 4th level the silver stars are removed and the process begins again with gold stars.

Never take ownership of things to tightly for you are already attached to everything so dont be afraid to let go. Will he be the one that goes home? Historically Japanese martial arts have had a number of different ways of promoting or ranking students.

This top Shihan ranking will take the signatures of Shihan Van Donk and at least 2 other Judans plus the final agreement of Soke Hatsumi. There are 5 honorary ranks that can only be recieved from Hatumi Sensei after reaching Judan 10th level black belt … These levels are also directly corralated with a theme of the five elements and lat out as followed. This is achieved by moving the opponent into inferior positions and manipulating their body curriculm weak lines where it is difficult for the opponent to resist.