The First International Conference on Law, Business and Government , UBL , Indonesia 1 Undang-undang pemilu kada , Pasal 1 ayat 1. . In their book about economic development, which is widely used in .. Most budget elections to “Voting Organizer Group” (KPPS) can also be reduced by optimizing the. They draw on the classic book by Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy KPPS. All of Manarif’s campaigning was done outside of the village, . pada pemilu legislatif [Money politics in Indonesia: Patronage and .. Stren Kali, Surabaya, contoh untuk Jakarta [Stren Kali, Surabaya, an example for. Klientelisme pada Pemilu Legislatif Yogyakarta: .. book A New Handbook of Political Science(Pappi,. Franz Urban .. KPPS); (b) voter must use punching technique; Panduan Rekrutmen&Kaderisasi Partai.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. These principles are later deemed as crucial in sustaining the integrity of the process and the result of the election, especially after the implementation of the parliamentary and presidential election of The general public was being exposed to the spectacle of the elections presented in a so-called glass-box.

Each process can be seen and monitored jpps naked eye.

In fact, public can record or re-record any data and 2041 regarding the election, and then re-present the data in a more creative and attractive way. Providing a more open election data and information turns out to be an efective way to strengthen election results. Enhancing the transparency of the election process, with all the data and the information they contain, has been proven to be efective in minimizing any potential conflict.

The parliamentary and presidential election of have proved that the threads spurred by some people, that the implementation of the election will split the people of Indonesia as well cause destructive conlict, are pemiku unproven.

There were no cases of physical violence that caused destruction to the public or private facilities during the election until the inauguration of the elected president. The conlict was subsided before it has the chance to exist. The leegislatif of data and information of the election is also afected public perception regarding the performance and achievements of the election management body EMB.

The credibility of the KPU members rose sharply, and has became a role- model for many other state institutions. Many members of the society even voluntarily put themselves to defence and helped to clarify many accusations spurred towards the KPU made by some losing politicians, which panduna aimed to weaken the KPU credibility, with data and information. The data and information used in that process legislxtif public records of the election process.

If the electoral process is not transparent, public would not have any reliable means to uncover data and fact. The credibility and professionalism of the Commission were successfully maintained due to the strict implementation of the transparency principle. The transparency is implemented by utilizing the KPU oicial website for dissemination electoral information.

There are 25 types of data and information opened by the KPU RI so they can be accessed easily and free of charge to the public. Also, There are nine information systems that support electoral work, which is commonly called web- based application by the public. Speciically, there were scanned document of C1 form the vote counting results at polling stations uploaded in the form of digital image.

These documents were documented in real time by the election committees. Public responded to all the data and information enthusiastically, and work in a joint- efort to record and process the information.

KPU Kabupaten Lampung Timur – Situs Resmi KPU Kabupaten Lampung Timur

However, the efort to disclose information by the Commission is just a irst step in implementing the principle of transparency. It is about the time for the Commission to upgrade this initiative to a higher level, which is open data. According to the international standards of open data, open data is not just an act of publishing data and information available to the public, but involves three key words that are indispensable: This implies that the data and information gathered in open data activity should not only utilizable by humans, but also by machines.

This is the reason why open data initiative later requires API Application Programming Interfaceas a bridge between the data and information that is Open Data and the public at large. Perludem is one of many civil society organization that also utilize and optimize election data and information during Election To stimulate data usage and information, Perludem had organized two hackathon events prior to the legislative and presidential elections ofinvolving hundreds of application developers.


As a result, there were applications and election games created during the events, which partly can be downloaded for free by users from their Android or iOS gadget. This book is an efort to record the process and achievements that have been obtained by Perludem through the API Election program.

The author, Harun Husein, summarizes and explains the experience obtained from the implementation of the program, so it can be beneicial for larger audiences. The book also discusses in depth principles and implementation of open data and API, based on the experience in implementing the API Elections. Hopefully, this will allow the reader to understand the idea and the practice of open data and API as technology that mutually supportive.

In the end, the main implicit wisdom of this book is the idea that technology should be able to answer the problems of election, rather than contribute to the new problems. From Restroom To Voting Booth Floating Voters, Abstentions, and Legiislatif Politics There goes an quote that contains a fundamental truth, that openness and transparency can solve many problems due to secrecy, such as corruption, manipulation, and various deviation, which always played in the dimly and dark places.

In legidlatif issue of election, secrecy is a nest of various germ of fraud and manipulation, which creates diseases for elections and democracy. Insularity or secrecy makes the electoral process diicult to predict, even though the result is predictable. In New Order era for instance, the election process is full of manipulation and intimidation, whereas the result, the winner, can be predicted, even before the election. But the sun is not just a natural germ killer.

Photosynthesis is the process that ultimately makes the plants absorb carbon and releasing oxygen that are useful for life.

POLITICS. The. The Politics Vol. 1 No. 2 Juli P-ISSN: – PDF Free Download

Disclosure of election data not only increase the integrity and legitimacy of the electoral process, but also produce beautiful fruits and lowers, in the form of innovation and creativity that — as often expressed by the election activists — merge technology with the election. Paduan of which are recorded as the pioneer in Indonesia election.

This is an election data digitization activities: So the election data can be more attractive, particularly for the young people. Hundreds of software experts took part in the hackathon events that was held twice, once before the legislative elections and the other for the presidential elections.

The result is about apps and election games, some of which can be downloaded for free, especially by devices or gadgets smart phones and tablet computers users pemiilu Android or iOS platform, whose numbers kpsp Indonesia has reached million people. This phenomenon conducted by a lot of volunteers in various webs. Admittedly, these initiatives were mostly driven by the times and technological advances and improvement made in the ield of information technology.

However, the disclosure of election 2041 is also an lgislatif trigger. Without transparency, no matter how rapid the advancement of technology is, it is diicult to imagine that there will appear creativity and innovation in utilizing the election data.

Election data, that in the previous elections did not easily accessible, only partially opened, or opened only according to the electoral stages and kppss not be accessed at any time — in the data was almost like being poured to the public. Most of the data opened by KPU are distributed online, either through its website on www. Similar efort is also conducted by the Election Supervisory Body Bawaslu in their website, www.

This step is something very important, because Indonesia applies the open-list proportional system, leglslatif which voters not only vote for political party but also for speciic candidates. Using the portal, voters can check whether their name has already registered or not.

It is then acceptable if the KPU often boasts their initiative to open the C1 form and its glorious impact on society as one of the best practice they had done in the Election of The fact that KPU has been more transparent is acknowledged by many people. Kemitraan untuk Pembaruan Tata Pemerintahan Partnership for Governance Reformfor example, gave award to the KPU for their initiative and innovation in making the election data more transparent.

Partnership huku, election data transparency has improved the 204 of the elections, and enhanced the integrity of the election process and the election result. Firstly, the transparency initiative is only covering a small part of kppps criteria outlined in Law No. There are several theoretical background underlying the establishment of the kppss.


Firstly, accessibility to information is a basic human right. Secondly, transparency of information is also a means to optimize public oversight and monitoring efort over the implementation of the state and everything that afects public interest.

Thirdly, to provide legal certainty for the public in obtaining information. The Freedom of Information Law FoI rigidly governs important aspects of the management of public information.

Particularly about the content and how the information should be presented by state oicials, so that the information can be known by the public at large.

Pileg dan Pilpres Serentak Digelar 17 April 2019, Ini Tahapannya

The issue of FoIDiah said, is one of the crucial issues that are important in the administration of elections in Indonesia. In this case, the government — alongside with election organizer — is legally obliged to conduct public information management based on four categories as set out in Article 9, Article 10, and Article 11 of the KIP Law. Firstly, all important public information must be publicized periodically. Secondly, the information must be publicized immediately. Many people thinks that the KPU and Bawaslu has already demonstrates their seriousness in providing important public information.

In order to meet the irst and second category, for example, the Commission has created an oicial web portal illed with electoral information and data that can easily be accessed online by the public. However, Perludem argues, there are still many important information has not been uploaded yet, particularly the third category. Admittedly, there is no obligation for such information to be actively published.

Other than the fact that the government and KPU are not able to meet the criteria set out in the KIP Law yet, the disclosure of election data by the organizers of election is also can only considered as mere transparency, not entirely an open data efort, a term refers to a speciic and rigid activity.

According to the Open Data Handbook: Formats such as these, in the context of open data, are categorized as proprietary. Firstly, granularity, meaning that the data should be detailed to the most detailed level. Secondly, timely, meaning the election data should be available within a certain period — in accordance to the stages of election – so that it can be used efectively. Thirdly, available for free on the internet, that the data should be used freely on the Internet online.

Fourthly, completion in bulk, where data are available and can be downloaded in bulk. Ninthly, permanently available, namely the election data must be provided with a stable availability on the internet for an unlimited period of time.

Open Data is not only a matter of disclosing data to the public, but there is a number of prerequisites that need to be met. Open format means that the data is stored in a form that can be opened by all applications, no special application is required to read the data. Diah Setiawaty added that KPU and Bawaslu has indeed shown their seriousness in disclosing public information via their website. However, these data are still not attractive enough for the public. Firstly, because the data are not machine-readable, so these data do not appeal to the interests of many computer programmers, application developers, and researchers.

Secondly, the data are incomplete, especially regarding to past elections. Thirdly, the websites owned by the Commission and its subsidiaries in local areas are not presented in the same standard, and this renders confusion to the public when accessing the data. Fortunately, those deiciencies were then covered by Perludem. Through the initiative of Election API, Perludem reformat the election data from KPU, Bawaslu, and other sources – including election data owned by Perludem themselves – into machine-readable format, and turn it into a digital database.

These programmers and developers then use the electoral data as the basis for creating a variety of applications and exciting games, and send them directly into the hands of the voters through devices gadgets.

There should be new approach that is more than just web portal. That approach is than decided through gadgets, web-based, Android-based, and iOS-based applications. This is an interesting idea because the internet and gadgets have become a means of communication that is enjoyed by the people in Indonesia.