Bundesvergabegesetz in der Fassung BVergG-Novelle BVergG Front Cover. Michael Fruhmann, Hans Gölles, Franz Pachner, Doris Steiner. BVergG Bundesvergabegesetz idF der BVergG-Novelle by Michael Fruhmann (Hardback, ) Delivery UK delivery is. Darstellung aller Regelungen des BVergG mit neuester Judikatur und Literatur; mit Schwerpunkt auf der am kundgemachten Novelle BGBl I.

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Liste wesentlicher Kontaktstellen Dr. Bundesvergabegwsetz against decisions of contracting authorities are filed quite frequently and the public procurement authorities annul such decisions on a regular basis. The Austrian regime implements the relevant EC Directives. Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Verwaltungsgerichtshof Mag. This was the first case in Austria where the Bundesvergabeamt had to cooperate with criminal investigation authorities.

The decision to exclude tenderers lies with the contracting authority; a tenderer who is excluded can appeal against such decision and initiate review proceedings. However, the BVergG also contains specific derogations allowing, under certain conditions, procedures without prior publication of an advertisement.

The BVerG exempts in-house bundesvergabegewetz as defined in the permanent jurisdiction of the ECJ from its scope of application. Compared to the other public contracts, concession contracts are not so strictly bound to the rules of the BVergG ; in particular, they have more flexibility with respect to the choice of procedure provided that such procedure safeguards the application of the rules and principles of the Treaty and contains an appropriate level of transparency.

Under the sector regime, bodies governed by public law as defined above and additionally public entities are covered by the BVergG To safeguard the effectiveness of the review proceedings, the authority can grant interim relief and suspend the tender procedure or certain decisions e. However, all material amendments, to be defined bhndesvergabegesetz novations Novation and changes other than those relating to collateral clauses trigger the requirement of a new tender of the contract.


Austria: Public Procurement

Marginal bids amending the tender are admissible even if the tender documents do not authorise them. For details, please see orginal article. If such clauses have been part of the original tender, they are in line with the BVergG Wordery offers Free Delivery on all UK orders, and competitively priced international delivery. Third, the BVergG comprises procedural provisions relating to the review of the award of public contracts.

Bundesvfrgabegesetz must award contracts pursuant to the rules and procedures set forth in the BVergG Public works, supply and services contracts; public works concessions; public service concessions only fundamental principles bundesvergbaegesetz BVergG are applicable.

Austria: Public Procurement | DORDA

Technical specifications shall afford equal access for tenderers and shall not have the effect of creating unjustified obstacles to the opening of public procurement to competition.

The nine different public procurement tribunals of bunesvergabegesetz Austrian Provinces, which review decisions of the contracting authorities for all other public contracts, are:. However, awards of the undertaking to which the in-house contract is awarded, are subject to the BVergG Visit the Bundesvergabsgesetz Desk.

Further, the BVergG comprises specific rules to calculate the value of the public contract e. Currently, four complaints are pending with the Austrian Constitutional Court Verfassungsgerichtshof and three with the Austrian Administrative Court Verwaltungsgerichtshof.

New Book on Austrian Public Procurement Law “Bundesvergabegesetz-Novelle 2009”

Notwithstanding mandatory national technical rules, to the extent that they are compatible with Community law, these specifications must be formulated:. In the sector regime, contracting authorities have the choice between open procedures, restricted procedures with a calling for competition and negotiated proceedings with a calling for competition.


Wordery is one of the UK’s largest online booksellers. Now, it is clear that they are governed by and must award their contracts pursuant to the procedures set forth in the BVergG Secure payment via PayPal.

Juni – sein eigen nennen. Nonetheless, the Bundesvergabeamt accepted the application and initiated review proceedings to safeguard efficiency of remedies in tender procedures. Negotiated procedures can take place in successive stages in order to reduce the number of the tenderers by applying the awarding criteria.

Hubert Reisner, Bundesvergabeamt Dr.

Huge range Over 7 million titles and growing, all at extremely competitive prices. To award a contract, the contracting authority must invite all tenderers admitted to the system. There are no other special rules.

EUR-Lex – 7*AUT_ – EN – EUR-Lex

If not, what are the underlying principles governing these issues? Where, in the opinion of the contracting authority, weighting is not possible for demonstrable reasons, the bhndesvergabegesetz authority must indicate in the contracting notice or in the tender documents, the criteria in descending order of importance.

Such reference shall only be permitted on an exceptional basis and be accompanied by the words “or equivalent”. International bundesvergabegesstz varies by country, please see the Wordery store help page for details. Clemens Mayr, Bundeskanzleramt Dr.

The decision was an important ruling because the qualification of such real estate management companies as public bodies was disputed, in particular whether or not they have commercial character and act on the market.