Internal table to hold the data from the FM CONVERT_OTF This function module call is used to retrieve the name of the Function no_function_module = 2. rekha || 28 Oct am || 2. Smart form OTF to PDF These 2 are needed for function ‘CONVERT_OTF_2_PDF’ . CALL FUNCTION ‘CONVERT_OTF’. **CONVERT SMARTFORM TO BINARY XSTRING PDF CALL FUNCTION v_device_type EXCEPTIONS no_language = 1 language_not_installed = 2 *** CONVERT OTF TO PDF CLEAR: bin_pdf,bin_tline,bin_filesize,bin_pdfx. CALL.

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This function can be used to read the values from a report’s selection screen too Another example. Converto_tf Browser and Analytical Queries October 4, With this function module, you create a new object or sub-object for writing in local memory.

If this function module is called repeatedly for the same object or sub-object, the existing parameters are updated accordingly. Retrieve all of the files and subdirectories on the Presentation Server PC for a given directory. Even includes the text definitions for the selection screen.

About SAP function CONVERT_OTF

With this function module you can analyze logs fumction local memory, e. Very transparent to user! With this function module you read all log data whose log class has at least the specified value, from local memory, for the specified object or sub-object.

No values found for Archiving billing params Ask Question.

Conveet_otf might enter as many users you want. Remember me on this computer. For the test, we are sending just to two users. These Perform calls are: F4 help that returns the values selected in an internal table. If the authorization check is successful, then execute the command on the target host system. Go to the Selection texts tab.


Log In Sign Up. If this function module is called repeatedly for the same object or sub-object, the existing parameters are updated accordingly. Hi Amitha Nice artical How to send alv report output to email i excel format.

Text and data that do not fit into the fknction window are truncated and not displayed. Nanat Great things come in small packages. The selection screen is displayed as an output.

To further structure and format text and data, we can use paragraphs with the paragraph and character formats.

After the successfull execution of the sample ABAP program, a Smart Forms output is converted into pdf file format and the resultant pdf file is saved on the target download folder with the desired file name as shown below. You can only covnert_otf one alternative or variant.

It returns the name of the generated function module.

How to Email Smartform as PDF Attachment to Multiple Users?

Post as a guest Name. Passive bgRFC June 5, All other product, service names, trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Returns a list of all tables, select options, texts, etc for a program. The Text symbols tab is the default cqll tab. Click here to sign up. To do this, you build up a tree structure on the left side of the user interface. Vall, when I received this request from my business, it was nothing different to me as well.


ABAP System Function Modules – 沧海-重庆 – 博客园

You would see the function module linked to this smartform. Provide a display of a table for user to select one, with the value of the table line returned when selected.

Log into your account. If you position a sub window with the same name on several pages, the system displays the contents of this sub window on each page.

Hello Ram, Thank you for appreciation. If the log for the object or sub-object in question is new, the log number is returned to the calling program. You can use this function module to display simple material BOMs. Will tell you the day of the week as a word Tuesdaythe day of the week 2 would be Tuedsaywhether the day is a holiday, and more.

You trigger form printing by calling only two function convert_ott.

Post # E-mail with PDF Attachment – Easy Abap For Beginners

But, whenever we get this requirement, we need to scramble for our previous notes or hit the search engine. Create a dialog box in which you inform the user about a specific decision point via a diagnosis text. I chosed the text “Download Smartforms to Folder” as the title of the cinvert_otf frame block. When the ABAP application is started, the following screen is displayed. If Adobe form contain 7 Line Item, each page should contain only 5 line item.