Elegua is said to be present everywhere and at all times. Because of this Eleggua has many aspects or “caminos” (roads) each encapsulating a different area he. Caminos de Elegua. Elegua Abaile. Elegua Afrá. Elegua Agbanukué [Agbanuké]. Elegua Akéru. Elegua Agongo Ogo. Elegua Akesan. Elegua Alá Le Ilú. Elegua. Caminos. Eleggua has twenty-one different roads. It is important to make the distinction between Eshu and Eleggua. These are both.

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Also the two skins of a drum are, because of the shape of the drum, different in sizes. There are different stories, but analysing all of them would really go beyond the scope of this work.

The Catholic feasts gave the slaves the opportunity to put their style of celebration into the public festivities. Sacred Place in Nature: He has human characteristics, which are both, good and bad. Estaba leyendo un comentario en Internet, y vi un testimonio publicado por una joven de EE.

5 ofrendas a Elegua para el dinero que le encantarán

Trae a tu novio de vuelta 2. Boil some water and add cornmeal to it. The last part of a religious ceremony is again more structured.

Then the Itotele and Okonkolo enter. It became their special day because of the black king Melchior coming from Africa to adore Jesus on his birth. Son habladores y pueden vender hasta lo imposible si se les deja hablar.


While Legba in Rada is the source of life, Met Kafou is a caminox and destroyer of life Desmangles, Elegba allows our prayers to reach the orishas. The first part caminps the Cierre is followed by songs for Eleggua. My focus lies in the history of Yoruba in Cuba.

On pictures you always see him carrying the Child Jesus and holding a lily. As always it enters with the open sound in the caaminos hand. But soon they realized the similarities between their Orishas and the Saints, and so both religions were mixed and Santeria, or Regla de Ocha was born.

Eleyua opens the way and allows ache to flow in the universe. There are three kinds of cantos: Hola a todos, quiero agradecer el gran trabajo del Dr.

Itotele together with Okonkolo produce this very typical mixture of slegua signature. Devuelve a tu esposa 4. Su email address es dreddyspiritualtemple gmail. Soon, I realized that those are hard to find anywhere in Europe. Yo estaba tan feliz y sorprendido. You will find them transcribed in the cantos section cantos para eleggua 1: In Santeria however you have grooves like La Topa, La Lubanche and Salida which are belonging to Eleggua and which can also only be played for him.

Eleggua was walking between two old friends, wearing a tall hat, which was white on one side and red on the other. Saludos y abrazos, Josan Caballero. Some people consider the part that I call the second conversation as a part on its own.


83 best elegua images on Pinterest | Deities, Orisha and Spirituality

The Okonkolo is sticking, like in La Topa, to the ki-la pattern. Comentame sobre tu disponibilidad de tiempo, necesidades y propuestas, que yo sabre hacer mucho con eso, ya que estoy colocando una agencia de empleo de emergencia, dependiendo de las caracteristicas de los porospectos y la manera en que son capaces de enfrentar los nuevos y viejos paradigmas; pero acminos cuanto antes, pues las plazas que tengo para ti, puede que se agoten enseguida.

Ds del coco de agua seco Coco nucifera Lin. Short history of Santeria In the chapter acminos you will find information about how and where Santeria developed. One more problem I encountered was, that in Santeria women are not allowed to play the Bata drums. The order in which the salutes are played does not differ a lot from one tambor to the other. The first section is the Rada part. The transformation of the Yoruba religion into Santeria In Cuba syncretism happened.