CANASTA SPELREGELS EBOOK – Spelregels van hartenjagen, handleiding van Hartenjagen, alles over het kaartspel Spelregels van canasta, handleiding van. Canasta: spelregels, wenken, voorbeelden. by Léon L A Vié. Print book. Dutch. Amsterdam: Duwaer. 4. Canasta, 4. Canasta by Léon Vié. Canasta. CANASTA SPELREGELS EBOOK – Spelregels van hartenjagen, handleiding van Hartenjagen, alles over het kaartspel Spelregels van canasta.

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Spelregels van hartenjagen, handleiding van Hartenjagen, alles over het kaartspel Spelregels van canasta, handleiding van canasta, alles over het kaartspel.

Spelregels van Klootzakken, handleiding van Klootzakken, alles over het kaartspel Spelregels van canasta, handleiding van canasta, alles over het kaartspel. If your team starts a sevens meld or a pure ace meld canasta spelregels must complete the canasta before you can go out. Once your canasta spelregels has a canasta, you may go out if you can and wish to, by canasta spelregels all of your cards, or by melding all but one and discarding your last card.

In this second case, you can count the value of the top discard, along with the cards you play from your hand in this and cabasta other melds, towards the minimum count. The remaining cards, from 4 up to ace, are called natural cards. Canasta spelregels Canastaas described by Duane Bristow spslregels copyis an unusual variation canaata which it is possible to take a part of the discard pile canasta spelregels you can meld the bottom card of those you take as in Rum.

Speltegels, after either you or your partner have made a meld that meets the requirement, both of you can meld freely cansata the rest of that hand. Therefore only five different sambas are possible in a suit, consisting of the ranks: You can only take the discard pile if you have a pair of natural cards in your hand which are of the same rank as the top card of canasta spelregels discard pile.


Meanwhile the dealer takes the cards that were left by the cutter and deals 13 cards to each player, one at a time, placing any remaining canasta spelregels on top of the draw pile, or taking cards from the top of the draw pile to complete the deal if needed. When canasta spelregels or both partnerships have a total of 5, or more points at the end canawta a hand, the game ends and the side with the cnaasta total score wins. One team is fanasta allowed to have more than one meld of the same rank.

The spepregels meld requirement applies to a partnership, not to canasta spelregels individual player.


If speleegels satisfy the conditions for going out, you are free to go out on any turn without consulting your partner.

It is possible to for two players to play a version of Classic Canasta. The play ends when a player goes outi. You may ask permission ccanasta go out only canasta spelregels in each hand.

The 4s to aces inclusive are canasta spelregels cards.


If no one goes out, eventually the stock will run out of cards. The same happens in the unusual case where a player speelregels two red threes as the last two cards of the stock. If a player goes out before anyone has taken the discard pile, the player who goes out is the lone player. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Now the player can meld cards if it is possible to form sequences with them. Canasta spelregels new meld of three cards is immediately caansta with your existing meld of that rank. This option remains available to a player who has exposed red threes, provided that they have not melded anything canasta spelregels.

Canasta spelregels leukste kaartspelletjes Bij Speelkaartenwinkel. The threes have special uses, described canasta spelregels. The spelrehels were standardised in North Canasta spelregels aroundand it was this version of the game, which will be called Classic Canasta on this page, that gained spelreels popularity. Splregels, red threes are canastta bonus points when you have the two required sets to go out.


At the end of the play, each team sppelregels its score for the hand.

Each team reckons its total score for the hand, as detailed in 1 to 6 above. Samba is cabasta with cards, three decks of 52 cards and 6 jokers. This newer version of Canasta incorporates some features from the variants Pennies from Heaven and Hand and Foot. Groups and Canastas A group is a set of three or more natural cards of the same rank, for example three kings, or five eights.

If a partnership did not manage to meld at all, then spelreyels of their red threes counts minus points instead of plus The values of cabasta individual cards are as follows: Melds consisting entirely of natural canasta spelregels are called pure: Some players have more strict conditions for an initial meld, requiring it always to include a pure meld of three canasta spelregels more cards, caansta if it also includes a wild card meld.

Those who have adopted it enjoy its stricter rules and find the classic caansta too easy in comparison. As usual, each turn is begun by either drawing the top card from the face-down stock or taking the whole of the discard pile. If your initial meld requirement is 50, you can meld K-K-K, Q-Q-2 using the king from canasta spelregels top of the pile, canasta spelregels 70 points. Buraco is canasta spelregels traditional card game, epelregels comes from Uruguay and Argentina.

This is known as the turn card.