Synonyms, Barbus tetrazona, Barbus tetrazona tetrazona, Capoeta tetrazona, Puntius tetrazona. Family, Cyprinidae. Origin, Borneo, Indonesia. Genus Puntigrus Species: Puntigrus tetrazona Capoeta tetrazona Bleeker, — orig. combination. Barbus tetrazona (Bleeker, ). Synonyms and Other Names: Sumatra barb, partbelt barb, Barbodes tetrazona, Barbus tetrazona, Capoeta tetrazona, C. sumatranus, Puntius tetrazona.

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Barbs that have been selectively bred to emphasize bright color combinations have grown in popularity and production over the last 20 years.

Archived at the Wayback Machine. Cyprinidae Distribution Probably endemic to central and southern Sumatra, with records from Borneo corresponding to congeners. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Wild-collected adult female from the U. This article has multiple issues. Views Read Edit View history. They live in Indonesia, Borneo, tropical climates and prefer water with a 6. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

The adult group can be conditioned together but an additional aquarium should be set up and filled with mature water.

Specimen from the Bosnia-Herzegovina aquarium trade; commercial strain. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. The egg-layers tend to spawn several hundred eggs in the early morning in clumps of plants.

When in large enough groups, however, they tend to spend most of their time chasing each other and leave other species of fish alone.


The tiger barb was also used to make genetically modified fish sold as GloFish fluorescent colored fish. They are thus not recommended for tanks with slower, more peaceful fishes such as bettasgouramisangelfish and others with long, flowing fins.

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Capoeta Tetrazona Stock Photos & Capoeta Tetrazona Stock Images – Alamy

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Tiger barbs may sometimes be confused with Systomus anchisporus tetrxzona, which are similar in appearance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Albino barbs are a light yellow with four barely visible stripes. Females can spawn at approximately two week intervals Munro et al. Some can grow tetrasona around 13 centimeters as well. If you wish to maximise yield a more controlled approach is required, however. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

These have no additional requirements and care is as described above. Capoeta tetrazona Bleeker, Barbus tetrazona Bleeker, Barbus tetrazona tetrazona Bleeker, Puntius tetrazona Bleeker, Systomus tetrazona Bleeker, They are often aggressive in numbers less than five, and are known fin nippers.

Spawned eggs are adhesive, negatively buoyant in freshwater and average 1. Once spawning is finished, they will usually eat any of the eggs they can find. Tiger barbs do best in soft, slightly acidic water. The genus Puntius was previously viewed as a polyphyletic catch-all containing over species, but this situation has been largely resolved since the turn of the century. Retrieved from ” https: Adult male; ‘moss’ or ‘green’ ornamental strain.


Aquarium fish Capoeta Tetrazona

The females are larger with a rounder belly and a mainly black dorsal fin, while the males have a bright, red nose with a distinct red line above the black on their dorsal fins. There is a second article to come. In either situation the adults should be removed post-spawning. Tetrazona has black fins, and is almost unavailible in the aquarium trade.

It is a gregarious species forming loose hierarchies, with rival males continually battling with each other for female attention and hierarchical position within the group.

Feral populations derived from aquarium stock also exist in a number of other territories including Singapore, Australia, the Capoea States, Colombia, and Suriname. Puntigrus tetrazona Bleeker The following article should be about them specificaly. Sexual Dimorphism Adult males tend to be smaller, slimmer, and possess a more intense colour pattern than females.

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