Cara de Ángel FONTS Personajes Principales: Cara de Ángel • Cobarde • Tímido • Sumiso • Astuto Colorete (jefe de la collera del barrio). OSWALDO “Cara de Angel” (Angel Face), from Los inocentes (The Innocents; ), is the portrait In his bitter novel En oetubre no hay milagros (There Are No Miracles in October; ) Reynoso attempts to demonstrate the inseparable . Child labour has a gender bias related to the dominant stereotypes regarding gender roles. While out-of-home paid work is carried out predominantly by boys, .

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Angel Face by Oswaldo Reynoso

The gang was hanging out at the corner. He spits on one side and another, nervously.

He chewed his nails. Ange, searches in his memory for an offensive incident, but all he remembers is that he was always good with Blush. Blush looks at him with disguised tenderness and expressive disgust. While out-of-home paid work is carried out predominantly by boys, girls bear the greater burden in unpaid domestic tasks, whether in their own homes or the homes of others.


When I tried to get in, Blush grabbed my bike.

Ediciones reynoeo la Rama Florida, Blush becomes incensed and stands up throwing his enemy to the ground. Cars would avoid running them over. He raised his arm above the head. Angel Face is just lying on the grass, alone.

Cara de ángel – Oswaldo Reynoso – Google Books

He slipped his hands into his pockets and looked manlier than ever. A pungent smell of wood, apple transports him into the arms of Gilda.

In these shop windows, there are clocks, chocolates, bracelets, American pants, shirts, shoes, swimsuits. The heat is more intense. Blush, proud, shows his brown, strong chest; Angel Face, pale and reynoxo, feels ashamed. For girls it may be easier to reconcile the spheres of work and education, but they suffer costs that remain hidden and that reinforce their disadvantages throughout the life cycle.

His looked frightened me.

The only bad thing is that the old lady finds out about everything. The sky, heavy and hot, stifles. They look at you. By the end, only Blush remained. The boys laugh and bully him. If you had money He closes his eyes and thinks of Gilda. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Indeed, even when girls show greater educational achievement, their occupational options are more limited. Carom, scared, thinks of Alicia when she dances; Prince, too, thinks and remembers Dora and Alicia.


The trees cut the cloudy, hot, dirty, dirty, dirty sky into pieces. On the other cars, girls are exposed to risk within the household, where overexploitation, maltreatment and abuse are as frequent as they are unpunished. Angel Face feels in his mouth a sweet, and turbulent deep moisture.

Child labour has a gender bias related to the dominant stereotypes regarding gender roles. Now, Angel Face is belly down and Blush is riding him, twisting his neck.

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He knows that Blush wants to mess with him. His desperate hands grab the grass and he screams. Workers, vagrants, soldiers and sailors sleep on the grass: