La caries radicular (CR) es una de las patologías bucales más frecuentes en adultos mayores, este Tratamiento odontológico del paciente geriátrico. México. pacientes geriátricos no difiere significativamente de la de los de número de dientes así como de los restos radiculares presen-. tes en boca, número de La media de caries (considerando la caries como lesión obser-. Tomografías computadas haz de cono (TC) de 54 pacientes. dentados fueron niveles de medición (NM 1 7) entre CO y el ápice radicular. (AR). (SG) and the control group (CG)for caries activity conditions. (p Geriatría, Hospital Universitario San Ignacio, Bogotá, Colombia.

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The aim of this work is to estimate the average glandular dose with Thermoluminescence Dosimetry TLD and comparison with quality imaging in CR mammography. Typical X-ray findings of breast fibroadenoma is very important, mammography is a good method of choice in diagnosis of fibroadenoma. Meanwhile, some different digital techniques as well as a couple of different digital mammography systems were developed and have pacientfs been available for caeies years.

Principales medidas de resultados: This voluntary, peer review program had to be timely and cost effective. La respuesta no es uniforme para todos los lugares. Even measurements with the very sensitive calcium fluoride dosimeters did not reveal any practically important dose in the symphysis region. Abstract dental caries is an oral disorder that affects the mineralized tooth tissues. Radiographic techniques for digital mammography.

Introduction of QA needs trained and experienced staff and requires close collaboration between radiologists, medical physicist and radiographers. Our experience with the use of the CAD-system in daily routine showed that CAD analysis can easily be integrated into a preexisting mammography unit.

During the audit the methods for establishing the individual parameters in technical and clinical part of quality assurance in mammography were elaborated and implemented.

The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure optimum diagnostic quality. The results show that the caregiver profile is characterized by female between 50 and 55 years old, married, who has been caring for the sickly for 6 or 7 years, sharing the same home with the ill person with a lack of relief from family rotation.


In the baseline subgroup, recall rates for digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis screening were Teaching atlas of mammography. The presented results show the improved quality of mammography examinations due to regular check-ups of technical and clinical parameters and fulfilment of the required values in all parameters.

Major categories identified were: Componentes descriptivos y explicativos de la accidentalidad vial en Colombia: Current radiation risk estimates rely heavily on data from the atomic bomb survivors, and a direct comparison between the diagnostic energies used in the UK breast screening programme and those used for risk estimates can now be made.

The material and method consisted of quantifying with an inclinometer the mobility sagittal of the spine. L a prensa es reflejo de la realidad vivida en un determinado periodo de tiempo. Each radiologist estimated the probability of malignancy and rated the image quality and confidence rate. Descriptive Study in Informing victims, Bucaramanga, Colombia Experience with digital mammography.

In vitro radiobiological data are generally acquired at high doses, and there are different extrapolation mechanisms to the low doses seen clinically. Screen-film mammography SFM has been the standard method used for breast cancer screening and making a clinical diagnosis.

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Findings from the race differences in screening mammography study. The audit assesses 3 important outcomes: Findings suggest that breast conflict may persist throughout the lifespan and can have a negative influence on a woman’s decision to participate in mammography screening.

Survival rates are dependent on access to, and utilization of, early detection services. Guidelines in mammography are given, including competence of staff, performance of equipment and quality control procedures.

Advanced imaging techniques and future developments such as contrast mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis are also covered in detail.

Between the trainee and non-trainee groups, we compared the interpretation score, recall rate, sensitivity, positive predictive value PPV and false-positive rate FPR. The results of this study have provided important new knowledge for mammographic practice and mammography education. From the radiation protection point of view achievement of good practice in mammography department by implementation of quality assurance play an important role for reduction of patients doses.

In a clinical study, the geriatriocs of using a mammography radiculat for the display and interpretation of digital mammography images was evaluated and the results were compared with the corresponding laser film hard copies. We enrolled residents from 21 institutions and performed mammography interpretation tests.


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Despite ongoing research to understand barriers to mammography screening, recent studies report a decrease in mammography screening among all racial groups. Catalogo quintessence peru by quintessence peru issuu. When screen-film mammography is performed with state-of-the-art dedicated equipment utilizing vigorous breast compression and a ”soft” x-ray beam for radicu,ar contrast, screen-film images are equivalent or superior to those of reduced-dose xeromammography and superior to those of nonscreen film mammography.

Published by Elsevier Espana. Recent radiobiology studies have provided compelling evidence that these low energy x-rays may be 4.

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The purpose of this article is to discuss facilitators of and barriers to future implementation of contrast-enhanced mammography CEM in the United States. The new features geriatricow incident exposure and dose calculations, the implementation of a DE subtraction algorithm as well as amendments to the detector and source modelling.

Image quality in mammography. It is a valuable modality for the detection and differentiation of breast calcifications.

Recent low dose in vitro data have indicated a potential suppressive effect at very low dose rates and doses. The breast is irradiated with soft X-rays whereby the radiation beam is scanned with a moving ‘stripform’ acries and whereby the picture from the ‘stripform’ screen is recorded by a television camera that moves simultaneously with the strip.

Preoperative tracheobronchial endoscopy was. Salud UIS ; In the authors’experiences, mammography never showed occult breast cancers in women with no palpable breast lesions or hematic nipple discharge.

Most measurement values remained below the determinable dose of 0. We collected data on pre-program screening activity, and in view of this activity we evaluated the potential impact