Here, Carl Jung’s Wotan *, the essay entitled, “Woden As Archetype – The Carl Jung Essay”, written by New Zealand’s Dr. Kerry. A selection from Wotan by Carl Jung, Note: see here for the essay Jung wrote at the end of the first world war, and here for the essay he wrote at the end of. Carl jung wotan essay. “That the sons of revolted russian revolution who in the essay of God saw the. The figure of the heroic popular leader.

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Political events move from one impasse to the next, like a torrent caught in gullies, creeks and marshes. If we apply are admittedly peculiar point of view consistently, we are driven to conclude that Wotan must, in time, reveal not only the restless, violent, stormy side of his character, but, also, his ecstatic and mantic qualities — a very different aspect of his nature.

Toland, Adolf Hitler New York: We have seen him come to life in the German Youth Movement, and right at the beginning the blood of several sheep was catl in honour of his resurrection. No doubt it sounds better to academic ears to interpret these things as Dionysus, but Wotan might be a more correct interpretation. As an autonomous psychic factor, Wotan produces effects in the collective life hung a people and thereby reveals his own nature. Are we not both the first-fruits Of the same womb, forever qotan To the same fate?

Carl Jung on Hitler as Personification of the Wotan Archetype

The Hitler movement literally brought the whole of Germany to its feet, from five-year-olds to veterans, and produced a spectacle of a nation migrating from one place to another.

The less we understand of what our forefathers sought, the less we understand ourselves, and thus we help with all our might to rob the individual of his roots and his guiding instincts […]. He would be the connecting-link with the Christian pneuma and the miracle of Pentecost. To Jung this was varl more relevance than a study of social, political and economic phenomena in understanding the sudden and often frenzied mass mobilisation of the Germans under Hitler.


Jung — Essay on Wotan [w. Jung had elsewhere said of these racial differences that are present in the collective and individual unconscious:.

And just as the human body today represents in each of it parts the result of this evolution, and everywhere still shows traces of its earlier stages — so the same may be said of the psyche. Wotan disappeared when his wohan fell and appeared again when the Christian God proved too weak to save Christendom from fratricidal slaughter.

It is true that Wotan shares this quality with his cousin Dionysus, but Dionysus seems to have exercised his influence mainly on women. What is the evidence brought against the famed Swiss psychiatrist and onetime close friend, student, and colleague of Sigmund Freud?

C. G. Jung – Essay on Wotan [w. Nietzsche]

The embryonic manifestation had been observed among German youth in the aftermath of World War I, who roamed the countryside to commune with nature, reverting to the Heathen ethos in a world of technology that had become nihilistic. Archetypes, in Jungian psychology, are prototypes of symbols that are inherited and reside within the crl. We are always convinced that the modern world is a reasonable world, basing our juhg on economic, political, and psychological factors.

When it is quiescent, one is no more aware of the archetype Wotan than of a latent epilepsy. Archetypes are like riverbeds which dry up when the water deserts them, but which it can find again at anytime. From either point of view jing parallel between Wotan redivivus and the social, political and psychic storm that is shaking Germany might have at least the value of a parable. That is to say, our ancestral components are only partly at home in things that have just come into being.


Do you agree with Jung that that Germany would have been better off not trying to blur the lines between Wotanism and Christianity?

In this way the awkward question of who the Ergreifer is is circumvented. Thou huntsman behind the cloud. Mencken Tito Perdue Savitri Devi. Like the philosopher Martin HeideggerJung was accused of trading on his professional associations during the 30s to maintain his status, and turning on his Jewish colleagues while they were purged.

He could not get out of bed in the morning without a hit. Smitten By thee, cruel huntsman, Thou unknown — God!

Kerry Bolton, “Wotan as Archetype: The Carl Jung Essay” | Counter-Currents Publishing

Jung continues with another prophetic vision among the Germans of the return of Wotan:. A mind that is still childish thinks of the gods as metaphysical entities existing in their own right, or else regards them as playful or superstitious inventions.

Hauer himself is ergriffen by the depths of meaning in the primal words lying at the root of the Germanic csrl, to an extent that calr certainly never knew before.

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November 1, at 4: This essay presents some interesting notions to personally reconcile. Apparently he really was only asleep in the Kyffhauser mountain until the ravens called him and announced the break of day.