Architect at Inova arquitetura. Uploads. Favorites. cartilha-para- producao-de-tijolo-solocimento by bel85 9, views · producao-de-tijolo- solocimento. Produção: Gold & Gold S/S Núcleo de Consultoria Ambiental. Contratante: Cover of “Cartilha para a Produção de Tijolos de Solo-Cimento”. it was regulated by the Associação Brasileira de Cimento Grande F. M. ( ), Fabricação de tijolos modulares de solo cimento por prensagem manual com e Cartilha. São Paulo, Associação Brasileira de. Cimento Portland (ABCP).

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Compressive strength Volume Soil Treatments Compressive tests were performed in a kN capacity hydraulic press at a load speed of 1. Adobes were cut in half with a circular saw and the parts were joined with mortar comprised of soil: Several researches have been done concerning mechanical strength and physical properties of raw earth including ancient and new products aimed at improving properties and developing new composites [10—20].

Incorporation of bamboo particles and “synthetic termite saliva” in adobes – PDF Free Download

The reaction of the chemical stabilizer with clay absorbs the free water and increases cattilha soil stability. Source, production, morphology, properties and applications. The chemical composition, density and aspect ratio of the bamboo particles were determined.

Editora da UFLA; Maderas Ciencia y Tecnol ; When bamboo particles are incorporated in the soil matrix as solo-cimeno reinforcement, insects do not have access to the particles.

Estabilizacion quimica de suelos. The particle size measurement was performed in a stereoscopic microscope Meiji Cattilha RZ and using Image J software [57], with a representative sample of around particles. J Cultural Heritage ; Introduction Non-conventional materials and technologies NOCMATs are considered in current construction practice due environmental and economic issues.


Earth building in Spain. Reglamento nacional de construcciones, Lima, Peru, p.

Coagulation Flocculation Technologies, The aim of using it is to break the electrochemical link formed by the action of negative charges on the parq of clay minerals.

Average and standard deviation values of apparent density of the adobes. Soil and bamboo particles The soil was collected at approximately one meter deep at the BC horizon layer in the city of Lavras, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. After 1 h, the height reached by the water in the adobes was measured on all sides in four replicates.

Advantages like energy savings, thermal and acoustic insulation, use of renewable materials and carbon sequestration are some reasons that attract interest in NOCMATs worldwide [1—4]. The diameter ranged from 0.

Table 1 Mix-designs used for production of the adobes. Synthetic incorporation of cincholoipon into ipecacuanha alkaloids. Compressive strength is the main property for quality control of adobes. Average and standard deviation values of water absorption after 6 h. On earth stabilization with natural polymers for earth masonry construction. Longitudinal linear contraction was measured after seven days.

Incorporation of bamboo particles and “synthetic termite saliva” in adobes

Effect of chemical stabilization and reinforcement on the physical properties of the adobes Fig. Bambusa vulgaris vittata is common in Brazil and presents a high concentration of starch in its composition, attracting insects that reduce its durability for structural applications.

Additionally, the improved binding of the particles promoted by the synthetic termite saliva improved the packing of the soil particles, making the structure more cohesive and resistant to compressive loads. The Getty Conservation Institute; The increasing trend seen in Fig.

The presence of bamboo particles reduces the density. The chemical characterization of the bamboo particles was performed in three replicates using the following appropriate standards: Water content lower than PL is acceptable and relates to improvement in the rheology of the formulation.


Average results of loss of mass after water absorption and capillarity tests for the adobes. Synthetic studies on diterpenes from a termite soldier: In this case, the soil was mixed with sand, in order to decrease LL and increase PI. Water absorption tests were done with half adobes, using six repetitions and procedures described in Varum et al. Morphology of synthetic goethite particles.

Furthermore, water absorption and low compressive strength of adobes, are important issues that require further investigation. Average and standard deviation values of capillarity of the adobes. Several mix-designs were tested, as shown in Table 1. These results contribute to the better understanding of the stabilization mechanisms of adobes and widespread use of this kind of block for rural or urban housing.

Particle fractionation and particle size analysis. Mineralogia de solos brasileiros: Bamboo particles have been studied for production of composites [37], chipboards [38], oriented strand boards — OSB [39], glued laminated bamboo — GLB [40], bamboo-cement [41] and wavy tiles [42], however there is a lack of research about their use as reinforcement in adobes.

The suitable water content for adobe production is an important parameter that is poorly studied [23—25]. Brazilian lignocellulosic wastes for bioenergy production: The earth in the architecture of the historical centre of Lamezia Terme Italy: Rio de Janeiro, p.

Bambu de corpo e alma.