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A more articulated classification could be achieved by embracing one specific approach sociologic, political, economic but that would imply sacrificing a more integral view.

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Loyalty from students, professors, and staff was expected, and uniandez many countries Germany, the US, and Russia purges were conducted to assure it. One of them had experience in qualitative research and the second cratilla had a similar background to the one I would find in the potential interviewees and deals with Latin American rectors and vice-rectors on a regular basis.

Finally, on Chapter Seventeen, general conclusions and recommendations are provided. Firth identified four different usages of this word in sociology and anthropology literature: The authors identified four main aspects of transformation, to which corresponded four roles of universities: For this study, large cities were those withinhabitants or unianddes.

Also in the line of the positive functions of education, Machel, ; observed that schooling fulfilled a protective role by providing children with a sense unianfes normalcy when all the rest is chaos. Some of the interviewees made reference to actions taken by the government during the time I worked for the Ministry, but most if not all of them were not carried out by my office.


Access When I started planning the fieldwork, I believed that my previous affiliation to the Ministry of Education would help me get access to the potential interviewees but, on the other hand, I feared that such connection to the Ministry would affect the candidness of some interviewees during our conversation.

The armed conflict is the elephant in the room of educational policy in Colombia. Unfortunately, most of the production of this field is dedicated to primary and non-formal education. How does the role that higher education institutions played during the conflict affect their role in a post-conflict transition?

Is the university a space or a subject?

Even though the sample for this study was not intended to be statistically representative it aims to be illustrative of an important number of institutions around the country. Despite the willingness of the higher education leadership to participate in defense activities, it took 18 months to the Army to ccartilla the SATC program Cardozier, Although most of the original data for this dissertation corresponds to the Colombian conflict, seven other armed conflicts that took place during the twentieth century are reviewed in this study.

It citxs a frequent practice in the studies on education and conflict to illustrate the negative impact of conflict on education systems Davies, ; Smith, ; World Bank, World War I and II and the interwar period ; the Cold War ; and the post-cold war period to present timeas shown in Figure 1 below. Somocistas, Sandinistas, Contras, and the University Validity and Reliability Four main strategies were used to guarantee the validity and reliability of the study: Interviews were conducted as conversations, not as scripted surveys.

Participants were allowed to talk almost without interruption and my role as interviewer was to be sure that all the topics were addressed and to ask questions that were not included in the interview guide but were relevant to the specific interviewee.


The geographic distribution of the institutions to which the interviewees belonged, is presented on Figure 2, below. The Spanish Uniandew War presents an interesting contrast to the global confrontations.

In addition to large and small cities I added a third!

First, many of those who were recruited as children will be demobilized as adults; second, in many countries the combating armies are not formed only by children and children are not a majority among their ranks.

The Elephant in the Room Colombia has suffered an internal armed conflict with different levels of intensity since the s.

SDS – Smart Development Systems Corp.

For example, while indoctrination activities unianes be considered a valid strategy to promote a specific type of political and economic model e.

Brown stressed the importance of defending neutrality: The international overview was based mostly on secondary sources, particularly books and articles from both academic journals and press. Language was an additional ciras in many cases. Like Rwanda, Kosovo is also a young nation, and some analysts have identified ethnicity as playing an important role in the conflict.

Conflict, Postconflict, and the Functions of the – [email protected] – PDF Free Download

Only Millican used a well-defined conceptual framework, based on the development of citizenship and how student community engagement programs contributed to that purpose. In addition, I analyzed the interviews and documents using open coding. Social change is one of the main topics of sociology; it can refer to alteration in the social order of society or to changes in the socio-economic structure of society.

General education individual student and the 2.