Title: Catalogo cucine classiche stosa dolce vita, Author: STOSA Cucine, Name: Catalogo cucine classiche stosa dolce vita, Length: 37 pages. ontario. Ontario, il punto di vista assolutamente personale ed originale con cui Stosa interpreta la cucina contemporanea. Una chiave di lettura di uno stile da. CATALOGO>CUCINE>STOSA>Cucina City. STOSA. OUTLET · CATALOGO · CUCINE 15 · STOSA 6 · Astra Cucine 9 · COMPOSIZIONI BLOCCATE.

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FIND OUT LOUNGE Lounge – a system in the Essence collection – interprets the concept of maximum serviceability by revisiting the meaning of quality and daily living, to turn the kitchen into a place that is more accommodating, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Store Locator Find out more. Wood top also available not just with glass table leg, but also with the original wood trestle.

Practical solutions for optimising and organising the spaces in the kitchen, with the characteristic groove opening that eclipses the handles and bestows strong linearity to the whole composition.

Wood, bold tones and neutral colours, geometrical and soft shapes: Catalogues Download our catalogues here so that you can take a look at our entire range, from kitchen products to furnishing accessories. Pure and minimal shapes.

Stosa Cucine. Classic, modern and contemporary Italian kitchens

A new look with more colours, new finishes and never before seen pairings to create a variety of styles. The door hides a secret, the built in handle.

It goes perfectly with the “Wood” system as well, Stosa’s latest new item comprised of transversal elements that have the natural feel of freshly cut wood and that blend in perfectly with the Maya model as well.


If you prefer to have a printed copy of our “Collezione” General Catalogue, please visit your nearest dealer. Maya kitchens suit any taste.

Highly accessible cxtalogo, with white glossy-effect surfaces that generously reflect the light in a delicate atmosphere. A model that integrates many opening systems, from the handle to the groove system. Catalgo Catalogue Colours Color your kitchen, discover the new catalogue dedicated to the Veneta Cucine lacquered finishes.

The multi-purpose counter of the Wood elements is a novel and quite practical element in line with the kitchen furnishings as a cooking area or standalone in the middle of the room as a table or worktop, also equipped with spacious drawers. Carefully thought-out lines, with the MVAC handle as no exception.

Maya is a kitchen with modern and elegant lines, skilfully melded with a practical and functional design, capable of winning you over at first sight. Veneta Community All posts. Harmony of colours among the new bronze walnut wood, Alaska oak with an aged effect and the iridescent bronze-green laminate. Opening system with hollow groove for a clean, linear design even in the living area.

For those cztalogo love quality and search for the cucune of the details, here is a collection where selecting a unique piece enhances the heart of your home. The magnetic beauty of pure lines, an authenticity that is further emphasised by a brushed finish that reveals the wood veins and pores. Peltro finish for the frame and feet of the Fifties-style square cupboard with doors matching the kitchen.

It’s a place full of life, where you talk and listen, and where every sense is stimulated. For lovers of design. From the Essence world, a new tendency is born.


Classic Kitchens

It unites marked lines to the pure and minimal forms. The characteristic stoaa for the living area: Lowered base units for an interesting living solution in textured melamine with Rovere Jeans finish. Rovere Jeans-finished textured melamine wall units embellished by Jolly Evo elements, which expanded the kitchen area towards an open space in harmony with the composition—lines minimal and elegant at the same time.

They are “normal” people who have something special and unique to share and to tell, and the kitchen is the place where these stories take shape. A decorative and functional element that focuses on the essential.

Our Album is a container of true stories that were illustrated and written by the leading characters themselves, with their own hand. Download our catalogues here so that you can take a look at our entire range, from kitchen products to furnishing accessories.

Cosy Home From the Essence world, a new tendency is born. It speaks to essentiality and refinement at the same time—a style that all design buffs can agree on. Strong, decided lines are the common thread of the compositions using the Groove system.

Excellent corner solutions that follow suit with the bold forms and lines, with ample counters that can double as worktops. The larder of the Wood elements has glass doors that are an echo from the kitchens of the past, but remain a creative and tasteful solution even today. The grip is decisive, secure, invisible: