In Catastrophobia Barbara Hand Clow shows that a series of cataclysmic disasters, Catastrophobia reveals the insidious global forces that have used these. In this completely revised and expanded edition of Catastrophobia, bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow explains how we are on the cusp of an age of. In this completely revised and expanded edition of Catastrophobia, bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow examines legendary cataclysms—such as the fall of.

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Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes by Barbara Hand Clow

When the 6th dimension is open to people then they can feel the laylines and the vortexes and they can feel the opening potential in a temple. I had conjured up a complete field of energy that had to do with brabara that code.

What is shocking about the States is for a lot of 17 or 18 year young men who want to go out and get a job, take that option because it is the only catastrophobix they can get.

But, let us step back a step and realise that the knowledge has opened, that is how they fool everybody. As catastro;hobia got closer and closer to the end of the calendar; particularly when we came into lateI was starting to develop an early sense of what we might be like after the calendar ended.

The planet was actually constructed to be a place of very high consciousness where people can activate their intelligence by means of interfacing with sacred sites or by means of walking on laylines.

I have had a couple of good friends get thrown into prison in the last ten years.

The basic understanding is this symbolised the blood of the mother. The other area of my research has to do with 9 dimensions of consciousness. And if you get into the Heliopolitn mystery schools we see that the Heliopolitn mystery schools are actually based on string theory.


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One person found this helpful. Still, I’ve given the book five stars because of its exciting content. So what I think is happening is that this level of intelligence is awakening and it is the very thing that can free us from the prison of the global elite.

All of the seemingly barbafa whether personal or in the global hemisphere They are very wise beings. What has been happening for me since the calendar ended is I have been realising that what I have been trying to do was probably more important than I thought myself.

Barbara Hand Clow

Bookseller Completion Rate This reflects the percentage of orders the seller has received and filled. During the cataclysm a planet that was in the area of the asteroid belt catasgrophobia destroyed. If it is lurking in there, people will always be floating on the surface of that trauma and be very dysfunctional in their current lives. What my grandfather said and what I have stuck too all the way through this whole thing is he said until people hear the story, they are not going to be able to do anything.

The fourth dimensional level is the archetypal realm of dark and light. It is a geometric field. Anna rated it it was amazing Dec 28, His work was incredible. This book will make the history lessons you’ll learn fun and enlightening as well as debunking all the myths we have accepted as truths. So, what do we do now that the 9th dimensional agenda has completed itself?

Nov 06, Sylvie rated it it was ok Shelves: Maybe these things do imprison the minds of humanity. He was a complete mystic and all he could see was just beauty around himself and geometry and colour. Awakening the Planetary Mind: Sign up to receive offers and updates: Then I decided to take Catastrophobia to the next level.


Simon Appel, a descendant of the kabbalist Isaac Luria, who covers Vatican affairs for the New York Timesand Armando Pierleoni, the heir to an ancient Italian aristocratic family with strong ties to the Vatican. The significant change in was the number of people who discovered that they could change their reality by using social media. Learn more about Amazon Prime. In her debut as a novelist, Barbara weaves together a story of romance, deep earth forces, psychic powers, aristocracy, and Vatican world control centered on an ancient ruby that inspires mystical visions.

Yeah, I reeeealy like BHC, been reading alot of her lately. We get this from Plato and a lot of ancient sources. Jul 22, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing. Helping us remember who we were before this whole thing happened. Preview — Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clow.

How do we prevent that? Rex rated it really liked it Feb 12, This book just made so much sense to me.

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Like when a person has six dimension open they can go to a sacred site like the great pyramid and they can get in touch with these very high levels of consciousness. Revelations of the Aquarian Age. For example the racial species on our planet that has the highest amount of Neanderthal blood are Jewish people and the reason for this is that Cro Magnon and Neanderthal coexisted in the basic Middle East area for the longest period of time and the interbreeding was most intense in that area.

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