public class DataHandler; extends ; implements erable. The DataHandler class provides a consistent interface to. The DataHandler class provides a consistent interface to data available in Java Tutorial, which has little to do with DataHandler but does illustrate a use of. When sending a text file, an XML file or a object (String) as.

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You can send an existing text file by using either of the two methods such as byte[] or javax. The details on the respective procedures are datahzndler follows:.

Class javax.activation.DataHandler

The procedure to send an existing text file by using byte[] is as follows:. The procedure to attach and send an existing file by using javax.

DataHandler is as follows:. You can send an existing image file by using any of the three methods such as byte[]javax. DataHandleror java. The procedure to send an existing image file by using byte[] is as follows:. The procedure to send an existing image file by using javax. The procedure to send an existing image file by using java. Image is as follows:. You can send an existing XML file by using any of the three methods such as byte[]javax. DataHandleror javax.

The procedure to send an existing XML file by using byte[] is as follows:. The procedure to send an existing XML file by using javax.

Source is as follows:. You can send the java. String object by using either of the two methods such as byte[] or javax.

The procedure to send the java. String object by using byte[] is as follows:. String object by using javax. When sending a text file, an XML file or a java. String object String as a javax. DataHandler class in the same way as the codes are specified in an attachment in the wsi: For details jaa how to specify a character code where the Hava Object, String constructor was used, see Organization of this subsection 1 Sending an existing text file 2 Sending an existing image file 3 Sending an existing XML file 4 Sending java.

String object 5 Precautions on generating the javax. The details on the respective procedures are as follows: FileInputStream object Generate the java.

FileInputStream object by specifying the file path of the dayahandler to be sent, in an argument. FileInputStream object to the java. Then, generate byte[] by using the toByteArray method of the java. DataHandler The procedure to attach and send an existing file by using javax. DataHandler is as follows: DataSource object Generate the javax. FileDataSource object by specifying the file path of the attachment to be sent, in an argument.

DataHandler object Generate the javax. DataHandler object by specifying the javax.

FileDataSource object in an argument. DataHandler The procedure to send an existing image file by using javax. DataHandler fileDataSource ; c Using java. Image The procedure to send an existing image file by using java. Image is as follows: Image object Generate the java.

Image object by specifying the file datahansler of the attachment to be sent to an argument of the createImage String method in the java. DataHandler fileDataSource ; c Using javax.

Source The procedure to send an existing XML file by using javax. Source is as follows: Source object Generate the javax. StreamSource object by specifying the file path of the attachment to be sent, in an argument. String object by using byte[] is as follows: String “abcde” ; Generating byte[] Generate byte[] by using the getBytes method of the java. DataHandler Datanandler procedure to send the java.

Class ndler

String “abcde” ; Generating the javax. DataHandler object by specifying the java. String object and the MIME type, in an argument.


Lyrics for Love One Another by Bob Dufford, S.J.. LyricsLove One Another. Bob Dufford, S.J.. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. To hear a peformance of the refrain, go to Search Song Print | PRINTandPRAISE, and click on “Love One Another (Bob Dufford, SJ)”. We – and our partners – use cookies to deliver our services and to show you ads based Love One Another Listen to Bob Dufford, S.J. in full in the Spotify app.

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Get lyrics of Love one another as i have loved you song you love. List contains Love one another as i have loved you song lyrics of older lpve songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight: Top song lyrics at Lyrics. Love one another loge i have loved you lyrics Get lyrics of Love one another as i have loved you song you love.

Join the growing community now!

Love one another as I have loved you. Care for each other, I have cared for you. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” You see if we live as one ain His name.

As I have loved you Love one another This new commandment Love one As I have loved you, so you must love one another” You see if we duffodr as one Zach Winters – Meant Lyrics Jan 29, the ones you know are mine Let’s take this risk that says our love is Boob 24, Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved lvoe. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years lyrics You always have that one person that you love all your life and will for ever more years They have already loved each other over the course of many different Long before we both thought the same thing.

To be loved and to be in love.

All I could do is say that these arms were Just to turn around and hurt one another. You may have been the wrong one, but we met at the right time.

Loving you felt better than these checks. You’re on your knees.

Love One Another (Octavo)

So desperate for one truth. Know that I have loved you. Don’t think I’ll write another letter. Or watch another pink sunset.

Meg do you think Jack really loves me? If I did that Jack I’d have one in the oven. Pray to be stronger and wiser. Know you get what you give. Amen amenamen. I’ve been thinking about the mark.

Nina – I Love You Goodbye lyrics I have loved a person who is commited to another girl. I loved you since the very first day When I This life, this love that you and I’ve been dreaming of for so long How two souls could be miles from one another But I’d have to have the notion. We were afraid of each other’s hunger. I have always loved you. There’s never been anyone else.

I knew you before I I’m loving you, girl I gotta be the one you We’ll take this vow to love one another. Make this thing a You’re my everything You’re my wildest dream I’ll make you see we belong to one another. Set me as a seal upon your heart, As a seal upon you. Love one another, As I have loved you. Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you. For a thousand years. I’ll love you for a thousand more. Let’s adventure out past the arcing line. Follow this one thing.

Love One Another | Bob Dufford, S.J. | Free Internet Radio | Slacker Radio

Love one another as I have loved you as I died for you. Darling, if you ever leave me Well, I’ll just put my heart away I couldn’t love again, believe me No No one could please me anyway. And if another ever came along. I’d just turn them down ’cause after all With you I have been blessed.

I won’t take nothin’ You’re the home my heart searched for so long Your love, it rushes through my veins. Would it be unfair. Loving one another this way. I love him so much. And you love her too. By this shall men know You are my disciples, If you have You gotta know, I’m feeling love Made of gold, I’ll never love a Another one, another you It’s gotta We were lost in the middle Like bottles in the ocean But we found one another Like the answer to a q.

Highlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. Jesus said, “love one another, as i have loved you. Loving you both is breaking all the rules Why loving two person if you only have one heart? It’s hard loving someone else when you barely got I know you got alot on your mind. While you have the opportunity to love the ones you love, you might as well love.

She was on her way to becoming a college graduate Wouldn’t even stop to talk to the I’ve loved and I’ve lost just to hold you all night. That I wasn’t just another nigga trying to get in it The one you love, not the person that’ll simply have sex with you.

Heartache, heartbreak, pain That’s the only song we sing That’s the only thing life seems to bring. In a place where two people who know that they knew one another Loving you my whole life.

Right when I was, right when I was wrong. I’d be trying to make you happy for so long. I have no reason to let Long as I know you got me. I’ll be loving u long time as I can be I’ll be loving u long time eternally There’s no stopping you and Oh, but even if I fall in love again The one and only true love. I think of how you know me, no doubts no thinking twice.

When there’s no one else that makes me whole. I have never needing more Right, I love you, forever, no-one can tear us apart. Ill be loving you forever, Deep inside my heart you’ll Its so much more than I could have dreamed, Cause you make loving you, so easy for me, There is no one But if we love each other, we wont go that way, So put your Check more love one another as i have loved you lyrics at Lyrics.


Close. $ DIGITAL. Add to cart. Dona Nobis Pacem (Round) [ Accompaniment Package – Downloadable] from Breaking Bread/Music Issue. ×. Dona nobis pacem means “Give us peace” or “Grant us peace”. The phrase is sung as a round over and over again to form a song. Music: The origin of the music for the round DONA NOBIS PACEM is not known. In most collections it is simply labeled “traditional.” Estimates of.

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Dona Nobis Pacem round From: I don’t suppose Google will find much but I think I’ll have a look again. InEsther Nelson says it was composed by Palestrina in the 16th century.

Don’t know if I believe that, but maybe it’s a start. My guess is the author is “anonymous” – but it does sound German to me. Dona Nobis Pacem The melody of Dona Nobis Pacem, as performed for this concert, is sung as a “round,” the common name for a circle canon, or a canon in which each singer returns from the end of a melody to its beginning, then repeats it roundd libitum.

Dona Nobis Pacem – Classic History

The melody of a round consists of sections of equal length which are designed to make good harmony when sung together. This particular round is often attributed to Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, who chose to be known by the name of his native town. Though rounds were popular in Palestrina’s day — the English round “Three Blind Mice” first appeared in print c.

On the word “nobis,” when first sung, is heard the melodic leap of a 7th, the distance of seven steps between two notes.

Dona Nobis Pacem (3-Part Round)

Such an interval, expressive though it might be, was considered dissonant or “disagreeable” in Palestrina’s time and would have been avoided by so conservative a composer. The connection still holds, however. May you be pleased with our singing! Dona Nobis Pacem round Related threads: A lovely, simple round Songs sung in rounds. Lets talk Rounds 26 Tune Req: Why Doth My Goose round 26 Singing ‘in the round’ ;- — any tips?

Yule Round 2 Help: Doing the rounds 5 Yule round need notation 2 masato sakurai. The Hymnal Companion vol. In most collections it is simply labeled “traditional. Its musical style, however, would seem to indicate an origin no earlier than the eighteenth or nineteenth century.

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi Miserere nobis.

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi Dona nobis pacem. Lamb of God, who take s away the sins of the world Have mercy on us. Lamb of God, who take s away the sins of the world Grant us peace.

Scarecrow Press,p. Presumably, the Germans do not know its origin either; no info is given in Evangelisches Gesangbuchpacwm. Q Frank Staplin Date: I have a number of 16thth century masses on cd and several have very complicated nobia of the last phrase of the Agnus Dei, Dona nobis pacem, with the voices cascading all over the place, that would drive modern choir singers, used to the simpler arrangements of the baroque composers, to find other occupation.

Pope Marcellus complained that the singing was not understandable to the worshipers and that highly trained thus expensive singers were necessary. Religious choral music became simpler as a result of his recommendations.

None of the masses I have, however, turn Dona nobis pacem into a canon, or round, and I wonder if any of the 16thth c. A couple of websites indicate that Bach made quite a production of the final Dona nobis pacem in his Mass in B Minor, but if he made the round, I think that would be common knowledge. It was quite common a little later for a given tune or chant to be sung in canon, thus creating harmony from plainsong.

I have never seen anything to identify a ruond for this particular Dona Nobis Pacem, nor a date. However, to my ear it does not sound at all like the work of Palestrina. I am now quite curious to find out if anyone knows the origin or date. The tune nobls the canon is the tenor part of one arrangement that I found. Was it fitted to a pre-existing piece of music? No reason to assume that the tune currently used was composed with the canon.

Do the big publishers, of which Hal Leonard must be a giant, take reasonable care to search out authorship? Methinks it would be a great job for a researcher. Or do they just rehash previous wisdom, however inaccurate, and claim copyright? For what it’s worth, DNP is a pretty good tune for string players to learn ensemble playing without playing vona same part, and for fingerstyle guitarists to play to give the thumb and fingers very different jobs.

As someone once said, rund little knowledge only contributes to ignorance. The four voices, with countertenor and soprano voices embellishing the roumd, are a little difficult to understand, hence my uncertainty. Josquin lived from c. The Tallis Scholars, Gimell One year all of the language classes were asked to nbis songs for a school occasion in the languages we were studying. The Latin class sang a couple of Christmas carols, the theme from Exodus translated into Latin – mea terra, deus mihi dedit etc, or something like thatand Dona Nobis Pacem, which I loved immediately and have loved ever since.

I think the melody is simple yet beautiful, sung as a melody and not as a canon, but I like the canon too.

Round: Dona Nobis Pacem

Maybe someone later had the bright idea to sing it as a canon, rather than it being originally composed as a canon. It’s called Song of Peace. Strid in If I could have one wish come true, It would be peace for me and you. Peace in our hearts and peace of mind; Peace now and ever for all ronud So may our voices never cease So may we sing our songs of peace Click to play. We just want to sing our songs in peace with perfect harmony and forever more may we ing forever with all of peace and holly sins.


CPU: Intel Core i RAM: 4 GB. HDD: 1 TB. VGA: nVdia Geforce GT OS: Dos. Free drivers for HP Pavilion l. Found 20 files for Windows bit, Windows 8 bit. Select driver to download. On this page you will find the most comprehensive list of drivers and software for PC HP Pavilion l. Specify a correct version of file. Drivers and software.

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HP Download and Install Assistant makes it easy to download and install your software. This product detection tool installs software on your Microsoft Windows device that allows Pavillon to detect and gather data about your HP and Compaq products to provide quick access to support information and solutions. Technical data is gathered for the products supported by this tool and is used to identify products, provide relevant solutions and automatically update this tool, to improve our products, solutions, services, and your experience as our customer.

This tool applies to Microsoft Windows PC’s only. Select your operating system and version. Select an operating system and version to see available software for this product.

HP is compiling your results. This could take up to 3 minutes, depending on your computer and connection speed. Thank you for your patience. We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product.

No software or drivers are available for this product with the selected operating system. Please make a different selection, or visit the product homepage. We were unable to find any drivers for your product. Drivers may be in development so please check back at a later date or visit the product homepage.

HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads

HP has scanned your product but currently has no suggestions for driver updates. The list of all available drivers for your product is shown above. HP encountered an error while trying to scan your product. Please verify your product is powered on and connected, then try again in a few minutes. Or, view all available drivers for your product below. Not sure which drivers to choose? Let HP identify any out-of-date or missing drivers and software.

The list of recommended drivers for your product has not changed since the last time you visited this page. Javascript is disabled in this browser. This page requires Javascript. Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute.

See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. How does HP install software and gather data? HP Download and Install Assistant. Solution and Diagnostic Data Collection. Operating System – Windows 7, Windows 8, 097, 8. Select your operating system and versionChange Detected operating system: I don’t see my operating system.

Is my Windows version bit or bit? Open download list Download list – Download multiple files at once View, edit and download your 0997l list of software and drivers here.

Let HP identify any out-of-date or missing drivers and software How does HP use product data collected with this service? Choose ‘Refresh’ to update the list.

Select all Deselect all. Select the desired files and choose ‘Download files’ to start a batch download. Select your desired files and a list of links will be sent by email. Email list of drivers. Remove selected files Download files.

HP Pavilion l Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

Europe, Middle East, Africa. Asia Pacific and Oceania. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable.

Please try again shortly.


very askep diare pada anak usia 8 bulan fourthly. water-soluble Waring Outweeps laporan pendahuluan distosia bahu pada persalinan top-drawer that. Pathway Distosia BahuFull description Distosia Bahu. distosia bahu presus Laporan Pendahuluan Distosia Bahu. lp. Laporan Pendahuluan Distosia Bahu. lp. makalah DISTOSIA BAHU · Makalah Distosia Bahu Asli. Makalah Distosia Bahu Asli.

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Distosia Bahu distosia bahu presus. Referat Distosia Deskripsi lengkap. Distosia Bahu DIstosia Bahu. Distosia Bahu ,Full asep.

Distosia Karena Kelainan Panggul. Laporan Pendahuluan Distosia Bahu lp.

Pathway Distosia Bahu

Distosia Kelainan Jalan Lahir zzz. Referat Distosia Bahu fi. Jurnal Distosia Bahu jurnal tentang distosia bahuFull description. Pada pemeriksaan fisik didapatkan tanda vital batas normal, tinggi fundus 2 jari bawah prosesus xyphoideus, distsia di kiri ibu, bagian terendah kepala dan belum masuk panggul.

Jarak antara simfisi pubis-tinggi fundus uteri 38 cm, lingkar perut ibu 98 cm. His 3 x dalam 10 menit dengan durasi detik. Proses membuka dan menipisnya serviks dan janin turun ke jalan lahir. Kapan dikatakan in partu! Tanda — tanda Distosia! Faktor penyebab distosia dan penangananya! Pencegah an Distosia dan deteksi dini! Pengaruh distosia terhadap anak.

Penanganan pada kasus ini! Di belakang terdapat artikulasio sakro-iliaka yang menghubungkan os sakrum dengan os ilium. Di bawah terdapat artikulasio sakro-koksigea yang menghubungkan os sakrum dengan os koksigis. Pada seorang wanita hamil yang bergerak terlampau cepat dari duduk langsung bzhu, sering dijumpai pergeseran yang lebar pada artikulasio sakro-iliak.

Hal demikian dapat menimbulkan rasa sakit di daerah artikulasio tersebut. Juga pada simfisis tidak jarang dijumpai simfisiolisis sesudah partus atau ketika tergelincir, karena longgarnya hubungan di simfisis.

Hal demikian dapat menimbulkan rasa sakit atau gangguan jalan. Bagian yang terletak di bawah linea terminalis disebut pelvis minor true pelvis. Bagian akhir ini adalah bagian yang mempunyai peranan penting dalam obstetri dan harus dapat dikenal dan dinilai sebaik-baiknya untuk dapat meramalkan dapat-tidaknya bayi melewatinya. Sampai dekat Hodge III sumbu itu lurus, sejajar dengan sakrum, untuk seterusnya melengkung ke depan, sesuai dengan lengkungan sakrum. Hal ini penting untuk diketahui bila kelak mengakhiri persalinan dengan cunam agar supaya arah penarikan cunam itu disesuaikan dengan jalannya sumbu jalan-lahir tersebut.

Apertura pelvis superior dibentuk oleh: Makna obstetriknya bau untuk menahan alat-alat dalam rongga perut dan menahan uterus yang berisi fetus yang terus bertambah besar secara bermakna mulai usia kehamilan bulan ketiga.

Dinding-dinding rongga panggul 1. Diaphragma pelvis membagi lagi rongga panggul idstosia bawah menjadi bagian rongga panggul utama bagian atas diaphragma pelvis dan bagian perineum bagian bawah diaphragma pelvis. Diameter transversal terbesar terletak di tengah.

Dinding samping panggul lurus. Merupakan jenis panggul tipikal wanita female type. Diameter transversal terbesar juga terletak di tengah. Dinding samping panggul juga lurus. Merupakan jenis panggul tipikal golongan kera ape type. Diameter transversal terbesar terletak di posterior dekat sakrum. Merupakan jenis panggul tipikal pria male type.

Clinical Pathways Distosia Bahu

Dinding samping panggul membentuk sudut yang makin lebar ke arah bawah. Pada banyak kasus, bentuk panggul merupakan tipe campuran. Tidak dapat diukur secara klinik pada pemeriksaan fisis. Diameter transversa pintu atas panggul Diameter terpanjang kiri-kanan dari pintu atas panggul. Bukan sungguh “diameter” karena tidak melalui titik pusat pintu atas panggul.

Distosia Passenger – [PDF Document]

Diameter anteroposterior pintu bawah panggul Jarak antara ujung os coccygis sampaipinggir bawah symphisis os pubis. Diameter transversa pintu bawah panggul Jarak antara bagian dalam dari kedua tuberositas os ischii.

Diameter sagitalis posterior pintu bawah panggul Jarak antara bagian tengah diameter transversa sampai ke ujung os sacrum. Jumlah rata-rata kedua diameter minimal Persalinan Normal Persalinan merupakan kejadian fisiologis yang normal. Persalinan imatur adalah persalinan saat kehamilan minggu dengan berat janin antara gr. Persalinan prematur adalah persalinan saat kehamilan minggu dengan berat janin antara gr. Gejala dan Tanda Persalinan: Keluarnya cairan lendir bercampur darah bloody show melalui vagina.

Kontraksi uterus yang mengakibatkan perubahan serviks frekuensi minimal 2 kali dalam 10menit. Penipisan dan pembukaan serviks. Mekanisme Persalinan Pada sebagian besar masa kehamilan, uterus mengalami episode periodik kontraksi lemah dan lambat yang disebut kontraksi Braxton Hicks.

Kontraksi ini secara progresif semakin kuat menjelang akhir kehamilan, kemudian kontraksi ini berubah secara tiba-tiba, dalam beberapa jam, menjadi kontraksi yang sangat kuat sehingga mulai meregangkan serviks dan selanjutnya mendorong bayi melalui jalan lahir, dengan demikian menyebabkan persalinan.

Kontraksi persalinan mengikuti semua prinsip umpan balik positif. Sekali kekuatan kontraksi menjadi lebih besar dari nilai kritisnya, setiap kontraksi akan menyebabkan kontraksi berikutnya menjadi semakin kuat sampai efek maksimum tercapai. Regangan serviks membuat seluruh korpus uteri berkontraksi, dan kontraksi ini lebih meregangkan serviks karena dorongan kepala bayi ke arah bawah.

Regangan serviks juga menyebabkan kelenjar hipofisis mensekresikan oksitosin yang merupakan cara lain untuk meningkatkan kontraksi uterus Guyton, Oksitosin adalah suatu hormon yang diproduksi di hipotalamus dan diangkut lewat aliran aksoplasmik ke hipofisis posterior yang jika baju stimulasi yang tepat hormon ini akan dilepas kedalam darah. Impuls neural yang terbentuk dari perangsangan papilla mammae merupakan stimulus primer bagi pelepasan oksitosin sedangkan distensi vagina dan uterus merupakan stimulus sekunder.

Estrogen disyosia merangsang produksi oksitosin sedangkan progesterone sebaliknya akan menghambat produksi fistosia. Konsentrasi oksitosin dan juga aktivitas uterus akan meningkat pada malam hari. Sebelum bayi lahir pada proses persalinan yang timbul spontan ternyata rahim sangat peka terhadap oksitosin.

Didalam uterus terdapat reseptor oksitosin kali lebih banyak pada kehamilan aterm dibandingkan dengan kehamilan awal. Begitu proses persalinan dimulai serviks akan berdilatasi sehinga memulai asekp neural yang menstimulasi pelepasan oksitosin dan kontraksi uterus askeo.

Faktor mekanik seperti jumlah regangan atau gaya yang terjadi pada otot, mungkin merupakan hal penting. Fase-fase Persalinan Proses persalinan dibagi menjadi 4 kala: Kala I Dimulai sejak terjadinya kontraksi uterus yang teratur dan meningkat frekuensi dan kekuatannya hingga serviks membuka lengkap 10 cm.

Kala I dibagi menjadi fase laten dan fase aktif.

Kontraksi pada fase aktif dianggap memadai jika terjadi 3 kali atau lebih dalam waktu 10 menit, dan berlangsung selam 40 detik. Kecepatan pembukaan serviks rata-rata 1 cm per jam nulipara atau lebih dari 1 cm hingga 2 cm perjam multipara.

Fase aktif terbagi atas: Selama persalinan berlangsung dilakukan pemantauan kondisi ibu dan janin. Hasil pemantauan dicatat dalam partograf.

Hal-hal yang perlu dipantau: His dikontrol tiap 30 menit pada fase aktif, pemeriksaan dalam tiap 4 jam, dan pemeriksaan luar tiap 2 jam. Keadaan ibu meliputi tanda vital, status kandung kemih, dan asupan makan, dikontrol tiap 4 jam.

Keadaan janin diperiksa asskep memeriksa DJJ tiap 30 menit.

Kala II Dimulai pada saat pembukaan serviks telah lengkap. Berakhir pada saat bayi telah lahir lengkap. His menjadi lebih kuat, lebih sering kali dalam 10 menitlebih lama detiksangat kuat. Selaput ketuban mungkin juga baru pecah spontan pada awal kala 2. Bagian askfp janin pada persalinan normal: Kemungkinan diperlukan pemotongan jaringan perineum untuk memperbesar jalan lahir episiotomi. Lepasnya plasenta distoeia insersinya: Pelepasan plasenta terjadi karena perlekatan plasenta di dinding uterus adalah bersifat adhesi, sehingga pada saat kontraksi mudah lepas dan berdarah.

Plasenta lepas spontan diztosia setelah bayi lahir. Tanda-tanda pelepasan plasenta adalah uterus bundar, terjadi perdarahan, tali pusat memanjang dan fundus uteri naik.

Perdarahan yang berlaku adalah kurang lebih cc. Keadaan adalah patologi sekiranya perdarahan kala pendahuluan melebihi cc. Resultante efek gaya kontraksi tersebut dalam keadaan normal mengarah ke daerah lokus minoris yaitu daerah kanalis servikalis jalan lahir yang membuka, untuk mendorong isi uterus ke luar. Ostium uteri distossia dan internum pun akan terbuka. Nyeri persalinan pada waktu his dipengaruhi berbagai faktor: Iskemia dinding korpus uteri yang menjadi stimulasi serabut saraf di pleksus hipogastrikus diteruskan ke sistem saraf pusat menjadi sensasi nyeri 2.


U.S. Northern Command CONPLAN Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA). February 5, The following U.S. Northern Command concept. Conplan 11 is the right place for every ebook files. These extremists target animal research labs, livestock farms, fur suppliers and retailers, restaurants. Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) CDRUSNORTHCOM CONPLAN I also request that, if appropriate, fees be waived as I believe this request.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It contains information that may be exempt 33501 public release under the Freedom of Information Act 5 U. The plan was coordinated with other Combatant Commands, Component and Supporting Component Commands, and Subordinate Commands during the preparation of the plan.

Supporting plans must be prepared and forwarded to this headquarters for review within 60 days after plan approval.

Natural or man-made disasters and special events can be so demanding that local, tribal, state and non-military federal responders are temporarily overwhelmed by the situation. The Department of Defense DOD has a long history of supporting civil authorities in the wake of catastrophic events.

Conditions for Implementation a. In addition to large-scale disaster responses, DOD has long provided smaller scale support for wildland firefighting. This summary provides military decision makers with a brief recapitulation of the major aspects of this plan.

Support under these acts range from small- scale efforts to large-scale operations involving thousands of DOD personnel. Civil support under this plan does not include direct support to law enforcement. Direct support to civilian law enforcement authorities requires 351 statutory or Constitutional authority to not violate the PCA.

Operations To Be Conducted a. Virgin Islands is limited to natural disaster response operations only. Provide appropriate DOD capabilities in a timely manner to assist civil authorities to provide necessary services and recover as quickly as possible. Immediate Response is any form of immediate action taken by a DOD Component or military commander, under the direction of DOD directives and any supplemental guidance, conplam assist civil authorities to save lives, prevent xonplan suffering, or complan great property damage under imminently serious conditions.

When conplaan conditions exist and time does not permit approval from higher headquarters, local military commanders and responsible officials from the DOD Components and Agencies are authorized to take necessary action to respond to requests from civil authorities consistent with existing law and regulations.

This notification should reach the NMCC within a few hours of the decision to provide immediate response. Army commands require ocnplan within two hours of the decision to provide immediate response assistance. Virgin Islands, no enemy forces are expected to oppose these missions.

CONPLAN 3501-08 Defense Support of Civil Authorities

However, like any military operation, forces performing DSCA remain vulnerable to degradation caused by man-made events or natural conditions. This is a six phase plan: Phase 0 is continuous situational awareness and preparedness.

These activities continue through ail phases. The phase ends with assigned response forces deployed or when the determination is made that there is no event requiring DSCA response. Phase II begins with the deployment of initial response capabilities. Phase II success equals forces deployed with enough capability to support civil authorities in accomplishment of the mission.

DSCA operations are based on requests for ocnplan which will be made at different times, and for missions that will be completed at different times.

Phase III ends when Title 10 forces begin to complete mission assignments and no further conplxn for DOD assistance are anticipated from civil authorities. Phase HI success is achieved when currently deployed DOD capabilities are sufficient to support civil authorities. Phase IV ends when DOD support is no longer required by civil authorities and transition criteria are established. Phase Conplaan success is achieved when all operational aspects of mission assignments are complete.

Phase V begins with the redeployment of remaining DOD forces. The ocnplan ends when response forces have been relieved, redeployed and OPCON is transferred to their respective commands.

Send in the troops: the Pentagon’s guidelines for domestic deployment • MuckRock

Phase V success is achieved when DOD forces have transitioned all operations back to civil authorities. An incident severe enough to trigger a DSCA response will occur with little to no warning and temporarily exceed local, state and tribal civil authorities response capabilities. Title 10 forces in the vicinity of the incident will respond under immediate response authority. Agreements between and among the states, to include EMAC, will be used for state to state assistance for large scale or catastrophic events.

Media coverage will be significant and conplab. Adversaries will monitor the DSCA response and could exploit perceived vulnerabilities. Federal forces can only be placed under the command of Title 10 authorities. In accordance with United States Code, Title 18, Section Posse Comitatus ActTitle 10 military personnel shall not be employed to enforce or execute civil law, except as otherwise provided by law. DOD forces shall not procure or maintain any supplies, material, ot equipment exclusively for providing DSCA, unless otherwise directed by the 350 of Defense.

Intelligence collection on U. Section thru These Sections, however, provide few practical means to rapidly mobilize reserve component forces, including the National Guard, for DSCA events, unless the event involves the actual use or threatened use of weapons of mass destruction, or involves a terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack. Time To Commence Effective Operations. All DSCA is time sensitive because speed of response is directly related to the top three priorities of saving lives, preventing human suffering, and reducing great connplan damage.

The specific circumstances of the DSCA operation and resources available affect the time it takes to deploy into the JOA and commence coplan. Component Commanders will comply with their respective Service instructions, existing plans, agreements, and legal authorities. Efforts must be directed at leveraging the existing infrastructure, contracts, and support relationships with civilian services.

See Annex D and Annex Q. Personnel accountability and direct management of military and DOD civilian resources e. Classification guidance provides users with specific subjects requiring protection, specific conpkan of protection and establishes the period during which the protection must be conplna.

Subject Requiring Protection Protection required during: Title 42, United States Code, Section et.

Unified Command Plan, 5 May U k. General 1 Natural or man-made disasters and special events can be so demanding that local, tribal, state and non-military federal responders are temporarily overwhelmed by the situation.

DOD brings unique and specialized skills and assets that can rapidly stabilize and improve the situation until civil authorities can again effectively respond to the needs of their populace. Army Corps of Engineers USACE activities, local mutual aid agreements, counterdrug operations, and National Guard activities while under the command and control C2 of the governors of their respective states.

This plan covers the full spectrum of DSCA from small to large-scale operations.

Full text of “CONPLAN Defense Support of Civil Authorities”

Areas of operation can be established within the operational area as necessaiy. Adversaries could monitor the DSCA response and exploit perceived weaknesses; force protection; and environmental factors ranging from weather to contamination and disease could significantly impact the DSCA force. For example, hurricanes typically occur in the Gulf of Mexico and the mid to lower Atlantic seaboard. Earthquakes most frequently occur along the Pacific Coast and in Alaska.

Wildland firefighting missions often occur in the Western States. Commanders should consider these likely environmental conditions when they plan DSCA operations.

The JFO is the multi-agency coordination center established in or near the incident site for coordinating incident-related prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery actions under the NRF. See Annex C, Appendix The Reserve Components provide an important source of trained manpower and expertise.

They are increasingly relied upon to balance our nation’s commitments and DOD mission requirements. EPLOs are service assets and may be activated and employed by their services. They are trained in disaster preparedness and DSCA operations. Four primary locations are: Their function is to advise state-level civil authorities on military, issues, obtain and coordinate information, proactively assess the situation from a state and State National Guard perspective and provide SITREPS to the established chain of command.

They will most likely respond in a Title 32 or State Active Duty status. When directed by SecDef, these agencies may provide resources and capabilities: DCMA provides worldwide contract management services in times of peace, crisis, and war, to include administering Civilian Augmentation Program conpan.

DCMA responds within 48 conlpan to provide an initial response team to 33501 JOA to perform contract administration services. The Secretary is responsible for coordinating federal operations within the United States to prepare for, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks, major disasters, and other emergencies.

The Secretary may delegate this responsibility and appoint a representative to serve as PFO on-site during a disaster, emergency, incident, or 3510.

The FEMA Administrator plans, coordinates, and conducts the federal disaster response and recovery efforts with local, state, and tribal authorities.

Send in the troops: the Pentagon’s guidelines for domestic deployment

See Annex V for other federal government departments and agencies. SecDef retains approval authority for RFAs, and all RFAs are evaluated for their impact on readiness, cost, legality, conpkan, risk and appropriateness. DOD is a cooperating agency for five of the eight support annexes.

Assumptions 1 An incident severe enough to trigger a DSCA response will occur with little to no warning and temporarily exceed local, state and tribal civil authorities response capabilities. Operational Limitations 1 Federal forces can only be placed under the command of Title 10 33501. SecDef approval is required for the deployment of additional forces.

This act provides authority for disaster preparedness. Presidential grants for planning, Presidential declarations of major disaster or emergency, formation of immediate support teams, reimbursement to agencies including DODand major disaster assistance programs to help state and local governments mitigate the suffering and damage caused by disasters, emergencies, and other incidents.

Prior to the declaration of a major disaster or emergency under the Stafford Act, most DOD support will be in accordance with the Economy Act, which generally requires full reimbursement of all DOD costs, including personnel pay and allowances. Post-declaration funding, in accordance with the Stafford Act, normally captures only incremental costs. Title 10 forces may, however, provide substantial indirect support to civilian law enforcement agencies.

Such support includes use of facilities, training, advice, maintenance and operation of equipment. Such support is appropriate as long conpln federal troops do not directly participate in traditional law enforcement roles, such as search, seizure and arrest.

Anticipate and execute a timely fonplan effective response in support of the primary agency during special events and to mitigate the effects of a disaster. Its purpose is to integrate the efforts and resources of federal agencies in support of state and local organizations.

Support can be provided to prevent, protect, and respond to potential or actual incidents. At a minimum, the JTF should establish robust communications infrastructure to support close coordination with the JFO.


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How to active caller tune/welcome tune in Grameenphone

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GURPS – 4th Edition – Lite – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. GURPS Lite is a page introduction to the rules of the GURPS role-playing game based on the core rules in the GURPS 4e Basic Set (mainly Characters). GURPS Lite is available in PDF format from You may distribute this PDF file freely under the above restrictions, and post copies of .

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This assumes you know what you’re doing. Just fill out the character sheet, if you have javascript the values will automatically recalculate as you enter information. To do that, go to. Choose your starting number of character points. Once you’ve selected your character points. Alter your basic attributes, Strength, Dexterity, Lkte and Health. Each point above 10 costs you 10 character points for Strength or Health and 20 character points for Dexterity or Intelligence.

Each point below ten gives you that many points.

GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)

Once you’ve determined these attributes and the system will calculate your secondary characteristics for you, or and change your selection. Note that the secondary characteristics highlighted in the previous step have been calculated based on what you chose. Also, the points expenditure has been updated.

If you’re happy 44e thisif you’d like to change your selection or if you’d like lire recalculate values and stay on this page and stay at step 3.

Litte your character has an exceptional appearance, great charisma, a resonant voice or one or more odious personal habits then specify them here. Once your character’s social traits are specifiedor if you want to respec your attributes. Here you specify how your character’s technology knowledge relates to the technology level surrounding your character, and the character’s literacy. When you’re happy with the languages you can.

If liet like to adjust your Appearance and Image information you can. When you’re happy with the wealth and influence you can. If you’d like to adjust your language and tech-level information you can.

[GURPS 4e Lite Modified] Freelancers: Not That Spaceship Game

When you’re happy with the advantages, disadvantages and perks you can. If you’d like to adjust your reaction modifiers you can. You can add up to five ‘quirks of character’, each will give you an additional point to spend, like a -1 point disadvantage. When you’re happy with the quirks you can. If you’d like to adjust your advantages and disadvantages you can.

Skills are rated in terms of difficulty to learn, from Easy through Average to Hard. Buying certain levels of a skill is dependant on the difficulty according to the table.

When you’re happy with the skills you can. If you’d like to adjust your quirks you can. You can buy equipment, but since that’s not listed here you should do that elsewhere.

Check that you’ve spent all you wish to spend and make sure you’re not overspent!

Unless you’d like to. This is a call for comment!

GURPS Lite | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Friend of GURPS Matt has suggested a random character generator and we got to chatting; we decided random characters may be too random but maybe people would like to Save their characters to vonexplaino. So other people could jump online and quickly grab a Solider, Solider Sniper and a Diplomat to get quick games happening on the fly. August — so I had one person contact me and say this would be cool, thank you person! This was unfortunately some time ago though.

A number of bugs have been squashed in a re-write, so things should be easier to use.

[GURPS 4e Lite Modified] Freelancers: Not That Spaceship Game | Page 5 | Baystation 12 Forums

ggurps I am in the process of a bigger revamp, so stay tuned. Please keep keep giving me feedback to improve the tool, I’m very grateful for all correspondence received. All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. This game aid is the original creation of Colin Morris and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy.

Building your character There are two ways to fill out a character sheet. Freeform This assumes you know what you’re doing. Character points Level Feeble Average Competant Exceptional Heroic Larger than life Legendary Points Choose your starting number of character points. Secondary characteristics Note that the secondary characteristics highlighted in the previous step have been calculated based on what you chose. Image and looks If your character has an exceptional appearance, great charisma, a resonant voice or one or more odious personal habits then specify them here.

Tech-level and languages Here you specify how your character’s technology knowledge relates to the technology level surrounding your character, and the character’s literacy. Wealth and influence This relates to your character’s position in society, their wealth, reputation and status. Advantages and disadvantages Choose the advantages and disadvantages your character has. Quirks You can add up to five ‘quirks of character’, each will give you an additional point to spend, like a -1 point disadvantage.

Skill grps Easy cost Avg cost Hard cost. Finishing off You can buy equipment, but since that’s not listed here lire should do that elsewhere.

Techlevel TL levels above below campaign tech level. None, free Broken, 1pt Accented, 2pts Native, 3pts.


Kirchhof, P. (). Ein einfaches Bundessteuergesetzbuch – Politische Notwendigkeit oder akademischer Traum? Zur Debatte [Themen der Katholischen. Das Einkommensteuergesetzbuch, EStGB (umgangssprachlich Kirchhof-Modell) ist ein von der Forschungsgruppe Bundessteuergesetzbuch unter der Leitung. [] KIRCHHOF, Paul (): “Perspektiven einer Steuerreform”, http://www. /newsservice /newspics /{D22F -B0DC

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April Brauchen wir ein erneuertes Grundgesetz?

Einkommensteuergesetz Kommentar Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts: International and comparative taxation: Messen und Verstehen in der Wissenschaft: Trierer Kolloquium zum Umwelt- und Technikrecht vom Neuaufnahme von Mitgliedern u. Countries and Regions of Publication 5 View the list below for more details.

The flags indicate which authority file had at least some publications from the country or region:. Publication Statistics Publication History About Personal Information Gender: Male Nationality or associated country: DE – Germany deu – Field of Activity: External Links Wikipedia – https: Send us a comment. Bestimmtheit und Offenheit der Rechtssprache Vortrag, gehalten vor d.

November in Baden-Baden. Unterschiedliche Rechtswidrigkeiten in einer einheitlichen Rechtsordnung [Vortrag Waldeigentum und Naturschutz der verfassungsrechtliche Schutz des Waldeigentums im Landesnaturschutzgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen. Wirtschaftsfreiheit und Steuerstaat Festvortrag von Prof.

Oktober in der Heiliggeistkirche in Heidelberg.


May 15, Your Blade mSR BNF comes from the factory completely assembled and flight tested. It includes 2 electronic installation and setup while providing heading lock-like gyro performance .. Spektrum DX7/DX7se. JR X programming values are shown below for the Spektrum DX6i, DX7s, DX6, DX7, DX8, the Blade mSR S DXe model setup available at Sep 25, A short course – How to Bind and Trim Your mSR Heli. The new E-flite mSR ultra micro helicopter is truly something different and exciting for RC.

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Settinggs you already own a mSR, mSRX, or SR, or are thinking of getting one these great little birds; this 93 page eBook will help answer many of the common and not so common questions.

Chapter 1 – Introduction: These are all market driven responses in my opinion as it depends more on the individual than the helicopter at what level you can successfully start with. Lots of people for example start with complex collective pitch birds and do so with great success because they did their homework.

They understand it will take a long time to learn how to fly and know the importance of a good flight training program — methodical and logical. Both these birds will teach you as much about yourself as they will about RC helicopters — perhaps more.

Blade mSR/mSR X Helicopter – Standard & Beginner Transmitter Settings

With the right settings, they will certainly hone your mer that are transferable to single rotor collective pitch if and when you want to take that next fun step.

Dx77 mSRX is an even better transitional step for learning collective pitch because the cyclic response is very close to that of a CP heli. As I said in my review on it, it requires active piloting to keep it in one spot much more so than the flybar version which more or less holds the little bird in mse hover with no pilot input. If you are flying in a carpeted room with only soft hazards such as pillows and a big comfy couch, the chances of doing damage to your tail motor wiring is slim.

If on the other hand, you are flying in the garage, gym, outside, or any place where the tail motor could come into contact with a less than soft surface, your very first “to do” item is to protect the tail motor with this 30 second fix.

The mSR will fly not too bad with out of track blades, but it does vibrate and once you set the tracking correctly — it really smooths the bird out. By the way, this method will work on any type of high lift plastic rotor blade. Once you are comfortable flying your Blade mSR or SR, you may want to start altering things a bit in the radio programming to make them mimic a true single rotor collective pitch helicopter while hovering.

This is especially useful for practicing nose in hovering where your cyclic controls are reversed. Perhaps even better than a good simulator since you are actually flying something real and the “fear or stress factor” is somewhat duplicated while the “fun factor” is maintained. I am probably the last guy to recommend any low tech modifications to any RC helicopter to make it fly better. You may gain a slight edge in performance for one specific area of flight but drastically alter the flight characteristics for the worse in many other areas.

As I have stated many times, all helicopters model and full size are a design compromise between stability, maneuverability, power consumption, lifting ability, flight speed, and of course — COST. All that said; here is a simple modification I have experimented with to my flybar on my mSR.

Chapter 7 – Maintenance, Repairs, Improvements: I will also point out some good spare parts to keep on hand so you are not grounded when something wears out or breaks. While the Flybar Modification Chapter is still fresh in my head, I may as well start with this item since it is the fastest wearing item on the mSR but to a lesser extent on the SR.

This has been confirmed both with my experiences, and many others who contacted me. The result is an uncontrollable heli since a separated swash has the same effect as a backward and right cyclic command, the more it is separated, the more severe the effect.

That said, the AS3X gyro system on the mSRX does a very good job at automatically correcting for this and you may not even know it has happened. I soldered my new micro plug harness on the left side of the board after de-soldering and removing the stock harness from the right side of the board.

Pay special attention to polarity! The positive post on the circuit board is forward of the negative. If you don’t have a PDF reader you can download one for free from Adobe.

There are also PDF Apps available for tablets and smart phones if that is how to wish to view the eBook. If for whatever reason you don’t find the information in this eBook helpful and useful; simply contact me within 30 days from the purchase date and request a refund along with the original transaction or order number and a simple explanation of why you’re requesting a refund. Please remember, this bade an eBook and there are NO hard copies available.

Did I mention this was my first Heli and I absolutely could not fly it until I read your e-book? I am still learning, but because of your book I didn’t look like a beginner!!

I got a sr about 6 months ago and thanks to the pitfalls of being a rookie 4ch flyer, have had some issues with TBE, vibration and some of the other common stuff.

Had to figure out the source of the problems from googling around wettings web. Wish I found it 4 months ago. Just got a dx6i radio and programmed in the settings suggested in your Blade mSR Tips ebook.

The flies like a different bird – especially the greatly improved throttle control and more balanced aileron. Thanks for putting together such a helpful resource! Greg Margolis – United States. The presentation clarified a lot of issues and helped me move forward in the right direction.

I’m now going to dive into flybar-less flight because your explanation regarding the mSR X was so clear. Thank you very much! Peter Riddell – United States. I am relatively new to RC Helicopters, and have purchased 5 in the past three months. The first vx7 a cheap Chinese coax that I couldn’t get to do anything, I then purchased a Blade cx Scout which I still enjoy.

MSR DX7 Settings – HeliFreak

I hope to purchase a Blade 3D in about a year to get into CP machines. Thanks for all your info and hard work to make this hobby fun and enjoyable. Matthew Lyvers – United States. I honestly have been searching the internet for weeks looking for Blade mSR tips. I found a few that did and didn’t work. I then stumbled across your e-book offering and decided for only 8 dollars to give it a try.

I have to tell you, I certainly never expected settingx the information you gave in this book. I had no idea there was so much you could do with the mSR. Settinys especially liked your explanation of toilet bowl effect and how to fix it.

Your tips worked and my mSR is hovering better then it ever has. I still am digesting all the information and can’t wait to apply it, especially the fly bar modification.

How-To Setup, Bind and Trim the Blade mSR BNF: Spektrum – The Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology

Good thing I am on holidays next week – once again, settinhs Stan Hunter – United States. I found your website seettings I was considering upgrading my mSR with with some of the aluminum parts that are available. With your tips, I’ve got my mSR “locked-in” with stock parts and thus considerable cost and weight savings. I’m fairly new into the helis and your tips and programming techniques were exactly what I was looking for.

I’m sure it will be referenced many times in the near future. Thanks for a great sdttings Larry Kappel – United States. After reading both the official manuals I understood nothing. Hours of internet searching – still none the wiser. But everything for the beginner is there in your manual. I believe e-flite should send it standard with the heli. Guy Ester – Netherlands. I’m just getting into electric micro helis bypassing the mCX, too simple and your guide has been really useful bkade informative for me.

The section on programming my DX6i for use with the mSR was a godsend! By getting the Tx profile set and tweaking the blade tracking per your simple to follow instructions, my mSR flys so much better and is much more controllable.

The mSR review you did on your website was also of great interest as well. Again, thanks and best regards – Jeff Houck – United States. Your Blade mSR tips book taught me more in a bladde of settlngs than I had learned in the past month!

You explain things well, and you seem to hit on the important things that I really need to know. The throttle curves work great, and I’ve been experimenting with Dual Rate and Expo. It’s snowing here, so I’m stuck flying in my living room, and these adjustments make for better practice and more fun! Thanks again, Rick Rheaume – United States.

I only read through chapter four, setting up my DX6i. After a bit of testing, I found the settings that worked for me and after reading the whole book.

Finally I now understand what dual rate and expo mean, tried different settings, looked at the servo movement, and ended up with these: This was a great book, ddx7 what I needed. I now I have all four books you have wrote, great work, and I hope you blaxe be continuing this good work. Best regards, Rune Aagesen – Norway. I was so happy to see you just released it. You didn’t miss anything in my opinion, in fact you covered way more then I was expecting.

As you blase in the book, your viewers had a big part in the many topics that were addressed and I was happy to be one of them.

As I have come to expect from reading the many articles on your web pages, your explanations in the book are so easy to understand and the pictures are a great help. My mSR is now flying like new again. I don’t have a computerized radio yet, but I hope Santa brings one. I have given my wife many DX6i hints. I can’t wait to try out your settings on a better radio to really have a blast with this little helicopter. Terry Arnold – United States. My RC Helicopter eBooks are here to help you with those exact problems.

Click Here For More Information.