ITC e-Choupal and Saagar. 1. ITC – e ChoupalA Comparative Study; 2. E – Choupal (June ) An initiative of ITC Limited to link directly. ITC Choupal Saagar in Itarsi is a top company in the category Supermarkets, also known for Coconut Retailers, Betel Nut Retailers, Mixed Pickle Retailers. Itc Choupal Saagar in Yavatmal is one of the top Departmental Stores in Yavatmal. Visit Justdial for Address, Contact Number, Reviews & Ratings, Photos , Maps.

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ITC flags off its first rural mall in Madhya Pradesh. What is its gameplan?

ITC unveils Choupal Sagar expansion plan | Business Standard News

A new shopping experience for the rural folk in Rafiqganj. IN Madhya Pradesh, all roads lead to potholes. Despite that, over the past month, a string of senior corporate executives from FMCG and durable chpupal alike have been making a car-rattling, bone-jarring odd kilometres journey from Bhopal towards Sehore.

Another four-odd kilometres beyond the town, just before the village of Rafiqganj, stands a freshly painted long, squat building that sgaar like a hangar. It is this cream, blue and green edifice that is attracting all the attention. Sometime back, ITC chairman Yogi Deveshwar promised his shareholders that the company would open 1, rural malls in India.

This is the first one to have come up. As such, Chaupal Sagar is one of the first organised retail forays into the hinterland. It was soft-launched on 15 August. Early last week, when BW travelled to Rafiqganj, only the mall was up. But the rest of the infrastructure was expected to be ready only by the first or second week of October. Walk into the building and the first thing you notice is the high ceiling.

That is because the building is actually a sprawling warehouse for storing the farm produce that Chiupal buys through its e-chaupals. The mall has come up in one part of this warehouse. As you walk around, you realise that Chaupal Sagar cannot be shoehorned into any of the retailing categories we are familiar with. At 7, square feet, it is too small to be a mall.

And while it has opted for self service, stocking its merchandise on shelves lining the neat aisles, it stocks a breadth of products no supermarket can. It offers almost everything – from toothpastes to televisions, hair oils to motorcycles, mixer-grinders to water pumps, shirts to fertilisers Sagaf is just a very sharply thought-out rural store. Most of the brands it sells are national. We will look at this part of the equation in greater detail later.

ITC is offering a very compelling proposition to these companies. But first, a look at how this place came up next to the warehouse. It cohupal like this. If they find these attractive, they sell their produce to ITC.

Listen to Rajesh Nigodia. He is the sanchalak the person who operates an e-chaupal; most of them are farmers of a small village called Mangawali, about 14 km away from Rafiqganj. He reckons that half the farmers in his village deal only with ITC. Now, by setting up the mall next to the warehouse, ITC is trying to monetise the footfalls from farmers.

Nandkishore, director marketingPhilips Lighting, which is selling its products in the mall: As it were, prosperity in this area has been rising steadily. According to officials at the Nabard office in Bhopal, prosperity in this region has been rising for the past ten years – ever since farmers began switching to soya bean cultivation. Thanks to the information revolution catalysed by the chaupals, says a former ITC-IBD international business division employee, farmers are beginning to hold their stocks, knowing that there is an advantage in selling later.

It helps that most of them grow soya, which is very inexpensive to store. In that sense, what ITC is doing with this warehouse is similar to what it did with its kiosks.

In the first phase, having wired up the hinterland, it began using the network to enable a two-way flow of products and services to the rural economy. Working through the sanchalaks, ITC first pushed its own products, like salt, into the hinterland, and then invited others like Parachute and Philips to ride on this distribution chain.

Today, it plans to similarly create revenue streams around its warehouses. Products unlimited The rural mall sells everything from fertilisers and hair choupao to mixer-grinders and tractors. This time around, ITC is hoping to capture the rural folks’ out-of-village shopping.

ITC unveils Choupal Sagar expansion plan

The warehouse is one bulwark of its chohpal, obviously. But the farmers will come here only after every harvest. To ensure that they keep coming to Chaupal Sagar even at other times, the company is offering a slew of other goodies.

Another building is coming up next to the main warehouse. When completed, it will house a bank, a cafeteria, apart from an insurance office and choupsl learning centre.

ITC has tied up with agri-institutes to offer farmer training programmes. Then, plots of land have been earmarked to display large agricultural machinery like threshers. Other parcels of land have been earmarked for pesticide and fertiliser companies for demonstrating their products.

A petrol pump is coming up as well. People don’t appreciate just how important it is yet,” he says, referring to the distribution chupal that the sanchalaks represent. Mind you, ITC has solved one of the biggest bugbears Indian rural marketers face. Riding on its own distribution network, it had reached all Indian villages with a population of 20, but could not go any deeper. It is simple arithmetic.

Assume, says Nandkishore, that a village needs bulbs. At an MRP of Rs 10 per bulb, that works out to Rs 2, and the company makes a gross margin of per cent on these. Costing another Rs sagaar, that would blow a hole in his economics.

It is a szgar that all rural marketers are familiar with. And then, Philips got a call from ITC, which was looking for other companies to ride on its chain. Today, Philips’ choupwl in the 20,population villages supply to ITC, which sends a van to all its sanchalaks once every 15 days, dropping off their orders.

Now, Philips’ coverage is up to per cent in these areas – up from chohpal per cent two years ago. On their part, the sanchalaks either sell the goods directly, or, more often, sell them to the village’s shopkeepers. Now, how does the mall change this equation?

Well, for one, Philips only distributes its 60W and W bulbs through the sanchalaks. It is hard to get the more costly products, like energy-saving bulbs, placed in the village shops.

ITC Chaupal Sagar and Haryaali Kisaan Bazaar

They are too costly, and block up too much of the village kirana’s working capital. Ergo, Philips plans to use the mall to showcase its entire range. At the same time, the basic products will continue to go to the village. These need to be sold through the village. The bigger picture Next to Chaupal Sagar, ITC is setting choupla a bank, a cafeteria and a learning room to offer more services to farmers. Other choupsl are similarly gung-ho. To solve a similar problem in reach, Eicher Tractors evolved a rental model.

It gave about 50 tractors to the sanchalaks, who in turn chlupal them out to farmers. This is generating awareness, says the company’s deputy general choupla, N. Now, like Philips, Eicher plans to use the mall to showcase its entire range. TVS is also doing something similar. On its part, ITC is accepting stocks on a consignment basis.

ITC is tentatively planning to open another malls this year. No more than that. It will wait and see how the malls are received. According to BW sources, so far, the store has done OK. On the choupap before we visited the store, a Sunday, about people had walked into the store. On weekdays, footfalls were ranging around On the first day, says a senior manager at a company using the ITC network, the store notched choupak a business of about Rs 70, But, unlike choupaal kiosks, higher investment goes into these stores.

While ITC refused to comment on this article, investment on a rural mall is estimated to be around Rs 3 crore-5 crore. A lot is riding on how well ITC has gauged the rural consumer’s buying patterns.

It is hard to change villagers’ buying habits, says a senior manager at one of the firms partnering ITC. Which is the point that Subramanian also makes. For the first six months after the company began offering tractors on rent, there was no offtake. They just sat dormant. But eventually, some people used them, word of mouth got generated, and rentals picked up gradually. Back at the store, it is late noon.

In the shade, the temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius. Inside, a few men are walking around. It is interesting to watch them in the middle of their shopping experience – picking up FMCGs, biscuits, toothpastes and the like.

Is it true what people say about the rural consumer? That choupl is the men who do all the shopping?


Final Assignment – Aurora – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) Aurora is a short story written by Junot Diaz, a Dominican-American writer, who. Analysis of Junot Diaz’s “Aurora”. plays an important role in his decision making. The car that is used by the narrator is called a Pathfinder and it is mentioned at. A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection No se han visto en una semana. Desde que le arañó el brazo. Casi han.

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Toward a Minor Literature He was celebrated in Great Britain as well: The stories in Drown share many of the salient features of his flagship work Oscar Wao although relatively little sustained scholarly attention has been given to assessing their literary auroea or examining their sophisticated features until very recently. The raw-edged poetic voice commands a deceptively simple immediacy from the streets of low- income urban enclaves seen through Dominican immigrant eyes.

Though the culture from ddiaz this voice springs is culturally aurira and colorful, it is otherwise sad and tragic. He was in the States, working, and the only way I knew him was through the photographs my moms kept in a plastic sandwich bag under her bed. Since our zinc roof leaked almost everything we owned was water stained: It was only diwz of that plastic bag junor any pictures of my father survived. When I thought of Papi I thought of one shot specifically.

Taken days before the U. These Dominican characters do not enjoy the advantages Cubans have of refugee status nor can they obtain American citizenship as effortlessly as Puerto Ricans. The Dominican culture is evident in the writing of the characters although most immigrants avoid giving themselves away as people of foreign birth. They attempt to assimilate quickly. You come to the United States and the United States begins immediately, systematically, to erase you in every way, to suppress those things which it considers not digestible.

You spend a lot of time being colonized.

How many styles, genres or literary movements, even very small ones, have only one single dream: Create the opposite dream: More concerned with the mask of tough machismo, a stereotypically traditional Dominican masculinity necessary for pushing crack, the Dominican male hero eventually gets unmasked when he truly falls in love with his drug-addicted girlfriend, the titular Aurora. This code switching is no less a matter of drug terminology and street slang English than it is standard and slang Spanish.

Many sentences commingle the two languages: When their paycheck comes in a week or two later, this predatory financial service makes a quick killing from the ignorant working poor. It includes cultural references in the New Jersey neighborhood vernacular of crack dealers and Spanish idioms.

The reader must decifer meaning from the unfamiliar discourse, the very sort of activity newly-arrived immigrants regularly undertake in their new American environment.

This construction is then internalized auror the reader, replicating the confusing discourse experienced by immigrants. To treat their girlfriends, tough neighborhood teens deal aufora drugs, and the narrator reveals the multiplicity of dangers.

The machismo culture on display is rough with violence, sex and salacious scenes accompanying depictions of the consumption of narcotics that fulfills the addictive physical needs of the multitude of Dominican- born characters. The ebullient style of Lucero narrating how he deals drugs for long hours in schools is effective and realistic, and usually his customers speak Spanish.

She has sex with him whenever she was angry because of a bad basketball game. Aurora served six months in juvenile detention.

During her incarceration the couple infrequently corresponded. Moreover, her body shakes because of withdrawal symptoms and the effects of immediately returning to her inveterate drug abuse. His drug-dealing partner Cut warns him about Aurora: When they make love, he worries about her appearance. Drug dealers experience a similar fear of American police. In the absurdity of his situation, the petulant Lucero projects the brutality he knows from the Dominican authorities while waiting for Aurora outside a building.

He has an easy time torturing the old man, breaking his ankle. Compelled to wear a mask of machismo toughness on the streets and promiscuity with womenLucero succeeds as a dealer and receives the respect of his community.

As one scholar points out, The narrative often emphasizes the masks these characters djaz assume and maintain, to the point that maintaining the mask assumes jujot centrality of life and experience — a protection against life and living Paravisini-Gebert A fundamental means of survival among numerous rivals, the mask juno toughness pervades many characters in the short story collection.

Lucero alone reveals himself as a man of occasional sensitivity as it regards his junkie girlfriend. Lucero himself has seen so much abysmal violence, poverty and overdosed junkies among young kids as well as adults that nothing fazes him any more, and he may become a menacing personality towards others without cause. Still, he somehow remains sensitive to the experience and personality of Aurora who also dons a mask of her own.

Aurora Summary Essay Example | Graduateway

He valorizes her natural artistic abilities in paintings she makes on the walls inside abandoned buildings where they have had sex. When he gets lonely, he craves her and impetuously seeks auroea out at the Hacienda where all the other junkies hang out. I made up this whole new life in there. You should have seen it. The two of us had kids, a big blue house, hobbies, the whole fucking thing Lucero attempts to express his desires but fails because he cannot let down his own mask, even though Aurora reveals through jinot her own desire to live elsewhere and have a family with him.

Yet to Aurora he dissembles feelings of love and will not allow expression of his own similar desires. He cannot adequately explain his feelings for her because showing loving feelings is an anomaly in his machismo subculture: He also knows that Aurora hardly fits the image of a family matriarch in a traditional Hispanic sense.

Her smoking in the bathroom and me dealing to the groom. He is laughed at when he tries to reveal to his drug-dealing partner Cut his deep feelings for Aurora: If I had half a brain I would have done what Cut told me to do.

Aurora Summary Essay

Dump her sorry ass. When I told him we were in love he laughed. Losing face with Cut and the rest of his drug-dealing associates would moreover be dangerous. This story, I would argue in contrast, does not deteriorate into violence, but simply carries on with violence and never escapes or transcends it. Lucero even refers to the violent memories with some nostalgia. Violence precedes the narrative, continues throughout the narrative and remains an unending fact of life.

What develops in spite of violence, and quite unexpectedly, is love. He is not cognizant of the mask he wears, nor does he show any fear of the unmasking of his streetwise ways. As Marjorie Garber explains, the object of desire remains potent only if veiled and therefore inaccessible Garber Yet his character is fleshed out and, except for the violence, Lucero explains his specific motives.

The ending ambiguously leads one to imagine a continuation of the drug dealing and abuse and possibly contraction of AIDSthough there may be a minute possibility of this couple changing their habits and pursuing their relationship in way transcending their abusive hyper-masculine behavior. No syncretism is permitted at the end for Lucero. Yunior as such embodies a wretched product of post-colonialism.

A weakling grandfather cannot make up for the absence of a strong father-figure. While the lost baby and scars are direct physical suffering of that invasion, the psychological damage became evident only after the apparent loss of her husband.

Instead, his father married a U.

He briefly visits the Dominican Republic with his new wife but does not come inside the house and visit his first family. In the meantime, these Dominican children lived in a rat-infested home with virtually no income: As a response, her teenage son Yunior violently refuses to leave his home and his mother in these difficult financial times: In spite of years without a husband, Vertudes de la Casas loyally waits.

I remember the heaviness of that month, thicker than almost anything. The usual qualities of a Latina matriarch end. She disappears for weeks without a trace, leaving the children with their blind maternal grandfather: After returning, Vertudes — recovered from her breakdown zurora well as her illusions — rejects her sons and grows physically violent with Yunior for the first time.

Aware of the cause of the breakdown and deterioration of family relationships, Yunior has poignant fantasies of his father coming to visit them, a dream hopelessly junit from reality, an escape from thinking about the daily humiliating poverty: In many other stories in the Drown story dixz, there are qualifications and even cancellations of the Dominican experience, showing the unreliability of the narrative requiring readers to undertake a process of working backward, to move along from accepted truth and assumed knowledge towards contradiction and uncertainty.

His narrative style along with his commingling of two languages, chiastic structure as well as the phantasmagoria of form and sensation, all reflect the post-colonial immigrant perspectives in which assimilation and Latino machismo depict fatherless males embodying aspects of the oppressed and the oppressors alike.

London and New York, Routledge, Toward a Minor Literature, trans. University of Minnesota Press, The Souls of Black Folk. Latino Literature in America. Ostrava Journal of English Philology 4: Remember me on this computer.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in:


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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Touch-Hold mode allows you to watch 802a5 probes and the circuit during critical measurements. Model A features include: The Model A combines the performance and accuracy or a digital meter with the speed and dynamic measurement tluke of an analog meter.

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The offical homepage for Michael Kimmel’s latest book, “Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men,” in stores August from HarperCollins. The response of these young white guys to such confusing conditions, Kimmel asserts, is to withdraw into a place he calls “Guyland.”. GUYLAND: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men. Michael Kimmel. 2. • Author visits: Kimmel will visit WSU to discuss Guyland October.

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Throughout my four years living in an all-male residence hall at a Christian university, I picked up a few things on the culture present in a male dorm.

While there were countless positives that resulted from my time living in a residence hall being challenged, encouraged, enlightened, etc.

Book Review: “Guyland: The perilous world where boys become men” by Michael Kimmel

Serving as a residence assistant my senior year, one of my largest frustrations was the negative, collective attitude that so often crept up. Gujland interacting with most individuals on my wing, I could almost always find a point of relation and understanding.

Yet when having to deal with the wing as a whole, the descriptors that often came to mind were: I know my residence hall experience was not unique. Instead of looking for acceptance and support from a network of parents, teachers, coaches, good friends or pastors, most rites of passage for young men are done amongst peers.

This absence of adults leads to ridiculous and potentially harmful initiations into adulthood for men. The three cultures are the cultures of entitlement, of silence, and of protection. This culture often plays out in what many men assume is rightfully theirs.

The culture of silence often plays out in the way that men stay silent even when their peers are clearly in the wrong. This protects guys in their immature and oftentimes violent or dangerous behaviors and preserves unbalanced systems of power.

These three cultures can easily be identified on college campuses everywhere from extreme examples to the day-to-day practices of guys. A chapter is dedicated to each of the following: In like manner, the following chapters detail the perils, the use, and misuse of the other subjects included in the exploration of young men today. While this is a book about the atmosphere in which guys grow up in and its primary audience is certainly for those pdrilous with young men, the effect for women is also important to pay attention to.

For example, a women can talk sports, but not if she is going to outtalk the guys in the group. We need to be encouraging young men in their efforts of valuing humanity. With this said, Kimmel encourages mature adults to include themselves in the lives of gjyland men, speaking into their lives and communicating an accurate definition of masculinity.

In many respects, providing a place where students can balance freedom with responsibility is our primary objective in development. While Guyland is certainly more descriptive than prescriptive in nature, it gives an excellent look into how and why many of the young male and female students with whom we work think and act the way they do.

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men – University of Lynchburg

Thankfully, Kimmel never resorts to simply speaking of how awful the next generation of young men is nor does he let young men off the hook. Rather, he simply illustrates what he has observed in the current culture and offers his thoughts on how we have gotten there. Practically speaking, the book works better for giving a context of young males rather than ways in which to work with them.

While many of the students I work with have grown up in great homes and schools, they are all still working through what it means to be their own person. Understanding what our culture is telling them about masculinity and manhood is of vital importance as I, in my weak and humble way, attempt to speak truth into their lives.

Josiah Hatfield is pursuing his M. The perilous world where boys become men.


Crotalus triseriatus is a venomous pit viper species found in Mexico. Two subspecies are currently recognized, including the nominate subspecies described. Genus, Crotalus Linnaeus, – Rattlesnakes. Species, Crotalus triseriatus ( Wagler, ) – Víbora-cascabel transvolcánica, Western Dusky Rattlesnake. Here, we report data on litters of Crotalus triseriatus from two populations in central Mexico. We made 4-d visits to both study sites every other.

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Find more photos by Google images search: This restriction is not valid because C. PLoS One 9 6: Research Trends and Annotated Checklist.

Crotalus triseriatus – Wikipedia

Loma Linda University Press, pp. Evolutionary drivers trisseriatus phylogeographical diversity in the highlands of Mexico: Journal of Biogeography Multilocus species delimitation in the Crotalus triseriatus species group Serpentes: Crotalinaewith the description of two new species. The Venomous Reptiles of Latin America. List of reptiles of Morelos, Mexico, and their distribution in relation to vegetation types.

Southwestern Naturalist 39 2: Twelfth contribution to the herpetology of tropical America. Snakes of the Mexican state of Morelos. Crotalus triseriatus Triseriafus Dusky Rattlesnake Diet.

Herpetological Review 47 1: Relationships among montane populations of Crotalus lepidus and Crotalus triseriatus in: Biology of the Pitvipers.

Crotalus triseriatus Wagler, Mesoamerican Herpetology 4 4: Mesoamerican Herpetology 3 3: A preliminary account of the rattlesnakes with the descriptions of four new subspecies. Chimaira, Frankfurt, pp Hoser, R. A crotapus of the rattlesnakes; species formerly exclusively referred to the genera Crotalus and Sistrurus.

Zur Kernntnis der Klapperschlangen.

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Notes from a herpetological diary, I. Notes from a herpetological diary, II. Taxonomic studies on rattlesnakes of Mainland Mexico. Bulletins of the Zoological Society of San Diego Amphibians and reptiles of the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. Check List 11 3: Commentary on taxonomic practice in regional herpetological publications: Herpetological Review 10 1: Snake species of the world. Evolutionary morphology of the rattlesnake style.

BMC Evolutionary Biology9: Crotalus triseriatus Mexican Dusky Rattlesnake. Herpetological Review 48 4: Notes on amphibians and reptiles of Michoacan, Triseriatud.

Preliminary notes and speculations on the triseriatus group of rattlesnakes in Mexico.

A preliminary account of the herpetology of the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Ein Beitrag zur vergleichenden Zoologie. Wallach, Van; Kenneth L.

WilliamsJeff Boundy Snakes of the World: A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species. The herpetofauna of Puebla, Mexico: On the generic classification of the rattlesnakes, with special reference to the Neotropical Crotalus durissus complex Squamata: Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator. Reptarium The Reptile Database.

Can you confirm these amateur observations of Crotalus triseriatus? Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek.


Why We Love Women is a short story collection by the Romanian writer Mircea Author, Mircea Cărtărescu. Original title, De ce iubim femeile. Country. Buy De ce iubim femeile by Mircea Cartarescu (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. De ce iubim femeile [Mircea Cartarescu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. E limpede ca adultii au nevoie de povesti. Numai ca zanele lor.

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Strangely enough, a few days after finishing the book I found out about Romanian Writers Challenge hosted by Snow Feathers and thought this was too much of a coincidence. I really liked this book up to the last story. That one robbed it of a 5 star rating.

Imbued with the air of a long gone era — some of them take place during the communist cadtarescu that ended in — I found myself laughing at some of the expressions I found nearly impossible to translate. I wonder what the English translation of this book is like.

There are some stories that are not that personal — Zaraza is one of them.

According to the author, this is a true story that happened in when Bucharest was caught in the grip of war and the nightlife was luxurious, loud and tumultuous. Two famous singers vied for public attention, Cristian Vasile si Zavaidoc. They were rivals and both under the protection of local gangs. He killed his lover instead, the famous Gypsy woman Zaraza. After she was cremated, he stole her ashes and ate them one spoon at a time, then tried to kill himself by drinking a toxic substance.

He survived, lost his voice and kept on living, a broken man who made his living as a stagehand in a theatre, nearly voiceless and forgotten. Probably his most famous song which bears the name of his beloved has survived and you can listen to it here:. The last essay in the book is an ode to femile everywhere.

Carturescu sees women as candid beings, sensual, sometimes difficult to understand but always great to be loved. Femeilf found minute 4. This is certainly a great book and one I recommend.

De Ce Iubim Femeile by Mircea Cărtărescu

You can find the English translation by following this link. I find musings that relate to gender very interesting. Even if one does not agree, as you pointed out regarding some outdated ideas here, I think that the ideas and stereotypes themselves are often fascinating. Just knowing what people think about c subjects seems a useful way to spend time reading.

I agree, this kind of writing is always interesting and entertaining. That was quite funny even if a bit exaggerated. This one sounds particularly fascinating. Understanding up to a point, that is. Maybe you can find the book on Amazon. It would be great to see what you make of it.

That book sounds fascinating, Delia! If you do read it please let me know. Mircea Cartarescu is quite a famous writer in Romania and he has a lot of fans. His name, however, stuck in my head and I decided to frmeile small. Why We Love Women was the perfect size.

Mircea Cartarescu – Why We Love Women (De ce iubim femeile)

Sounds like a fascinating read, Femeils. Thank you for this extensive review. I enjoy the Youtube links too. I love this review, and plan on reading for the challenge myself. Ally always has such good ideas for challenges!

She suggested this author to me, and now I look forward to reading him as well.

He was born in 56, you say, and I was born in 61, so I should be able to relate to him well. That would be great, Bellezza. I quite enjoyed this one. I loved the Cristian Vasile song. Romanian sounds a little bit like Russian.

De ce iubim femeile

I also loved the second video in which the author reads from the book. Glad to know that there is an English translation of the c. I would love to read it. Mircea Cartarescu is quite famous in Romania.

I enjoyed this book — his writing can be poetic at times — and I look forward to read more of his books in the future. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. X – 1 Sep. This entry was posted in Challenges. May 14, at 4: Great review as always. May 16, at May 15, at 9: May 16, at 8: May 18, at 1: May 21, at 3: May 24, at June 1, at June 5, at Budapest, Bucharest, it sounds a bit similar, I know.

Editions of De ce iubim femeile by Mircea Cărtărescu

June 9, at 9: June 9, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Enter your email address: The Woman in Black. Proudly powered by WordPress.


Results 1 – 12 of 12 CRAFT, SCIENCE, TECHNIQUES AND PROFESSION OF INTERIOR DESIGN by Ahmed A Kasu and a great selection of related books, art. : Interior Design: An Introduction To Art, Craft, Science, Technique & Profession Of Interior Design () by Ahmed A Kasu and a great selection of similar New, Used Publisher: Ashish Book Centre, Mumbai, Buy Interior Design book online at low price in india on Interior Design, by Ahmed A Kasu,

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Buy a cheap copy of Emotionally Free: Letting Go of the book by David Viscott. A remarkable program for shedding emotional baggage and embracing the. Author: Viscott, David S. (David Steven), ; Subjects: Self-actualization ( Psychology); Self-realization.; Emotions. Bookmark: . Booktopia has Emotionally Free, Letting Go of the Past to Live in the Moment by David Viscott. Buy a discounted Paperback of Emotionally Free online from.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Emotionally Free by David Viscott. A remarkable program for shedding emotional baggage and embracing the present, from the host of the popular radio program “The David Viscott Show. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Emotionally Freeplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Nov 25, Helen rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is one of the best self-help books I’ve read. It actually made sense and addressed what it said it would do, which in my opinion is a rarity in these types of books.

Like any self-help book, you must read it smart and not take everything the author says as gospel, but see how much of it really applies to what you are looking for. I found the dialogue helpful and words practical instead of a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo. I was able to overlook the parts that did not apply to me a chapte This is one of the best self-help books I’ve read. I was able to overlook the parts that did not apply to me a chapter on the marriage relationship – which could have helped me 10 years ago but not now and stick to the sections that made me think about myself.

The final chapter I perused but found its practicality wonderfully informative but dealt with issues I had already conquered in the same manner the author suggested a few years back. I do highly recommend it for anyone hanging on to a lot of old hurts and struggling to get past certain portions of their life. If you have ‘stuff’ back there that viacott hindering the here and davif, then I highly suggest it. The first chapters seem like they don’t make sense but if you tough it through then it really works out.

Mar 29, Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: I have to admit, I got mad at this book. Yep, at a book. Because something the author said was absolutely true. Allow me to elucidate. At the beginning of the book are some self-evaluation tools that the author has created to figure out the reader’s overarching personality type: And I was pretty angry to come out as a “controlling” type; my immediate response was “That’s ridiculous; I don’t go around trying to control people.

The author acknowledges that we all fall into the other two categories from whatever our overarching one is from time to time, but he wants to help readers understand how they process anger, depression, etc. I learned some uncomfortable things about myself in the process of reading this book. And reading the book is indeed a process. It is not something that can be sped through without giving any thought to what you’re taking in. After the explanations for how each personality type processes emotional debt, there are practical exercises for letting go of that debt.

There are also exercises for finding out what you really want from life; they reminded me of the work I did while reading Finding Your Own North Star: I have recommended this book to friends before I even finished reading it.

I think it’s a worthwhile addition viscoth a well-rounded self-help armamentarium. Feb 21, Helene rated it really liked it Shelves: The author goes into great detail on how to deal and identify these gifts.

This book is written in a concise and intelligent manner. Emotional freedom gets it’s energy from self-acceptance.

Emotional debt is the price and pain of suppressing and avoiding unpleasant and hurtful parts of our lives. This in returns continues a cycle of continuous setbacks that if not dealt with openly and honestly will ultimately sabotage all areas of your life. Jun 10, Noor Alhuda rated it liked it. I enjoyed it as it includes many inspiring quotes. Here is one for us all: You keep that world free by freee and speaking the truth. It is a therapy.

Sep 03, Melanie rated it really liked it. Kalesha Shedden rated it it was ok Jun 06, Tracy Watts rated it liked it Apr 14, Darci Brown rated it really liked it Mar 06, Rajinady Nady rated it liked it Dec 06, Diana rated it it was amazing Sep 01, Lisa rated it really liked it Apr 17, Lana Jill Coffman rated it really liked it Dec 14, Keoake rated it really liked it Mar 19, CaseLion rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Charlane Brady rated it really liked it Apr 16, Beth rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Kenny Wade rated it it was amazing Mar 03, Andrew Hughes rated it really liked it Mar 15, Cat Schuetzle rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Patricia rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Emily rated it really liked it Apr 16, Barbara rated it it was amazing Apr 28, Sumit Agrawal rated it liked it Feb 12, Sharon rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Maria rated it really liked it Jan 22, Linda Feld rated it it was ok Aug 18, Nicholaus rated it really liked it Dec 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

In Viscott began presenting his own full-time show on talk radio, and was notably one of the first psychiatrists to do so talk station KABC. He screened telephone calls and gave considerable amount of free psychological counselling to his on-air “patients.

David Viscott, providing much the same service as In Viscott began presenting his own full-time show on talk radio, and was notably one of the first psychiatrists to do so talk station KABC. David Viscott, providing much the same service as his radio show.

Emotionally free : letting go of the past to live in the moment / David Viscott – Details – Trove

In fact, the shows ran concurrently. Viscott’s signature style was to attempt to isolate an individual’s source of emotional problems in a very short amount of time. Along with psychiatric advice, he would fall back on his medical knowledge to regularly devote entire segments of radio to answering medical questions. During these segments he would give medical advice. Many of the questions answered had to do with pharmacological advice. This was unique in the world of talk radio.

Emotionally Free: Letting Go of the Past to Live in the Moment

Viscott’s popularity peaked in the early s, and then fell sharply. A separation from his wife, followed by declining health, occurred at about the same time that he left the air waves. He died in of heart failure complicated by a diabetic condition. At the time, he was living alone in Los Angeles. He is survived by his four children, Elizabeth, Penelope, Viecott, and Melanie.

Books by Viecott Viscott. Trivia About Emotionally Free No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


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Read Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy) book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. Abbi Glines (Author), Ashley Litz (Narrator). : Ceaseless: Existence #3 (Audible Audio Edition): Abbi Glines, Ashley Litz, Get this audiobook plus a second, free; 1 audiobook credit per month. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy Series #3) by Abbi Glines at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Stay out of my room. She touched me and talked to me. Souls never talked to me, before you.

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If her soul is to exist for an eternity then the soul must choose you over the mate created as its other half. You gave me back a memory that I will cherish forever. She knows more than a soul should know. The choice will be an unfair one if she does. It will all be cree clean. If you want her, Dankmar, then you have to win her heart from the soul made to be her mate. Only then will it be possible for you to keep her for eternity.

No one else even comes close. Miranda pulled her shiny new silver Land Rover into an empty parking spot in front of Jemison Hall, our home for the next nine months.

My mom was a Boone University alumna. Boone was a small private college in Weston, Tennessee. When Miranda and I had both been accepted there, I figured this was where I was meant to be. Going to a larger state university terrified me. I liked the smaller, more intimate feeling of this place. We both stepped out of the SUV and headed for the rear cargo compartment to start unloading our boxes.

Read Ceaseless(Existence Trilogy, book 3) online free by Abbi Glines

Miranda and I both agreed that having her parents come with us was a bad idea. Her parents could be a tad bit embarrassing. Since we were doing this together we decided to be independent and do it without help from anyone else.

We had each other. It was going to take us hours to carry all of this stuff up to our dorm room.

I started to respond when the loud vibrating sound of really good speakers caught my attention. The source of the music was a small black convertible that had just pulled into the parking space beside us.

The first thing I noticed about the driver of the car was her wild blond hair with bright pink tips. The driver cut the engine, which made my ears instantly thankful. The driver swung open the door and hopped out of the car.

Ceaseless (Existence Trilogy, #3) by Abbi Glines

It was obvious from her makeup and attire that she was an emo. She had on heavy black eyeliner and black combat boots. The only thing that threw me off a little was the hair. She put one hand on her hip and blew a large bubble with her gum, blatantly staring at both of us.

She popped her bubble loudly and smirked.

Nodding, I reached for the closest box to me. Now, get a box and start unloading. Existence Trilogy, book 3 Year: