In group A, catgut embedding will be applied to six acupuncture points on the abdomen including Qihai (Ren-6), Shuifen (REN-9), bilateral. Embedding is a method of acupuncture in which catgut is embedded in acupuncture points instead of needles. The current case report. 1School of Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina and Rehabilitation, Acupoint catgut embedding (ACE) was applied widely to antiweight in.

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It was the traditional, hang up all the lingerie and make the bride guess who gave what.

Catgut Embedding method in acupuncture | Tebsoozani

Facial Acupuncture for Wrinkles 26 December Each literature of title and abstract was scanned by two reviewers Taipin Guo and Sun Tianxiao who have been trained and gained certifications in Chinese Cochrane Centre. For CGM group, catgut was implanted each 3-week, for a total of 6-week, whereas moxibustion was applied twice a week. Particularly, triglyceride reduction observed in patients from EA and EAM groups is in agreement with other reports that showed the effect of strong voltage V Hz and dense-disperse wave EA to efficiently reduce triglycerides.

Smokers or alcoholic women, pregnant or breast feeding women, and women with previous acupuncture or drug treatment for obesity in the last 6 months, were catguut. Previous systematic reviews [ 3175 ] have excluded the trials of the contrasts of different types of acupuncture.

Study Selection Inclusive and Exclusive Criteria 2. View at Google Scholar Z. Effects of catgut-embedding at acupoints on contents of leptin and blood fat in obese rats article in Chinese J Trad Chin Med.

Indeed, Tang et al. They also highlighted the more favorable effects of embedded catgut-moxibustion combination that may be due to the extended and consistent stimulation of acupoints. The study was single blind, i. Initial and final values of biochemical parameters in the different groups of treatment.


Catgut Embedding method in acupuncture

The control interventions with other types of acupuncture, drugs, no treatment wait-listed or treatment as usualplacebo no catgut implantedand diet or physical activity therapy were included. What is catgut embedding you ask? Mean values of weight loss by ACE were 1. It was hard to apply blinding of participants and embeddlng.

Types of Study To evaluate the curative effects of ACE on obesity and weight loss, this review was confined to RCTs comparing ACE with a control group, which contained drug, no treatment, placebo, diet and exercise therapy, and other types of acupuncture like MA, EA, ear auricular pressure treatment, acupoint pressure, and so forth.

Lowering expense and time should be another advantage of ACE in the fast-paced society time. Takakura N, Yajima H. But these changes were not significant in comparison with sham and other groups, when data were compared using ANOVA test data not shown. Multiple comparison analysis revealed that changes in triglycerides and glucose were not significant in comparison with sham and other groups, when data were compared using ANOVA test data not shown.

Obesity is a worldwide public health problem. Moreover, insulin sensitivity remained for a 1-year period, demonstrating the sustained effects of this method.

Acupoint Catgut Embedding for Obesity: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Finally, 43 studies with participants met the inclusion criteria and were included to this systematic review with 2 nonrandomizations and 2 redundant publications eliminated by full text view. View at Google Scholar S. View at Google Scholar M. In the last decade, many people have embeddimg to complementary and alternative medicine to aid with weight loss.

In the embecding decade, there is an increasing interest for alternative medicine, such as the TCM, to help for obesity control, which represents a major public health problem worldwide.

Meanwhile, according to Cochrane handbook suggestion, the funnel plot was pictured to describe publication bias visually as the number of trials was more than The sample was also very small in most comparisons in this review. To receive news and publication updates for Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, enter your email address in the ebmedding below.


Forest xcupuncture was used to illustrate the relative strength of curative effect. Specifically, central obesity seemed more dangerous than systematic obesity, and even with mild obesity the morbidity and mortality of coronary heart disease increased when the waist circumference got bigger [ 9 — 11 ].

JMGV collected and processed anthropometric and biochemical data, performed statistical analyses, participated in manuscript preparation. It has been reported that the combined effects of proteolytic enzymes and macrophage action against the absorbable surgical thread may improve and extend the acupoint stimulation during days as a consequence of the mild irritation in subcutaneous tissue. Mean BMI was between None of them stated the calculation of sample size.

Author information Article embedsing Copyright and License information Disclaimer. A standard health questionnaire with a embdding medical history was administered by a physician at the beginning of the protocol; age and anthropometric values were also assessed. Changes in levels of serum insulin, C-Peptide and glucose after electroacupuncture and diet therapy in obese women.

A review [ 31 ] of RCTs indicated acupuncture seemed more effective comparing to western antiobesity drugs; the mean of weight reduction was 0. Acupuncture therapy, complementary therapies, insulin resistance, moxibustion, obesity.

However, the side effects like lack of strength and anorexia were difficult to avoid [ 25 ]. BMI was calculated and expressed embeeding kilogram per meter square following World Health Organization recommendations.

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