Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy) [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the. Legacy is a series of novels by Cayla Kluver that follow a young princess that must decide between a forbidden love and her obligations to her kingdom. Kluver . Legacy by Cayla Kluver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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A feel-good historical ‘kingdom’ romance that reads as a filler between novels more than a noteworthy story in its own right.

Most notably, she insists on learning how to carry and use a weapon should she ever need to defend herself. They made me laugh, cry and root for them all the way to the bitter end. Descriptions of what people were wearing, what kluber was eating, how the kingdom looked.

Legacy : Cayla Kluver :

Allegiance picked up right where Legacy left off and while it would have been easy for Kluver to follow the recent novel trends and make this the book that introduces the typical love triangle, she doesn’t.

Cayla doesn’t show a thing. I also felt that the story’s action always took place without her and we had to wait for a secondary character to explain to Alera what was going on. Stelton, the man Alera shall marry is a jerk. The language is stilted and unnatural, struggling to balance an archaic turn of phrase with relatably-modern idioms.


The only reason I persevered and forced myself to read this thing was because I liked one character. He is leading the charge out in the streets, buildings are blowing up, townspeople are trying to break into the palace for safety, secondary characters we like are missing or dead. View all 7 comments. I’m giving you this background to make some sense of the upcoming rant. Jul 10, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: She travels frequently to speak at middle and high schools, libraries, and book conventions.

View all 10 comments. I also appreciate that she is not perfect. Sep 06, Coranne oegacy it really liked it. Feb 28, Giselle rated it liked it Shelves: In addition to writing, Cayla enjoys such activities as movies, theatre productions, singing, horseback riding, and hanging out with friends.

Sep 15, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I would even go so far as saying I zipped through it. Sosehr ich es auch liebe And I think he actually does love Alera.

Legacy Series

The cast of characters is incredible and very deeply portrayed, one can see that the author spend time with her characters and each of them got the same love from her. But with AllegianceI felt like all the time I spent reading it was completely wasted. The character development that went into Steldor led me to believe that the author would finally take this story in the right direction.


But, I have to give her some credit and say I started to like her more after meeting Narian, and becoming more interested in the politics of the kingdom and learning self k,uver.

The sub characters showed little development and almost seemed 2D. I quickly fell in love with Alera’s character – despite her title as the Princess of Hytanica, she recognizes the importance of traits such as cala, humility, and forgiveness.

Narian is initially captured by the palace guards as a spy from an enemy kingdom, but is eventually discovered to be the son of a noble family that was long since thought to be dead.

Legacy by Cayla Kluver is the first in the Legacy trilogy. He doesn’t even appear in any significant role until the final showdown.

So, as you can see, this can be good and bad at the same time: Which makes it drag on even more. Despite it’s initially slow pace, the plot was intriguing and immediately pulled me in.