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Terms and Conditions Posting Rules. Latest News British Columbia: PH – Reader’s Car of the Year. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ynvented. PH – Shed of the Year. PH – Most memorable drives.

Latest Features British Columbia: Browse cars for sale. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 Prev of 3 2 3 Next. I fitted a new pump to our central heating yesterday.

Centerstore 250 Litre Indirect Unvented Cylinder – 1760 x 550

I drained the system and fitted as per the pump instructions and all seemed to go back to normal. We have an unvented pressurised hot water tank which was fitted 3 years ago due to low water pressure. It is a “Centerstore Indirect Unvented Hot Water Cylinder” Since the new pump has been fitted we have water flow from the hot taps at the usual pressure but its cold.


Any help appreciated – if you need more system info let me know. Edited by cts on Sunday 22 January I’m assuming the cylinder has an electric immersion unvenged as well so switch that on first.

If that’s not working then the valve that allows your heating hot water through the “indirect” coil in the cylinder isn’t switching. Seems a bit odd if both have failed. Yes it has an electric emersion.

The Primary Flow is warm and the Primary Return is centershore – is that normal? I’ve purged it again this afternoon. I turned the mains water off and the hot taps on, they ran dry after may be 1 or 2 minutes. Can you check the electric immersion is powering up?

Centerstore Indirect Unvented Cylinder Ltr – BHL

Ignoring the indirect coil that should be heating the cylinder on its own and as long as water is flowing to the hot taps I can’t think cylinfer much more that can be wrong. They’re pretty simple things, water in a tank heated by an electric element. Hopefully a plumber will reply soon! I’ve no way of knowing if the immersion is powered up.

There are no lights etc on the tank.

I have it switched on via the switch next to the tank. That’s all I can tell you I’m afraid. Is the pipe coming straight out the top hot? This is your hot outlet. No – not sure how to I’m afraid. Just wondering if the 3 position valve is suspect. The pipe coming of towards the tank is cold?


The other to 2 pipes being hot Busterbulldog posts 67 months. Forum

Unbented 3, posts 72 months. Asking the obvious question – after replacing the pump did you remember to reopen the isolation valves? Learn2MergeInTurn 2, posts 28 months. If there’s no air vent crack open a nut at highest point, there usually is a vent of some kind though. You could try unvenred off water on and blast it through If all else fails pop up some pics so we can see what will work for you.

Centerstore Litre Indirect Unvented Cylinder – x

If you have water flowing under pressure from hot taps but it is running cold then your cylinder is doing what it should except heating the water. If the immersion is not heating then it is an electrical prob. Put your central heating on max and switch on the immersion. If that doesn’t work and you cylider pressure at hot taps then its a real combination of failures.