Kiss – A Better Veneering Concept • Cercon ceram Kiss – a veneering material developed specifically for zirconia frameworks • We integrated the fundamental. Efficient ceramic range, only 73 different materials Choosing Cercon ceram Kiss gives you a ceramic veneering material developed specifically for zirconia. Download Table | general firing recommendation for the dentin cercon ceram Kiss ceramic (degudent, dentsply, germany) build-up technique. from publication: .

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This colour wheel lets you assign the respective Kiss porcelain powders, quickly and simply, by analogy with the V colours. The opal material — which is one of the aspects responsible for the natural and light-dynamic appearance of the restoration — has been significantly optimized using cerxon patented production process.

Cercon ceram kiss

The lower, dark-blue area shows powders such as power chromas, Flu Inside powders or opal incisals for the individual layering technique. The products might be incorrectly matched. No liner is needed for Cercon ht: Sometimes the deposits establish a minimum price so that the shipping costs are free. Cercon ceram Kiss Opalschn. If something is out of stock we will warn and advise you. Each deposit applies a different tax depending on the country of origin. Using the portioner tool allows absolute reproducibility when mixing two powders.


Die Verblendkeramik

Cercon ceram Kiss is equally well suited for use on frameworks made of Cercon base and Cercon ht. The standard layering technique makes it possible to create highly cercoh veneers most efficiently. Simple and safe Secure processing using a simple system for basic and custom build-ups.

Do not worry if your order is not accepted by the deposit or if it has been rejected. The light-dynamic materials even more support the aesthetic appearence.


Try to enable javascript from your browser’s preferences and then reload this page again. Optimizing the number of pigments is also a major part of the solution to the problem of metamerism, where the appearance of the shade varies depending on the various sources of light such as typical indoor lighting or outdoor daylight.

It serves exclusively to prime the framework. Leaving it off has no negative effect on the bond between the framework and the veneering ceramics.

Show more Show less This product doesn’t have description available. Choose from different suppliers. The shipping charges are charged once per deposit, if you choose several products of the same deposit do not worry for the shipping expenses; in your cart will only appear once.

  LOI 88-07 PDF

Cercon ceram Kiss Schneide 1 20gPa in 1 shop. The reduced number of materials benefits your bottom line. Exactly matched shades across ceramic lines Easy processing of different framework materials possible in the same patient case.

Whether or not you use the liner is entirely up to you. Uniform build-up system for all framework materials No extra training cost or learning curve when switching from one framework material to another. Veneering ceramics Veneering concept Processing Available range.

Salloum Trade on facebook. Kiss portioner The Kiss portioner ceam the logical extension of the colour wheel showing 1: Check the minimum price of each deposit to check when they are free.

Dentalzon is responsible for analyzing order by order to improve it, so sometimes we will contact you to offer you a better offer than the one you have selected. The upper, light-blue area shows you the data for the basic layering techniques such as opaque, dentine, incisal and margin materials. Javascript is disabled in your browser dentalzon does not work properly without javascript.

Cercon Ceram Kiss features DeguDent.