Enterprise API Examples · Tutorials. See Also: Tutorial for Running Examples. CFEngine Manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. CFEngine CFEngine is a configuration management system that provides a framework for.

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On the plus side it is cleaner and has more flexability.

See how in the example I split the copy action into multiple lines? Execute the following command: Sorry for the lame formating no tabsbut I’ve no clue about html formating and the help mentions just a few HTML tags, but not what the do.

Now, we again run cf-promises.

CFEngine Documentation Archive

A service can also be given a running state, in which case CFEngine Enterprise ensures that it is running, and starts it if it is not, with parameters if desired. In the vi editor, enter i for “Insert” and enter the following content ie. Sorry for the error.

Posted by siprbaum This example ensures that the Windows Time service is running on all Windows hosts, and that Remote registry is disabled on all Windows servers. Event logs are the Windows counterpart to syslog from Unix. That section will look something like this:. See the output below:.

CFEngine Documentation – CFEngine Reference

Windows service management cfengjne, Up: What is the advantage of autoapt. This will return to the prompt. Edit this to your domain, e. Again type “vi” then “Enter” then i to insert the following:.


CFEngine Documentation – CFEngine Manual

CFEngine Enterprise policies use the name, not the display name, due to the need of uniqueness. Steve, Thanks so much! CFEngine Enterprise supports fine-grained management of the Windows registry.

Windows special variablesUp: Notes on windows policiesPrevious: This means it runs in the background and starts with Windows, before any user logs in. System requirementsUp: You cannot have duplicate control bodies i. We will assume this general skeleton for the rest of this document, modifying the contents of the test bundle only. The author has a blog at http: Note that if DomainController is defined, then WinServer is also defined, for natural reasons.

We now have a basic skeleton policy that we can test our Windows promises with.

Trademarks are the property of vocumentation respective owners. If we assume the policy server’s IP address is ‘ On the server side, Windows Server and newer is supported.

docuumentation Finally, one should note that Windows lacks support for certain features that are utilised in Unix versions of CFEngine. File and folder permissionsPrevious: That is exactly what I’ve been longing for. By default, only promise not repaired and generic error events are logged to avoid flooding the Event Log. Copyright Steve Kemp No, they were made a while back – but I forgot to update the code here.


CFEngine Reference

I wrote this before I started working with pluginsand knew about those kind of things. I hope I didn’t complicate things further. The body common control refers to those promises that are hard-coded into all CFEngine components and therefore affect the behavior of all components.

The main difference is that event logs aim to group similar log messages, giving each group an event id. All software dependencies documentatiion bundled with the CFEngine Enterprise package. Sorry you are correct, please see the updated code here: With CFEngine this is simple. It should generate no output, which indicates correct syntax and license.

Windows ACLs are a complex doumentation by itself, with support for more than ten different permission bits and inheritance.

We’ve described setting up a small network of hosts managed by CFEngine dfengine, but once installed what do you do with it?

Note the full path to the binary in the above command. You didn’t make all those changes last night did you? Windows documentatipn classesPrevious: Thus, CFEngine can function even if everything else fails your other file systems, your network, and even system binaries and possibly repair problems. Save file changes by typing: