Cfengine Reference Manual. Auto generated, self-healing knowledge. Documentation for core version Contains Nova extensions at version Active agent – responsible for maintaining promises about the state of your system (in CFEngine 2 the agent was called cfagent). You can run cf-agent manually. Welcome! This is the documentation for CFEngine Parts of the Language Reference. describes syntax and how to manage and tweak CFEngine itself.

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Recovery from errors in the configurationUp: Function laterthanUp: A complete configurationPrevious: Function nowUp: Function isgreaterthanPrevious: Function isexecutableUp: Function isnewerthanUp: Function readfileUp: Access ExampleCfengie Agent normal orderingUp: Filenames and pathsPrevious: Knowledge normal orderingPrevious: Function rederenceUp: Function filesizeUp: Function lsdirPrevious: Function hostrangeUp: Getting startedUp: Types in CFEngine 3Previous: Function isplainUp: Function ldaparrayUp: Variable expansion in CFEngine 3.


Pattern matching and referencing.

Function dirnamePrevious: Global and local classesPrevious: Miscellaneous in common promisesPrevious: Function maplistUp: Function nowPrevious: How to run CFEngine 3 examplesUp: Function dirnameUp: Function peerleadersPrevious: Function classifyUp: Upgrading from CFEngine 2Previous: Function readstringarrayUp: Function ip2hostUp: Function isplainPrevious: Function parsestringarrayPrevious: Special topics on Regular ExpressionsPrevious: Function getfieldsUp: Bundles for serverUp: Function host2ipUp: Recovery from errors in the configurationPrevious: Function escapePrevious: Control PromisesPrevious: Function peersUp: Function agoPrevious: Software componentsUp: Function ldaplistUp: Hard classesUp: Function maplistPrevious: Function getfieldsPrevious: Function groupexistsUp: Getting startedUp: Rules are promisesUp: