Mathematician, engineer and inventor Charles Proteus Steinmetz was responsible during the latter part of the 19th and early part of the 20th century for solving a. An electronics genius, Charles Proteus Steinmetz founded the General Electriclaboratory and refined and standardized the study and notation of alternating. Charles Proteus Steinmetz (April 9, – October 26, ) was a German- American mathematician and electrical engineer. He proposed the development of.

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In Yonkers, New York, Steinmetz maintained proteud experimental laboratory and studied alternating current, which varied from the mainstream direct current system developed by Thomas and Charles Edison. At GE Schenectady Above: Archived from the original on October 13, Steinmetz also greatly advanced the understanding of lightning.

Polish-American engineer who made significant contributions to the field of electrical engineering. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

Caldecott, Ernest; Proteuw, Philip Langdon Birthday parties included liquids and gasses exploding in Bunsen burners scattered decoratively around the house. He also read charls in economics and politics, and in he associated himself with the Socialist party in Breslau. Hysteresis graphed the discovery that got him noticed Above: He also published an impressive list of nine scientific volumes, including Theory and Calculation of Alternating Current Phenomena He followed this with an elaborate series of tests on any and every sample of iron obtainable to prove the law and simplify its application and in read two papers on the subject before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

Charles Proteus Steinmetz

In his sleep, doctors said, his heart had failed. After he departed, GE’s engineers found a large “X” marked with chalk on the side of the generator casing. In he read two papers on the subject to the American Institute of Steinmerz Engineers.


In spite of his love for children and family life, Steinmetz remained unmarried to prevent the spinal deformity afflicting himself, his father, and grandfather from being passed on to any offspring. Corrine was reluctant, but Steinmetz gently proteuz her down. This method was an example of using mathematical aids for engineering the design of machinery and power lines, so that the performance of the electrical system could be predicted in advance without the necessity of going through the expensive and uncertain process of building the system first and steinmstz testing it for its efficiency.

The Story of Charles Proteus Steinmetz. Steinmetz received an honorary M.

Charles Proteus Steinmetz, the Wizard of Schenectady | History | Smithsonian

One appeared on the letters page of Life magazine inafter the magazine had printed a story on Steinmetz. This was his last major project at the General Electric Company, where he had become head of the engineering consulting steinmrtz. Hammond, Charles Proteus Steinmetz: In Zurich Steinmetz took courses in electrical engineering and discovered his passion for the field.

When ferromagnetic materials are placed within a coil of wire carrying an electric current, the magnetizing field, or magnetic field strength H, caused by the current forces some or all of the…. The city was oroteus with speculation.

General Electric Company various photographers unknownEdison Tech Center Hawkins Electrical Guide The Schenectady Steinmstz MiSci If you are a historian and wish to correct facts or publish a prkteus or embedded article feel free to contact us. Despite his earlier efforts and interest in socialism, by Steinmetz concluded proteuus socialism would never work in the United States, because the country lacked a “powerful, centralized government of competent men, remaining continuously in office”, and because “only a small percentage of Americans accept this viewpoint today”.


He then moved to Lynn, Massachusetts where he worked with Thomson in poteus Patent, ” System of distribution by alternating current ” January 29, U. Through the application of pure mathematics involving a degree of intricate work bewildering to the layman, he found a mathematical method of reducing the alternating-current theory to a basis pf practical calculation, and presented a rather complicated outline of the new method to the International Electrical Congress in session at Chicago, Illinois, in Relocating to the United Stateshe subsequently developed lightning arrestors for electrical transmission lines, arrived at a law for determining magnetic hysteresis, and invented a simple notation for mathematically describing alternating current circuits.

Patent, ” Inductor dynamo ” U. The episode focused steinmegz his socialist activities in Germany. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Finally, Steinmetz turned to Corinne. Views Read Edit View history. The design of the Detroit Electric car allowed him to drive from the back seat. When Joseph LeRoy Hayden, a loyal and hardworking lab assistant, announced that he would marry and oroteus for his own living quarters, Steinmetz made the unusual proposal of opening his large home, complete with research lab, greenhouseand office to the Haydens and their prospective family.