Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Chevrolet Malibu Repair Manual – Technical Book from AutoZone. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right. HAYNES GM: Malibu (), Classic (), Alero (), Cutlass ( 00) & Grand Am () Info. (Only 8 Remaining). Get DIY detailed auto repair information for a Chevrolet Malibu from the name you trust – Chilton.

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Put the wheel nuts back on with the cone end of the nuts toward the wheel.

For good braking, though, you need both parts working well. If you have to replace them, be sure to get new GM original equipment wheel nuts. Install the compact spare tire. Replace engine air cleaner filter. Air Conditioning Comfort Controls This section tells you how to make your air system work for you.

You still have a little fuel left, but you should get more soon. An indicator light maoibu the button will glow when the fog lamps are on.

Brake Fluid Reservoir F. Remove the battery and replace it with the new one. If the current tuned station does not broadcast traffic announcements, the radio will seek to a station that does. Using a match near a battery can cause battery gas to explode. Adding only plain water to your cooling system can be dangerous. Back Up Lamp 1. Pull up on the latch plate to make sure it is secure. This RDS feature allows the radio to switch frequencies to the best quality station with the same programming.


Cleaning Aluminum Wheels Foreign materials such as calcium chloride and other salts, ice melting agents, road oil and tar, tree sap, bird droppings, chemicals from industrial chimneys, etc. Skip mankal main content. Oil Pressure Light Oil Pressure Light If you have a low engine oil pressure problem, this light will stay on after you start your engine, or come on and you will hear a chime when you are mabual. This spray can happen if your tank is nearly full, and is more likely in hot weather.

Drunken Driving Death and injury associated with drinking and driving is a national tragedy.

Chevy Malibu Repair Manual | eBay

Genuine GM parts have one of these marks: Chevt Driving One of the biggest problems with city streets is the amount of traffic on them. With this system, you can control the ventilation and heating in your vehicle.

Children who are up against, or very close to, any air bag when it inflates can be seriously injured or killed. When the indicator nears empty, the light, located near the empty symbol, will maliibu on and you will hear a chime. Section 6 Service and Appearance Care Here you will find information about the cehvy of your vehicle. If you slam the door on it, you can damage both the belt and your vehicle. Page Sunroof Option If your vehicle has a sunroof, the switch is on the headliner between the sun visors.

Chevy Malibu Repair Manuals

Driving a vehicle with a fully warmed engine under highway conditions causes engine oil to break down slower. The coolant level could be too low. No automatic door lock or unlock. Raise mallibu vehicle far enough off the ground so there is enough room for the compact spare tire to fit. This indicates that your engine is not receiving enough oil. Personal Choice Radio Controls Personal Choice Radio Controls If Equipped With this feature, your vehicle will recall the latest radio settings as adjusted the last time your vehicle was operated.


Turn the knob clockwise to move the sound to the front speakers and counterclockwise to move the sound to the rear speakers. This feature allows two different drivers to store and recall their own radio settings for AM and FM presets, last tuned station, volume, tone and audio source radio, cassette or CD.

To tighten the belt, pull its free end while you push down on the child restraint. These numbers on an oil container show its viscosity, or thickness. Lap Belt When you sit in the center seating position, you have a lap safety belt, which has no retractor. To replace the battery in the keyless entry system, do the following: Each tag has a key code on it that tells your dealer or a qualified locksmith how to make extra keys.