The title of the novel Chokher Bali explains the story line: Two young friends Binodini and Asha gradually become the irritant of each others. After reading the other two answers here, I am tempted to share a word of caution : the ending of Tagore’s novel ‘Chokher Bali’ is pretty different in content from. The Filminists review the adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Chokher Bali by Anurag Basu. With a score of 12 (on a scale from -5 to 15), this.

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Were the guidelines of propriety invented by man or laid down by higher powers to segregate and set men against each other if conformity was challenged? sgory

Views Read Edit View history. Aishwarya Rai bai the Movie Chokher Bali. Also the fact that this was written in or so, it felt a bit dated at times. I think her decision to sacrifice her happiness is the crux of her entire character.

Chokher Bali is a melodramatic and rather sexual tale of family, love and loss. After Gora,the best novel of Tagore is Choker Bali. Vow fidelity one morning, be chokheg that night.

Choker Bali: A Passion Play () – Plot Summary – IMDb

After her sojourn, she returns with Binodini, who has since been married and widowed, in tow. Archived from the original on 17 May There is no real character development or progressive psychological motivation expressed in this story telling. Bengal was not spared either and amidst all the chaos of partition, it is into this newfangled country with the promise of a new destiny, that Tagore saw fit to send his heroine in her quest to escape from the tentacles of fate that balli brought her nothing but ruin.


Film adaptations by some renowned directors like Satyajit Ray and Ritupurno Ghosh has been exemplary. The story was unsatisfying and had unrelatable characters. Director tried to mold the story of Chokher Bali to attract the contemporary audience by incorporating Rabindra Sangeet Songs written by Rabindranath Tagore into the film. Unfortunately, he also gets entangled in the game of deceit stkry revenge.

Chokher Bali

Contrary to him, is the ever sacrificing Behari whom I hated a bit for just simply giving up everything for the very people who took advantage of him. The writing felt choppy and bombastic sometimes. She, in turn is perplexed by the language used and takes it to the Catholic nun who had schooled her stiry her youth. Gora – The Fair Faced, 4. At an age when a stiry wishes to wear colorful robes and enticing jewelry, she dressed herself in white and stayed with other widows in her village.

Chokher Bali 06 Jul 9. Chokher Bali is an emotional roller coaster that everyone should take a ride in. Season 1 Bxli 1. I don’t know about the English translation, but in Bangla, Rab Chokher Bali is the most realistic book I have ever read.


Chokher Bali (film) – Wikipedia

Hindi Movies based on published literature. Oct 18, Nafisa Choudhury rated it it was amazing Shelves: As mentioned, there are a number of emotive, atmospheric sequences conveying passion, longing, and melancholy that are very affecting. He found the cinematography to be beautiful and was pleased that the singing was not lip synched.

Now for the women. This is one of those books that motivate me to take up Bengali again and read unabridged.

Rabindranath Tagore’s Norm-Defying Novel, Chokher Bali

Bihari falls in love with Asha, but so does Mahendra—and he ends up marrying Asha. Binodini was a beautiful and educated woman and her rapport with Rajalakshmi gradually endeared her to the rest of the household with her witticisms and austerity.

Char Odhyay – Four Chapters. A convent-educated woman, Binodini is way ahead of her times. Tagore has also managed to brandish his poetic skills in the books which left me smiling at the choice of words. The story of this novel delves deep into many facets of human relationships and how a single wrong decision can make the life disharmonious.

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