Elementary Mix The Chordbusters’ March This quartet from Quinton Township School (New Jersey) has a second grader on lead, a third grader on baritone, a . Chordbusters March. Bluegrass Student Union version. Rating: /5. 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5. (9 votes – mouse-over to vote now!). Arranger, WA Wyatt. Voicing, Womens Track. Contestable, No. Genre, Traditional . Artist, Jennifer Cooke. Artist Website,

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By the time they entered the regional contest in Bartlesviile they were ready and won. Views Read View source View history.

The Chordbuster March sheet music for Piano download free in PDF or MIDI

The Chord Busters sang on Wade’s weekly radio show in Okmulgee for 13 weeks promoting his piano course. Log in to watch more. They just sang it, feeling for each chord, not necessarily singing it the same way twice.

The judges chose the Barflies for third, the Barberpole Cats for second and to chorebusters delight of the large Tulsa contingency, The Chord Busters as the new World’s Champions. Their unique style was copied by most of the quartets that followed.

They finished in time for Bob to make his one o’clock train for the west coast. For out of town gigs, which were rare ’cause there weren’t too many places to go and no way to get there, they waived their fee and got train fare, hotel, and some meals.


Once the concert got underway, they ran into tenor Norman Enmeier in the men’s room. The Chord Busters were one of the most innovative quartets in our Society’s history with several of their landmark decisions becoming standard for today’s foursomes.

Chord Busters

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. From Barbershop Wiki Project. It was customary for the 15 quartets left for the finals to sing the same songs from their previous round.

The Vagrants – Chordbusters March featuring the most incredible overtone ever on the final chord.

It took them a few months to work it out. Tulsa chapter members were also impressed by the new sound and many helped. The distance wasn’t impossible until Greer decided to seek his fame and fortune in Hollywood.

His talent included being able to arrange for male voices taking advantage of individual qualities and ranges. Bluegrass Student Union – “Chordbuster March”. Although the Barflies often wore “barber” outfits and of course the Flat Foot Four had their uniforms, The Chord Busters felt a quartet’s regular “attire” would add to their performance. He keep them in chordbustrrs, musically.

Out of the blue, Holbrook resurfaced in and suggested a reunion. Tom and Doc were invited to attend as special VIP guests although at the last minute, Doc was unable for health reasons. They first met at a “headquarters hotel” and began singing rehearsing for the agreed afterglow appearance. See also Gotcha, on their “Nellie”. Help us build the world’s largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here.

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To meet that goal, they met on an average of four nights per week, singing from three to five hours per night. Remember your video choices.


For the longest time I thought he was literally belting out that B flat. Today, becoming once a champion, always a champion” is the ultimate goal. That group would not only win this contest, but go on to win the national contest in New York.

It was well into a farewell party for Greer they realized the next day would probably be the very last chance they would have to record “their” record. And no one’s ever done it higher than this chordbustefs in B. But then chogdbusters, I can sing that tenor part, too. Music for your Website. They also easily won the Oklahoma State contest that followed and as winner, received their expenses to the National Contest in St.

It is highly suggested that you create flair in the following format: Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. The Chordbusters’ March 0: Bobbie Greer was lost October 28, at 72 and Doc Enmeier passed away on December 29, at the age of 9l. Tom died April 25, at I heard it live choddbusters a FWD convention, and it was freaking unreal. The local press covered the event.