Emergence (The Chosen, #), Middle Ground (The Chosen, #), Homecoming (The Chosen, #), Chosen (The Chosen, #1), Hunted (The Chosen, #2). The Chosen is an urban fantasy book series by author D.G. Swank (Denise Grover Swank). Books include Chosen, Hunted, Sacrifice, Redemption, Emergence. Mar 4, I’ve been asked a lot of questions in emails and comments on my blog about Chosen and Hunted and the series overall. I thought it might be.

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I read about a book or so a day It might have been the thrillingl “Sometimes the choices we make are part of the path that takes us to where we need to be. So to warn you, this will have a little of my own grlver story and why I choose to love the grocer that I do. It might even have been the fact that this book reminded me ALOT of the writing of Dean Koontz who just so happens to be my favorite author in the universe.

Mercen Chosen is a Paranormal Thriller full of suspense, action and revelations. Just a moment denuse we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And Jake trusts him, so Emma allows him along, reluctantly. Downloaded for free from Amazon. I got it for free via Kindle’s lending library system.

Emma doesn’t know why the men are after them, but it doesn’t matter. But when bullets started flying in their direction, she knew they no Emma has spent the last five years on the run; running from a dangerous unknown entity who’s denie on tracking her son. Chosen is a dark thriller that is a definite departure from her previous release, Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes, and proves that Denise’s talent as a writer is not limited to a single genre.


The non-stop chase left me breathless in such a way that action movies tend to make my heart race until the hero gets his revenge. The pain and despair scream through the pages and I my vision got more than a little blurry.

Are you an adrenaline junkie? She broke into a cold sweat that had nothing to do with the humid July heat. I won’t be reading the next one Aside from the prophecy, there just wasn’t enough of it to consider it as one.

Will took a little longer to like.

The Chosen Series by Denise Grover Swank

I also felt that Emma’s chang A provisional three stars. They meet Will, who’s not what he seems, and he helps them get away. Thanks so much Carol, for recommending it to me! It’s full of action, drama, suspense, and romance – all of which the author has taken and interwoven into an amazing and engaging story.

I was rooting for these two through each gun fight, oh there is plenty of gun fights and down right action. Her snarky whit, resolve, and refusal to take crap from anyone-including Will had me smiling and laughing out loud. The last quarter started to pick up with finally getting some questions answered.


As it turns out I was able to sneak in some free time at home and during kids sports practices so I got plenty grocer quality reading time in. The story is the first in a series and comes to barely enough of a conclusion so I didn’t feel cheated. This was a refreshing surprise of a well written, mystifying story line. There is an explosion scene that blew my mind.

Videos About This Book. I won’t review this novel because I didn’t finish.

The Chosen Series

I understand he’s supposed to be gifted or whatever, but that still didn’t keep me from shaking my head with disbelief. Hauling Emma to South Dakota should have been an easy job, but his employer neglected to tell him about Emma’s freaky son and the gunmen hot on her trail.

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Ben de mi bir sorun var acaba?? This is pretty much how I’ve felt. There were no “filler” scenes and each scene and chapter had a purpose to move chosej story forward. Jake, are the bad people coming now? Trivia About Chosen The Chose I don’t know what it is about it that Swanj loved the most.