INTENDED USE. BD CHROMagar Orientation Medium / Columbia CNA Agar ( Biplate) is used for isolation of bacteria commonly involved in urinary tract. ABSTRACT. The microbiological performance of BBL CHROMagar Orientation medium and CPS ID2 agar was compared to that of Columbia agar with 5%. CHROMagar Orientation Medium Reduces Urine Culture Workload. Kanchana Manickam, James A. Karlowsky, Heather Adam, Philippe R. S. Lagacé-Wiens.

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Microbiology Culture Medium Chromogenic. Isolation of a Variety of Microrganisms: In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. The most common UTI pathogen is E.

CHROMagar Orientation and CHROMagar MRSA

In this case also as in the VAP, the same-day identification and susceptibility results can confirm the empirical therapy, or help in the decision to change it. The medium was found to facilitate easy visual detection of mixed bacterial isolates in culture. CitePeer Related Articles http: This tool allows a same-day results in both fields, oientation identification and susceptibility, directly in the primary culture, contrary to the concomitant traditional protocol which takes 48 hours.

Thus, any workload reduction related to this analysis will dramatically improve the efficiency of the laboratory. Optimizacion orlentation recursos en el diagnostico de infecciones urinarias en pediatra Publication.


CHROMagar Orientation (ml) | Frilabo

Costs-effective and rapid presumptive identification of Gram negative bacilli in routine urine, pus and stool cultures: For isolation and differentiation of urinary tract pathogens. Moreover, since it is easy chromagsr differentiate mixed flora on CHROMagar Orientation, antimicrobial susceptibility tests can be performed directly from primary isolates without the need of subcultures. Six control American Type Culture Collection strains were also included with the testing chromagaf ensure quality control of the media.

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These mixed growths were not obvious on the routine susceptibility testing medium Isosensitest. It allows chromogenic identification and antibiotic susceptibility in the same plate.

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Clinical Microbiology

Screening prior to prostatic biopsy – a disk diffusion based method for detection of fluoroquinolone resistant Enterobacteriaceae in rectal swabs S. This colony color changed to blue after 2 to 3 h of incubation at room temperature. Pluri-microbial samples as well as monomicrobial- contaminated samples can be easily investigated by this method.

Proteus mirabilis and P. The use of CHROMagar Orientation as a primary isolation medium with presumptive identification for the routine screening of urine specimens Publication. This product was developed with the aim to speed up the time to results by combining the chromogenic differentiation of the species in the sample, and the antibiotic susceptibility test.


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Urianalysis is the most common clinical microbial test. Save Time and Reduce Workload: CHROMagar Orientation can also be used to differentiate various microrganisms in other infected areas; e. High Lrientation of Minor Populations: Shortening the period in which empirical therapy can be optimized results in better outcomes.

Journal of Clinical Microbiology [01 Jul34 7: Comparative Study, research-article, Journal Article.

When used in a replicator system, it easily detected mixed growths of organisms which may have otherwise led to false antibiotic susceptibility results. This study, carried with over 20 classical antimicrobial agents, concluded that the use of our medium with Etest can provide same day results.

By contrast, 15 of 16 P. See J Clin Microbiol Aug;35 8: Evaluation of use of a new chromogenic agar in detection of urinary tract pathogens Publication.