CIPF Brochure: (electronic version), (print version) (This is a copy of the official CIPF brochure. The official brochure can be obtained from any CIPF. CIPF coverage is custodial in nature. CIPF does not provide protection against any other type of risk or loss. If you have an account with a member firm, and that . F CIPF Brochures. Order Instructions. CIPF brochures are printed exclusively for CIPF Members and can be ordered directly from.

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Protect your investments Learn more about how the Canadian Investor Protection Fund can help you if your investment dealer fails. CIBC grants to you limited permission to display on your computer, print, download and use the information found in the pages of this website for non-commercial, personal or educational purposes only, provided that you do not modify any such content.

If you have any questions about any of the agreements, please contact us. Turn off more accessible mode. This site aims to educate readers who are still forming their attitudes, beliefs and monetary habits by providing tips on effective decision-making techniques. Includes former registrants and regulated firms. In addition, all security positions are audited annually by independent auditors on behalf of the regulatory authorities.

CIPF Brochures

Brocuure Terms of Use. Member firms must also provide the Making a complaint: Certain other types of accounts ESP, trust, etc. The contents of our Website are not intended, and should not be construed, as a solicitation of customers or business in any jurisdiction in which we are not registered as a dealer in securities. Social Media Terms Of Use. A Guide for Investors part 2 of 2 provides investors with information on options for seeking compensation.


Client Account Protection

Check up on registered advisors. For example, CIPF does not cover losses resulting from a drop in the value of your investments for any reason.

Turn off more accessible mode. Unless otherwise specified, no one has permission to copy, redistribute, reproduce or republish in any form, any information found in the pages of this website.

This includes personalizing content on our mobile apps, our website and third-party websites. Turn on more accessible mode. In the very unlikely event that PI were to become insolvent, its creditors would have no legal claim to your fully paid securities. Note that member firms are required to provide the CIPF brochure to all new clients at the time of account opening brocnure to all other clients upon request.

Also, under Rule Bboth brochures must be provided by member firms to all new clients, existing clients who have submitted a written complaint, and when members respond to a client. A Guide for Investors kB.

IIROC Brochures

Corporate Bond Information website This tool has been designed to assist market participants to make more informed corporate bond trading and investment decisions. Social Media Terms Of Use. Download in PDF format: Recognizing that investment advisors play a pivotal role in building investor brochyre and confidence, CIPF has also developed training brohure and is undertaking extensive outreach to help firms inform their clients about CIPF protection.


Of course, fixed-income securities, such as bonds, stripped bonds and Treasury bills, are fully and unconditionally guaranteed when held to maturity both in terms of their rate of return and value at maturity if they are issued by a government or government agency.

We protect the investments entrusted to us in several ways.

Security | LDIC Inc.

As part of an initiative to provide clear and accessible information to investors about its coverage, CIPF recently redesigned and enhanced its website and brochure. Agreements and Disclosures Please read the following Brkchure and Disclosures. All information on this website is protected under the copyright laws of Canada. Asset Segregation The term “segregation” refers to the physical location where we safeguard securities on behalf of our clients.

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