Private detective Isaac Bell returns in Clive Cussler’s The Wrecker. train wrecks, fires, and explosions sabotage the Southern Pacific. Detective Isaac Bell travels the early-twentieth-century American railways, driven by a sense of justice and a determination to stop a new mastermind reigning. The Wrecker (Isaac Bell series Book 2) and millions of other books are .. This item:The Wrecker (An Isaac Bell Adventure) by Clive Cussler Paperback $

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I have not read this one yet, I have a few like that. I never once thought that Cussler was going in to too much detail. Throw in a wedding, some new characters, and the stew is done.

He makes listening to the narration a joy. Unfortunately he is revealed to the reader even quicker and with almost no effort of trying to conceal him. At its weakest, it disorients birds and animals and damages electrical equipment. Van Dorn sends in its top investigator, Isaac Bell. It seems like this series is taking the Van Dorn Detective Agency’s motto to extremes. The cuslser were superb Scott does a great job reading the book. Which is where the premise of this story is founded.

The Wrecker is ckive second book of the Isaac Bell series, following the exploits of the super smart, super rich, ckssler handsome, super everything early s detective. A main character with passion and strength, balanced by humility and honor.

It is interesting to realize that the main type of long range quick correspondence was the telegraph and Morse The Wrecker by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott is the second book in the Isaac Bell series.

Don’t forget to take a breath every now and then, this book is a race What the author s do with this series: Open Preview See a Problem? A revolutionary determined to displace the ‘privileged few’?


The Wrecker by Clive Cussler – Penguin Books Australia

Most of this book is like an action packed Western. Those who owned railroads were very wealthy indeed. Not only that he has an ivy cusslwr education, and is pretty competant not only with a sword, but also with a gun. Clive Cussler delivered an exciting new addition to his series about the detective, Isaac Bell. We appreciate your feedback.

I could completely understand Bells frustration sometimes because I was frustrated too. Raise the Titanic Sea of Greed. More from the same Author Pacific Vortex!

Most of the story takes place in in the United States of America. I really enjoy reading Clive Cussler’s books. Van Dorn sends in his best man, and Bell quickly discovers that a mysterious saboteur haunts the th jungles of the West, a man known as the Wrecker, who recruits accomplices from the down-and-out to attack the railroad, and then kills them afterward.

Ratings and Reviews wrfcker 1 star ratings 0 reviews. Nov 05, Steve Ponedal rated it really liked cusslr. Nov 10, SaraKat rated it liked it Shelves: If Dirk Pitt were to have a hero, it would probably be this guy. I read mostly young adult and if I were to compare Clive Cussler I assume he is the money maker of the pair seeing that his cuasler is bigger on the cover to a young adult author it would be it would be Tamora Pierce.

In The ChaseClive Cussler introduced an electrifying new hero, the tall, lean, no-nonsense detective Isaac Bell, who, driven by his sense of justice, travels early-twentieth-century America pursuing thieves and killers. When Napoleon died, the bottles disappeared – and the gold pillars were lost once again.


The Wrecker by Clive Cussler, Justin Scott | : Books

But man, that third act. The second of the Isaac Bell novels, and the first where Cussler has a co-author for this series. Whoever he is, whatever his motives, the Wrecker knows how to create maximum havoc, and Bell senses that he is far from done? While he may not be the greatest author in the world, he is one of the best story tellers. Train wrecks, fires, and explosions sabotage the Southern Pacific Railroad?

The Wrecker

The story had an intense plot that keeps the reader interested at all times. It is interesting to realize that clove main type of long range quick correspondence was the telegraph and Morse code; the use of telephones and cell phones did not exist! The book does drag a bit in the middle.

Well, I feel cusaler the word phenomenon is probably a little bit too strong to describe a book written by Clive Cussler, namely because this book was pretty bad. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Trains are derailed, people killed, damage to the major railway tunnel that Hennessy is trying to build through the Cascade Mountains. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. You’ll learn a lot about railroads when you read this one.

Interesting to try to figure out how anything was done back then having to use trains, telegraphs, etc