Rough Cuts is a service from Safari Books Online that gives you early access to content on cutting-edge Clojure Programming: Rough Cuts Version. By Chas. FWIW, I and my coauthors are writing “Clojure Programming” for (e.g. generating PDF and HTML versions of library developer guides and such). It should be available as an O’Reilly Rough Cut soon; if you snag it (or any. I’ve found the writing of Clojure Programming to be very dull, to be honest. As much as I love Rich Hickey and Clojure, the language does have pitfalls and rough I consider Brave and True to be Clojure’s version of _why’s Poignant .. mechanism for memorizing key short cuts (or not remembering and.

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We use the ns macro to declare a namespace, which is similar to a Python module that is implicitly defined using module files. Even console logging becomes a case of ‘convert to readable object and vesrion using special helpers.

FWIW, I and my coauthors are writing “Clojure Programming” for O’Reilly using as | Hacker News

You must, instead, pipe the list through a function that might generate a new list. That book’s table of contents are properly structured for reference, rather than as a framework for layered jokes.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Yes, this means I still have a pile of the books sitting idle. While 4clojure is a great site, a lot of my work does not involve calculating LCM or exercises like that. Then the initial learning could be more focused on functional programming, and the syntax, which is more rewarding. This is by far the best book around for learning Clojure from scratch IMO. I wouldn’t recommend serious use of a language that targets the jvm without a decent knowledge of Java.

Why is TeX still used? Get updates Get updates. Another Clojure programmer may also look upon the doseq and suggest it is a bit too verbose, not taking advantage of the fact that often iteration is achieved in Clojure via higher-order functions. As of the Jokes, it seems this is a matter of taste. This is pretty significant news for me, but likely also for the broader Clojure community.


Your code will be more declarative, with fewer bugs and lower maintenance costs. It is not written for new or non developers. I think there is too much cognitive load in the first stages of learning Clojure for people who haven’t had experience with functional programming, Lisps, Java, and Emacs on top of that if you are following Clojure for the Brave and True.

I was a long time vim user who tried to switch to emacs for a month but abandoned it for intelli j, and then atom for while.

VB6, but do you want this? Kind of reminds me of this: It is actually extremely good. In short, you can make constructs that look like function calls, but operate as code transformations. Explore some of the most cutting-edge databases available—from a traditional relational database to newer NoSQL approaches—and make informed decisions about challenging data storage problems.

After learning syntax, the most valuable Clojure book to me was “Clojure Applied”. Clojure cuts through complexity by providing a set of composable tools—immutable data, functions, macros, and the interactive REPL.

Pragmatic Guide to Sass 3: Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit.

They give you, the programmer, a generic compiler hook to transform code. In Clojure, these debates class vs function never happen, because functions are seen as the superior unit of composition. Clojure Counterclockwise the Eclipse Clojure plugin Leiningen the Clojure build and project management toolalong with the new still-in-beta but very reliable Leiningen Eclipse plugin The basic mechanics of the Clojure REPL contrasted with typical interpreters or consoles A popular Clojure web stack, including: It really, really works in the context of Led Zeppelin because John Bonham was a freak of nature and it just went along with their band in a magical way.


In the first sentence it plainly states clojure is a lisp. Sign in Get started. Most of the Clojure material out there doesn’t assume or require Lisp knowledge. There’s really no need.

Clojonic: Pythonic Clojure

Use this quick and easy introduction to create your own Vim plugin while learning the concepts and syntax of VimL. I believe there needs to be a book written that is a combination of a Clojure cookbook and transition guide for those of us who were raised on empirical languages and are interested in becoming more functional.

I am looking, but not finding, a Python equivalent to Potemkin:. I found these particularly helpful to me as a Pythonista exploring the world of functional programming through Clojure. They are first-class entities within the Clojure world. Write code that writes code with Elixir macros. Sorry guys, a single friendly needling is warranted. So to barely get started you are tackling a new programming paradigm functionala new syntax Lispgetting error messages in Java, using tools that are complicated to setup and use.

Everything assumes you’re a Java expert. ANTLR v4 has been rewritten from scratch to make it easier than ever to build parsers and the language applications built on top.

I accept wholeheartedly what Fogus, you, and others are saying at least to me in responses in Clojure Google groups that programmint is a lower level tool and that Clojure programmers should first turn to the sequences API before using recursion.