Competencias, Indicadores de Logros, Contenidos. Interpersonal communication . 1. Generates conversations to exchange specific information. Competencia, Indicador de logro, Contenidos declarativos, Contenidos procedimentales, Contenidos actitudinales. 1. Engages in. CNB Nivel Diversificado ¿Qué es nivel Diversificado? 1. Bachilleratos en Ciencias y Letras y sus especialidades: constan de dos años de.

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Este manual incluye actividades y ejercicios para que los maestros y alumnos de la escuela primaria tengan un auxiliar de trabajo para practicar los idiomas mayas, tanto dentro como fuera del aula y en forma oral o escrita. Writing with exact spelling. Constrasting homophones meaning to use in appropriate eprito.

Sharing experiences from different cultures: Interpreting transportation and location signs in travel brochures or books. Requests help or information for researching purposes. Producing greeting expressions with appropriate intonation when greeting people or responding greetings.

Malla Curricular

Assesment criteria are intended to chb teachers to aspects that they have to take into account to determine level and kind of learning the students reached in every teaching process moments according to competences settled in the curriculum.


Identifies the fine print in ads, comparing contadoor and making polite requests. Applying reading comprehension strategies.

Avoiding use of loan words, barbarisms and wrong uses for words and phrases in oral and written texts. It promotes cultural exchange, as well as information enhancement to improve their performance in the working area that students choose. Using skills for listening and speaking with classmates, teachers and community members who speak English. The approach to English learning must be conatdor, functional and communicative to assure students competence to use the language system appropriately in any circumstances.

Making inferences from simple oral or written passages.

Offers and responds to greetings, compliments, invitations, introductions, and farewells. Discussing the meaning of new terms. Interactive activities to exchange information and opinions. Identification of educational opportunities offered in other countries. Narrates in a written form: Synonyms, antonyms and homophones.

Indicadores de Logros Contenidos Interpersonal communication 1. Asking others to join to conversations and English learners clubs. Reviewing different sounds and pronunciation: Compares cultures through commercial uses, activities and preferences. These skills determine their performance level.


Subárea de Comunicación y Lenguaje L3 (Inglés) – Cuarto Grado – CNB

Listening for specific information: Nowadays, English is the international communication language, used in commercial, technical, scientific and academic fields. Interpreting contavor and comparisons. Arguing about impact from Anglo-American culture and media to own culture.

From this sight, they function as regulator of learning-assessment-teaching strategies. Performing short speeches and popular songs. Bulding active, passive, command, question, and ds sentences following syntactic rules.

Xkab’ raqal (Vocabulario) – CNB

Talking with a degree of fluency about familiar matters. Writing short texts about feelings, friends, experiences, dreams, etc. Inicial y Preprimaria Inicial Preprimaria.