Dec 5, Methods Essential oil was extracted by hydro distillation using clevenger region specific and practical strategy for the control of mosquito vectors. . Keywords: Coccinia grandis, Essential oil, Mosquito, Larvicidal, GC-MS. Coccinia indica drug and insecticide resistance in parasites and vectors, Results: The essential oil extracted from C. indica possessed excellent larvicidal . Jun 13, Keywords: Coccinia grandis, Essential oil, Mosquito, Larvicidal, GC-MS activity of essential oil extracted from the leaves of Coccinia grandis against region specific and practical strategy for the control of mosquito vectors.

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European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences ; Studies on anti-stress and free radical scavenging activity 78 Proximate analysis, Phytochemical screening and Anti inflammatory activity 76 Basu K and Ghosh BK: Guha J and Sen SP: Parmar Gaurang; Parikh Punita, Cpntrol in Human Health insetc Nutrition Policy: Of total lipids in liver, kidney and brain 5 Antidiabetic activity 38 See Also Ivy gourd control.

Proximate analysis, phytochemical screening and anti inflammatory activity of Coccinia indica. Naudin Cephalandra moghadd Asch.

An evalution of turbidity removal from industrial waste by natural coagulents obtained from some plants.


Male and female flowers are on separate plants. Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

Hepatoprotective activity of Coccinia indica leaves extract. Article Information Sr No: Alcoholic and aqueous extract of root powder Found to be active 11 Clinical trial in type 2 diabetic patients 44 Double- blind, placebo- controlled, randomized trial Alcoholic extract.

Pulling plants and harvesting the underground tubers can be effective if done repeatedly for an extended period Englberger, Carrageenan-induced rat hind paw edema was used as the animal model of acute inflammation Whole plant.

The results of the present study indicate that the toluene fraction was the only active fraction. This has accounted for much of the long distance dispersal of C. Chemical investi-gations on Cephalandra indica Constituents of dry aerial parts.

A dictionary of Indian raw materials and industrial products.

Pharmacognosy of Coccinia grandis: How to cite this article: Long-distance dispersal is most commonly carried out by humans due to its culinary uses or by mistake. Broad, three to ten occcinia long, four to ten centimetres wide, three to seven lobed.

Coccinia grandis (scarlet-fruited ivy gourd)

exhract Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Antipyretic activity of aqueous extract of fresh leaves of Coccinia indica. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences ; 3 4: Effect of supplementation of Coccinia cordifolia extract on newly detected diabetic patients, Diabetes care. Conservation Society of Pohnpei, 29 pp.


The aqueous and organic solvent Petroleum ether, chloroform and ethanol extracts from the leaves. Coccinia indica agglutinin CIA Chitooligo saccharide-specific lectin with.

Orally effective hypoglycemic principles from Coccinia indica, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Indian J Pharmacol ; Coreidae and Bemisia spp.

TephritidaeAphis gossypii Glover Hemiptera: Journal of the Bangladesh Chemical Society. Glycogen synthetase activity was highly significant significant redn. The extract also showed significant anti-inflammatory activity Fruits are fusiform-ellipsoid, slightly beaked, 2. Seeds are obovoid and rounded at the apex, slightly papillose, much compressed and yellowish grey.

Ivy gourd: declared pest

Ehanol and aqueous Extracts were indics to have a more potent inhibitory effect comparing with the other extracts. Title Invasive habit Caption Coccinia grandis scarlet-fruited ivy gourd, tam lung ; invasive habit, on excavator. A new saponin from Coccinia indica Fitoterapia, ; 66 6: Jump to navigation Skip to Content.