The Essential Rumi r. Translated by with. COLEMAN BARKS. JOHN MOYNE. A. J . ARBERRY. REYNOLD NICHOLSON. CASTLE BOOKS. The Essential Rumi Revised by Coleman Barks, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. He suggests a book of poetry by the Sufi master Rumi, a fascinating The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks with John Moyne.

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The Essential Rumi

colemam Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes. The trickery goes further. If you are a friend of God, fire is your water.

Going back to a simpler self gives wisdom. Who Says Words with my Mouth? Enlightenment is expressed in these poems.

A Poet’s Advice For Unlikely Partners: Just Dance

I pick it up in between other books, read a page or two, let it sink and then go back to it a few nights later One molecule-mote-second thinking of God’s reversal of comfort and pain is better than attending any ritual. For Rumi Shams did not die, but became whole. Rumi is not some ancient hippie poet, but he keeps his faith and his interpretaiton of it as the key to fully understanding his poetry.

Through his lyrical translations, Coleman Barks has been instrumental in bringing this exquisite literature to a remarkably wide range of readers, making the ecstatic, spiritual poetry of thirteenth-century Sufi Mystic Rumi more popular than ever. Edsential cover copy The best-selling Rumi book ever is now better than ever! The voice of the fire tells the truth saying, I am not fire. I cannot stop asking.


You might disagree with Rumi on certain points, but never you ‘ll discard his teachings all together; as his expression is so beautiful that it is impossible not to admire.

Barks took The Bawa’s advice to heart, and started down the path that would find Barks becoming the truest, most inspired translator of Rumi’s work. I’ve read many different translations of Rumi, essfntial none are as strong, brilliant, and seem to breathe with love as his. This body of poems is translated by the much-acclaimed Coleman Banks and I couldn’t ask for more barkks, modern lines.

Who turns the sky wheel? Is that good or bad?

The Essential Rumi by Rumi

This book helps me. It is beyond me. Who looks out with my eyes? Some of Rumi’s metaphors felt weak and insufficient, some of his musings were too repetitive. I keep secret in myself an Egypt that does not exist. Oct 15, Monty Python rated it did not like it. My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.

I read Rumi’s poetry constantly. An Egypt That Doesn’t Exist: The translation is great but the content is very hard to put into context On the night of 5 Decemberas Rumi and Shams were talking, Shams was called to the back door.


This often comes up when translating poetry. Rumi spent the next 12 years of his life in Anatolia dictating the six volumes of this masterwork, the Masnavi, to Hussam. Indeed, it is “The Essential Rumi”. Aug 15, Sarah rated it it was amazing.

It is comforting, brings peace to my soul and has constant great, practical advice for life’s ups and downs. Along with Homer and Dante, perhaps he encompasses the spiritual storytelling power of love, faith, joy and knowledge.

The image that sticks to mind if how we should try to emulate a reed flute and let God’s breath flow through us. Confessions of an Unrepentant Exile. November 29, 2: I have no idea. You should wish to have a hundred thousand sets of mothwings, so you could burn them away, one set a night.

In the garden of mystic lovers, these are not true distinctions. With Dante, I elected for a poetic translation and I do so here.