Luis Manuel Tapia was a high-powered leader of one of Ventura County’s largest and deadliest gangs—the Colonia Chiques. He was often. Invoking a strategy common in Los Angeles, the injunction bars 1, Colonia Chiques gang members from publicly hanging out together. A year-old Oxnard man has become the first member of the Colonia Chiques gang to be sentenced under a controversial court order.

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Leader of Oxnard gang Luis Manuel Tapia found guilty | KPCC

Statutes passed provide significantly harsher penalties for offenses committed as part of gang activities than for individual offenses, because of the greater impact on society and increased difficulty of dealing with large organizations intent on inflicting harm in communities.

About two weeks later, a member of the Eastside Classics was in turn killed, fueling the gang war. That left approximately gang members in the Colonia injunction and 66 in the Southside injunction. February 2, The evidence presented against Tapia in the two-week trial alleged that Tapia was involved with running the Colonia Chiques and involved in selling firearms and narcotics, according to the press release. The police obviously focus on the law enforcement activities, but are also involved in some of the social programs and work with the schools, clubs and other programs, mostly on their own time.

A large part of the solution lay in a creative move. Documented Oxnard gang member William Glass was arrested in July on felony charges of a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, possession of a controlled substance, and street gang terrorism.

When the American Beet Sugar Company rejected their demands, the local Latino community marched with the beet pickers ” betabeleros ” in a strike.

After the first action was filed against the Colonia Chiques, no gang violence was reported in Oxnard for two months. And like many California communities, it has a problem with violent youth gangs. Nevertheless, after a police department storefront opened despite attempted arson, members of the community felt driven to return order to their neighborhood. Gang injunction, or injunctipn type of injunction coming from the police and from the law enforcement side clonia government, who is next?


You can view today’s paper or previous issues. Undercover informants and the public have been, at times, been quite helpful and are encouraged. It was laid out by the Colonia Land Improvement Company just east of the city’s downtown business district and in close proximity of the volonia factory and beet fields to house workers. I mean, I colomia that there have been problems in our community, but I mean we’re not the only community that have problems or that commit crimes.

Colonia, Oxnard, California

A group of students at Haydock Elementary School banded together in search of protection from the Colonia Chiques and Paula Street gangs.

But this Dallas Cowboy apparel is banned because they say that’s the gang uniform.

Hachmeister chastised Bysshe for failing to delay his ruling to give defense attorneys more time to prepare. While government attempts to buttress them externally, an educator said at a recent meeting of educators and government: Officers frequently detained, stripped, shaved and confiscated offending clothing from young men and women. January 31, 7: Archived copy as title Coordinates on Wikidata.

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish plans to begin construction on a new church building within a year. Bysshe signed the injunction that establishes a massive “safety zone” in the city, within which members of the Chiques are banned from assembling, flashing gang signs, wearing Dallas Cowboys attire and staying out past 10 p. The Colonia Chiques emerged as the most active street gang in Oxnard, followed by their main rival, the Southside Chiques.

The resources and wider area of operation allow them to share resources, information and go after larger criminal organizations more widely dispersed. He went on to explain that his high-quality methamphetamine — which lab results reportedly proved was oftentimes percent pure — was from Mexican drug cartels.

We’re not saying we’re little angels. This Tang Available Footer, Right advertising citizensjournal. February 1, injunctin December 1, Well, let us know what happens. Today, Oxnard has more than a dozen Latino gangs with more than 2, documented members.


There is a very hard core of about habitual, repeat criminals in town not all are gang members. January 5, New construction on once empty lots or ramshackle homes began in much of the southern areas. Morales was a passenger in a stolen vehicle that was involved in a collision during a police chase July 17, authorities said.

While prosecutors were able to find a few people who would testify about the events surrounding one murder, he said, no one would come forward about the other injynction because they still lived in the neighborhood and feared for their safety.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Schwartz said the injunctions have worked well in Oxnard and other cities. The CET- Center for Employment Training branch in Oxnard normally avoids hard core criminals, but has had some success with what they believed to be salvageable young people who have taken a wrong turn, according chiqhes two veteran facility instructors interviewed by Citizensjournal.

During another stage of the investigation, authorities seized 2.

Ramona Ripston, executive director for the Southern California American Civil Liberties Union, also decried the ruling as a violation of due process. This article was published 4 years ago. Recent large-scale gang takedowns have resulted from widespread joint efforts among local, state and federal authorities.

InOxnard was founded around what was originally named the Colonia Beet-Sugar Factory and began to grow. Heather MacDonald on January 9th, on January 9, 6: See, I’m getting the feeling that this is a gang here, you guys are just putting a happy face on it. Because the judge says your — you have little signs. February 8, 8: He will hold a hearing Aug.

There is project housings, there is regular houses and it’s just a little community. The housing boom spurred development and re-investment. Power in numbers helps. Mobile Apps iPhone iPad Android.