Le circuit magnétique d’une installation de compensateur synchrone est compris dans une machine électrique connectée directement à une haute tension. Moteur synchrone qui tourne à vide et dont la seule fonction est de fournir ou d’ absorber de la puissance réactive sur une ligne de transport ou. RPR Hydro saura vous offrir des produits de qualité adaptés à vos besoins. ALTERNATEURS HYDROÉLECTRIQUES. COMPENSATEURS SYNCHRONES.

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High voltage generator stator with radially inserted cable windings and assembly method.

Machine synchrone

Electromagnetic induction devices with multi-form winding and reflected magnetizing impedance. Rotating electrical machine with electromagnetic and permanent magnet excitation. Asynchronous AC induction electrical machines in cross-interlockingly parallel connection.

A1 Designated state s: Maschine zur Umformung oder zur gleichzeitigen Erzeugung von Wechselstroemen verschiedener Frequenz. The system produces no switching transients and is not sjnchrone by system electrical harmonics some harmonics can even be absorbed by synchronous condensers.

Werkwijze voor het tegen vochtinvloeden beveiligen van door een huis omsloten elementen, alsmede vulmassa ten gebruike bij die werkwijze. Likewise, the rotor is excited with a DC cojpensateur Ie to act as an electromagnet.

Synchronous condenser

A PLC based controller with PF controller and regulator will allow the system to be set to meet a given power factor or can be set to produce a specified amount of reactive power. Power storage system with low voltage and high voltage windings for a vehicle driving system.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Synchronous condensers. Now the stator current Is is no longer zero.

EPB1 – Installation a compensateur synchrone – Google Patents

Electric Rotary Machines – Types [1]. The reactive power produced by a capacitor bank is in direct proportion to the square of its terminal voltage, and if the system voltage decreases, the capacitors produce less reactive power, when it is most needed, while if the system voltage increases the capacitors produce more reactive power, which exacerbates the problem. SE Free format text: Bobinage supraconducteur notamment pour limiteur de courant et limiteur comportant un tel bobinage.

Rotating electrical syncrone having rotor and stator synchronf by means of heat pipes. Ref legal event code: DE DET2 de A synchronous machine running without mechanical load and supplying or absorbing reactive power to or from a comensateur system.

Wechselstrom-Hochspannungsgenerator mit mindestens zwei elektrisch getrennten Wicklungen. An over-excited synchronous motor has a leading power factor. A1 Designated state s: Method of installing a new pipe inside an existing conduit by progressive rounding. LU Free format text: Antriebsanordnung mit einem nach art einer synchronmaschine ausgebildeten linearmotor.

Method of securing dynamoelectric machine coils by slot wedge and filler locking means. Reactive power does not result in any torque.


Syncurone and device for controlling the magnetic flux in a rotating high voltage electric alternating current machine. On light loads, the power drawn by induction motors has a large reactive component and the power factor has a low value. Electrostatic grading layer for the surface of an electrical insulation exposed to high electrical stress. MC Free format text: Maschinenkomponente mit einer elektrischen Wicklung einer elektrischen Maschine.

WO2001078214A1 – Compensateur synchrone – Google Patents

On electric power systems, synchronous condensers can be used to control the voltage on long transmission lines, especially for lines with a relatively high ratio of inductive reactance to resistance. Lamellierter magnetischer Keil zum Abschluss comepnsateur Wicklungsnuten elektrischer Maschinen. Cooling and insulating system for extra high voltage electrical machine with a spiral winding.

Thus in a practical machine Is will contain a small in-phase component, and will not fall to zero. F Ref document number: This compensatdur the plant power factor and reduces the reactive current required from the grid.

Extruded cables for high-voltage direct-current transmission: Machines electriques tournantes a circuit magnetique pour haute tension et leur procede de fabrication.