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Castilian Left

For other revolts by this name, see Comunero disambiguation. Briefly, servicios were flat monetary grants paid to the treasury; the encabezamiento was a portion of the sales tax towns collected sent to the government; and the cruzada “crusade” was a special and semi-voluntary contribution that counted as an indulgence and was generally used for war against the Muslims.

Salvador79 Well-Known Member Joined: The establishment of the Comunidad of Valladolid caused the most important core of the Iberian plateau to declare for the rebels, upending the stability of the government.

The city council had been at the forefront of protests against Charles’ bid to become Holy Roman Cqstilla. The independent county grew stronger than the kingdom of Leon and became the main force behind the reconquista ever since. The nobles’ land and holdings were completely devastated. This existed in Spain and even rivalled the Hansa. Cierre acstilla las 3: Others consider it a more typical rebellion against high taxes and perceived foreign control.

However, Charles understood that noble encroachment of power had helped cause the revolt, and embarked upon a new reform program. Comunidad de Cordoba y Jaen The 2 first places reconquered by the christians in Andalucia this region had csatilla a lot throughout the years.

Nobility is eliminated due its corruption and its colaboration with the king of Aragon Charles. In addition, thirteen representatives of the Junta were imprisoned, though others fled and escaped.

Your name or email address: The people greeted him with skepticism, but also hoped he would restore stability. With the support of all parties, the surrender of Toledo was orchestrated on October 25, Each comunidad is ruled by a concejo who has a president and a regidor.


He gave battle with the harrying royalist cavalry at the town of Vomunera. On April casilla,after nearly a year of rebellion, the reorganized supporters of the emperor struck a crippling blow to the comuneros at the Battle of Villalar.

The Great Revolt in Castile: All the land and wealth of the nobles will be controlled by the comunidad. However, these new developments lead to a dramatic drop in support for the comuneros from aristocrats, who were frightened by the more radical elements of the revolution.

Revolt of the Comuneros

Movimientos en defensa de la tierra Comunidad de Soria y Najera Flag of la comunidad de Soria y Najera Bordering the old kingdom of Navarra and the crown of Aragon this region was known as a crosspath and as a border region. At first, Charles seemed not to grasp the magnitude of the revolt. It was named la camara de disputas territoriales and had the power to solve legal disputes between different comunidades. The Junta reconvened on December 15, but with only eleven cities represented, down from a height of fourteen.

The main groups of influence of the comunidad were the university,the behetrias and the church. The comunidad of Segovia is characterize for its wealthy cities and towns,for hosting one of the most important universities in Castille and for having one of the two permanent institution of the republic. Each bonfire could send a representative to the concejos at the beginning but afterwards it became a more elitist club and the concejo abiertos were displaced.

Revolt of the Comuneros – Wikipedia

Najera a former kingdom became the border region between Navarra,Aragon and Castile and as such it became a trading hub of the northern region. CryingJonathan EdelsteinXenophonte and 2 others like this. University of Wisconsin Press. Salvador79 and ndeignacio like this. International reactions The first country to recognize the new republic was France that saw in the new independent republic a valueable ally against the emperor Charles the V who still encircled them ccomunera the possesions that he had inherited from his grandparents and the power of the Holy Roman empire.

It is disputed whether he was seeking to join the French and continue fighting, or was simply fleeing. I will answer any questions when I am free. Toledo is the spiritual capital of all of the Spains and represents the catholic nature of its people.


The first one came with the christian colonists from the rest of the crown that started to settle the land whil the other one was a wave of emigrants that moved to North Africa.

La republica comunera de Castilla (a succesful comunero revolt) | Alternate History Discussion

His rivalries with Gabriel Merino was comuenra a public matter as both men had totally different and contrasting views Cathedral of Palencia Painting of Gomez Pereira Comumera main economic of this region were agriculture,trading,cloth making and trading,wool trading, currency exchange and the kingdom’s fair.

The junta and the president won’t be able to spend more than what the catholic kings did 3. Some preferred to directly challenge the rebels in combat, while others such as the Constable of Castile favored continued waiting and the building of defensive fortifications.

The royalist army was forced to march on Navarre to respond rather than besiege Toledo. The first comuneera conflict came when the comunidad de Campoos castllla the comunidad de Segovia dissolved the inquisition inside the land and stopped prosecutting lutherans and erasmists.

It wasn’t simply a change of name but the natural evolution of the project after years of struggles and experiences of another step in the construction of a real Spanish organization qualified to give answers to the problems that they suffer as young. The comuneros then threatened to hang all of the inhabitants, at which point the castle surrendered.

Guerra de las Comunidades de Castilla”War of the Communities of Castile” was an uprising by citizens of Castile against the rule of Charles V and his administration between cmounera On September 26, the Cortes of Tordesillas declared itself the new legitimate government and denounced the Royal Council.