Jump to navigation Jump to search. Portuguese[edit]. Noun[edit]. condensados de Bose-Einstein m. plural of condensado de Bose-Einstein. Retrieved from. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Dinámica de vórtices en un condensado de Bose-Einstein | We numerically solve the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for a. Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC), a state of matter in which separate atoms or subatomic particles, cooled to near absolute zero (0 K, − °C, or − ° F.

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Another current research interest is the creation of Bose—Einstein condensates in microgravity in order to use its properties for high precision atom interferometry.

These examples may contain rude words based on your search. Retrieved 23 March Condensados de Bose-Einstein “.

If the two states are equal in energy, each different configuration is equally likely. A BEC is formed by cooling a gas of extremely low density, about one-hundred-thousandth the density of normal airto ultra-low temperatures.

Structure of the solution”. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Bose—Einstein condensation also applies to quasiparticles in solids. Internet URLs are the best. The Bose-Einstein condensate is a gas of atoms so dense and cold that their matter waves lose their individuality and bose-finstein into a macroscopic coherent superatom wave. In the indistinguishable case, each value of K is a single state, which has its own separate Boltzmann probability.

InDanish physicist Lene Hau led a team from Harvard University which slowed a beam of light to about 17 meters per second, [ clarification needed ] using codnensados superfluid.


Research tool superfluidity In superfluidity: States of matter list. Note that helium-3a fermionalso enters a superfluid phase at a much lower temperature which can be explained by the formation of bosonic Cooper pairs of two atoms see also fermionic condensate.

condensado de Bose-Einstein

Bose—Einstein condensation remains, however, fundamental to the superfluid properties of helium Binodal Compressed fluid Cooling curve Equation of state Leidenfrost effect Macroscopic quantum phenomena Mpemba effect Order and disorder physics Spinodal Superconductivity Superheated vapor Superheating Thermo-dielectric effect.

In condensation was demonstrated in antiferromagnetic Tl Cu Cl 3[27] at temperatures as large as 14 K. These can be created, for example, by ‘stirring’ the condensate with lasers, or rotating the confining trap. If one relaxes any of these assumptions, the equation for the condensate wavefunction acquires the terms containing higher-order powers of the wavefunction.

JETP 7, ]; ibid. Nevertheless, they have proven useful in exploring a wide range of questions in fundamental physics, and the years since the initial discoveries by the JILA and MIT groups have seen an increase in experimental and theoretical activity.

Bose–Einstein condensate – Wikipedia

Retrieved 25 June This formula is derived from finding the gas degeneracy in the Bose gas using Bose—Einstein statistics. Research was finally successful in hydrogen with the aid of the newly developed method of ‘evaporative cooling’. Retrieved from ” https: There are different Fortran and C programs for its solution for contact interaction [14] [15] and conndensados dipolar interaction [16] which can be freely used.


Examples include experiments that have demonstrated interference between condensates due to wave—particle duality[35] the study of superfluidity and quantized vorticesthe creation of bright matter wave solitons from Bose condensates confined to one dimension, and the slowing of light pulses to very low speeds using electromagnetically induced transparency.

Bose—Einstein condensate is depicted bose-einsteni ghosts which was demystified as Bose—Einstein condensate in Netflix Originals Spectral.

condensado de Bose-Einstein – Wiktionary

Phillips shared the Nobel Prize for Physics. Join Reverso Register Login Facebook connect. The validity of this approach is actually limited to the case of ultracold temperatures, which bose-einstfin well for the most alkali atoms experiments. So the probability distribution is exponential:. The Harvard University Gazette.

Translation of “bose-einstein condensate” in Spanish

Most likely they formed molecules of two rubidium atoms; [32] energy gained by this bond imparts velocity sufficient to leave the trap without being detected.

Sitzungsberichte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Please try again later.

Densities from the limit of a dilute gas to a strongly interacting Bose liquid are possible. Yang showed that cold dark matter axions form a Bose-Einstein condensate by thermalisation because of gravitational self-interactions.

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