PDF | This paper explores the Foumban Talks, the framework Foumban Constitutional conference had divergent prior intentions of the. What has received scant attention until this writing is the real purpose for which the Foumban Conference was convened. The Foumban. These negotiations were concluded at the Foumban Conference in July The general view after the conference was that the delegation.

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The Anglophone Problemas it is commonly referred to in Cameroonis a socio-political issue rooted in Cameroon’s colonial legacies from the GermansBritishand the French. The issue classically and principally opposes many Cameroonians from the Northwest and Southwest regions, many of whom consider themselves anglophones, to the Cameroon government.

This is based on foumbah fact that these two regions formally British Southern Cameroons were controlled by Britain as a mandated and trust territory of the League of Nations and the United Nations respectively.

While many Northwesterners and Southwesterners believe there is an anglophone problem, some do not. In fact, the term “anglophone” today creates a lot of controversy, as many former French-speaking Cameroonians who are either bilingual or speak only English most of whom have gone through the English sub-system of education consider themselves as anglophones.

The root of the Anglophone problem in Cameroon can be traced back to the Foumban Conference of that united the two territories, with different conferrnce legacies, into one state.

History explains why Cameroon is at war with itself over language and culture

Most of German Kamerun was given to the French, oversquare miles of territory. Each colonizer would later influence the colonies with their European languages and cultures, thus rendering them as Anglophones and Francophones. The large difference in awarded territory has resulted in present-day Cameroon having a huge majority Francophone population and a very small minority Anglophone population. The United Nations obliged that Britain and France relinquish their colonies and guide fokmban towards independence.


No option of self-determination by becoming independent was given.

Anglophone problem

The United Nations documents defined the basis of integration as: The peoples of both territories should have equal status and rights of citizenship Mbile, a Southern Cameroonian representative at the conference noted, “Free from all the unrest that had scared Southern Cameroonians, the Francophone authorities had picked the place deliberately for the occasion. The entire town had been exquisitely cleaned up and houses splashed with whitewash.

Food was good and receptions lavish. The climate in Foumban real or artificial went far to convince us that despite the stories of ‘murder and fire,’ there could be at doumban this island of peace, east of the Mungo.

Among many things, the Bamenda Conference agreed on a non-centralized federation to ensure there was a distinction between the powers of the states and the powers of the federation.

At the Foumban conference, Ahidjo presented delegates with a draft constitution. By the end of the conference, instead of creating an entirely new constitution, the contributions of the Southern Cameroons delegates were reflected in suggestions made to the draft initially presented to them.

On May 6,Ahidjo announces his decision to convert the Federal Republic into a unitary stateon the provision that the idea was supported via referendum. Advocates of Federation want a return to the constitution agreed upon in the Foumban Conference that acknowledges the history and culture of the two regions while giving equal power to the two.

Federation advocates include the instrumental Consortium of the leaders of three Cameroon-based trade unions: Lawyers, Teachers, and Transporters.

Decisions of the Foumban Conference

AAG was one of the first groups in the diaspora to endorse the Cameroon-based Consortium as a peaceful alternative to achieving a return to the pre federated system.

Opponents of federation include the ruling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement.


Unitarianism do not want Federation or Vonference, but rather a decentralized unitary government; whereas, now the government is highly centralized in power. As of [update]the Anglophone problem is still on-going. It has spiraled into violence with police officers and gendarmes shooting dead several civilians.

Foumban Conference, the Birthplace of Reunification. – the insight world

Official sources have put the number at 17 dead, but local individuals and groups have talked of 50 or more. Without clearly acknowledging the existence of the Anglophone problem, the President of Cameroon has attempted to appease tensions by making a number of announcements:. Several separatist or secessionist groups have emerged or coference more prominent as a result of conferwnce harsh response by the government to the Anglophone problem.

Some groups such as the Southern Cameroon Ambazonia United Front SCACUF are using diplomatic means in an attempt to gain independence for the Anglophone regions, [16] whereas other groups have begun to employ armed confrontation with artisan weapons against the deployed gendarmes and soldiers in those regions.

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