See detailed specifications and technical data for Crown WF TF manufactured in – Get more in-depth insight with Crown WF TF. Crown WF Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Crown WF Service Manual. The Crown Electric WF pallet stacker, delivers unparalleled time and costs savings all while being flexible enough to suit most warehouse applications.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents Maintenance And Repair Before Leaving The Truck Before Operating The Truck Ordering Spare Parts Using The Manual Raising And Towing The Truck Raising With Another Forklift Truck Lifting By Crane Towing The Truck Recommended Lubricants And Oils Cold Store Trucks Truck Tilt Settings Lowering Plumb Test Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity Lifting see Diagram Lowering see Diagram Motor And Pump Assembly Hydraulic Lines And Fittings Bleeding The Hydraulic System After Replacing The Pump Replacing The Relief Valve Relief Valve Test And Setting Hydraulic System Troubleshooting Drive Unit, General Drive Unit Removal Drive Motor Removal Drive Motor Assembly Gear Unit Disassembly Draining The Oil Gear Unit Cover Removal Gear Unit Assembly Gear Unit Cover Installation Drive Unit Installation Electrics – General Wire Colour Codes Traction Pod pot, Fs, Rs Safety Reverse Switch sas Brake Switch brs Override Switch ors Limit Switch lms Horn Switch hns Key Switch kys Emergency Disconnect bd Thermal Switch ths Thermal Switch ths2 Hydraulic Control Module hcm Plug Holder pc Drive Motor m1 Hydraulic Motor m2 Electromagnetic Brake brk Terminal Board tb Travel Alarm Driver dr Remote Control Toggle Switch ecs Main Circuit Board main Pcb Hydraulic Circuit Board hyd Pcb Travel Alarm alm Sem0 Traction Controller Reduced Speed Ranges Downhill Speed Control Anti Roll Down Function Replacing The Sem0 Traction Controller Operating Sem0 Controller Menu Functions Menu, General Parameter Change Menus Settings And Error Messages On Board Charger Battery Charging Phases First Phase i1 Second Phase p Third Phase u Fourth Phase i2 End Of Normal Charging Special Charging Phases Green Led Is Not Lit Green Led Flashing Important Technical Data Replacing The Charger General Maintenance Instructions Important Maintenance Instructions Traction Motor Maintenance wf 1.


Access To Brushes Pump Motor Maintenance Battery Discharge Indicator bdi Battery Discharge Indicator Setting bdi Calibration For Wet Batteries Traction Controller Safety Test Air Gap Setting Brake Moment Setting Live Ring Bearing Control Handle Return Springs Chain Tension Adjustment Tiller Handle Shells Switch Unit Installation Safety Reverse Switch Lifting Gear Minimum Capacity Fork Carriage Removal Fork Carriage Installation Fork Carriage Adjustment