UNIT I THE MICROPROCESSOR. Microprocessor architecture- Addressing modes- Instruction set-Programming the Objective: To have an in. CS / CS42 / EC / CS / Micro Processors and Micro Controllers Complete Notes CSE,IT 4th Semester regulation EC Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lecture Notes All 5 Units – Free notes for Anna university 4TH sem Subject CS MICROPROCESSORS AND.

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Give any two advantages of assembly language over machine language. A Key typically bounces for 10 to 20 msec.

What is the need for interrupt controller? What is the role of interrupt service routine?

The different priority schemes are: If the Is programmed for decoded scan micricontroller the output of scan lines will microprocexsor decoded output if it is programmed for encoded scan then the output of scan lines will be binary count. The software interrupts of are vectored interrupts. What is a bus?

A processor, which can be connected with the mainprocessor in a parallel manner, in order to do some complex problems, referred to as co-processor. A storage device, which needs refreshing once it is switched off by power, to retain the charges.

What is the difference in programming the for encoded scan and decoded scan? Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Microprocessor 1. SF is set if MSB of the result is one.

Anna University Chennai Cs – microprocessors and microcontrollers model question papers

The computers can be classified into micro, mini, and large computers. The microprocessor-based system offers high speed, intelligence, automation, flexibility, compactness and flexibility. Minimum mode Maximum mode Suitable for uniprocessor or single processor Suitable for multiprocseeor systems more than one system.


Give the register classification of ? What is the use of auxiliary carry flag in ?

What is meant by simplex transmission? What are the different priority schemes of ? What does masking mean? Therefore, normally all the slaves peripherals will remain in high impedance state in electrical isolation the master will Prepared by A.

What do you mean by volatile? CF is set if there is a carry from addition or borrow from subtraction. What is relative addressing mode? Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Prepared by A.

Microprocessors & Microcontrollers CS notes – Annauniversity lastest info

List the advantages of the multiprocessor configurations. The next 16 bytes above the register bank from a block of 16 bit addressable memory space. What is Instruction register? This form of data communication is found in never type of computer peripheral equipment with transfer speeds upto one million character per second.

The physical address is calculated from two parts, the first part is segment address and second is the offset. The programs, which are used to convert any language into machine language, is referred to as tanslators.

What are the control words of A? Hence such systems are also referred to as a distributed systems. This process is called keyboard debouncing. Give the classifications of computers. They are used for holding data, variables and intermediate results temporarily.


How can we initialize the A? While running a program, if a software interrupt instruction is encountered then the processor executes an interrupt service routine.

List the applications of microcontroller. Generally two types of modulation techniques are used. It is an output signal from the processor.


When is reset, all interrupt sources are disabled. Interrupt priority IP register. Microprocessro cross over connection is often called a null modem. Counter is a frequency program application used to keep track of events. The two command words of A are: Give the basic blocks of microprocessor. How hardware interrupts are initiated?

What are operation command word registers and operation command words of A? What are the functions of DMA controllers? The has a read back feature which allows you to latch the count in all the counters and the status of the counter at any point.

Hence only 4 rows can be used in the case of keyboard or only 4 digits can be switched ON in the case of the display. Generally maximum mode is opted for the larger systems by means of more than one processor. This flag is set if there is overflow of Bit 3 i. IP, BP and SP are the pointers and contain offsets within the code, data and stock segments respectively.