INFORMATION SECURITY (CS) TWO MARK QUESTIONS AND .. But note : Even if the possibilities are reduced to one of two messages of equal .. SECURITY TME: am – am SUB CODE: CS CLASS / SEM: ME / I . NE Networking And Information Security Notes. Click Below Links to CP Advanced Operating System Notes. CLICK BELOW LINK. SE Object Oriented Software Engineering NOTES CLICK BELOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD CS NETWORK SECURITY NOTES.

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What type of security was dominant in the early years of computing? Keystrokes – Keystroke dynamics requires a signature based on keystroke intervals, keystroke pressure, keystroke duration, and where the key is struck on the edge intormation in the middle.

Name the people affected in security policy. What are the responsibilities of the communities of interests? It is one that changes its apparent shape over time. What is security blue print?

Write short notes on scanning and analysis tools used during design. Execution-Based Mechanisms The goal ingormation an execution-based mechanism is to prevent an information flow that violates policy.

Architecture of an intrusion detection system.

CP – High Performance Computer Networks – JUNE question paper (Type version)

What are the basic types of Fire Detection Systems? We opt for a more liberal approach, in which the language constructs specify the set of classes from which information lecturd flow into the variable.


What is physical security? Explain the relationship between plaintext and cipher text.

SVCE | Department of Computer Science and Engineering

What are the main components of cryptology? Compiler-based mechanisms check that lectuee flows throughout a program are authorized. Trusting that mechanisms work requires several assumptions.

Detection of Covert Channels – Covert channels require sharing. Likelihood is the overall rating of the probability that a specific vulnerability within an organization will be successfully attacked.

If a flaw does not exist or cannot be exploitedthe testers go back to step 2. Computer systems that are not under attack exhibit several noes. What are the types of UPS? Access control affects the function of the server in two ways. If an individual user can set an access control mechanism to allow or deny access to an object, that mechanism is a discretionary access control DACalso called an identity-based access control IBAC. What are the three general categories of unethical and illegal behaviour?

Two assumptions underlie this belief. Detection methods begin with this observation. They examine the system’s design, its implementation, its operating procedures, and its use. Define a secure facility.

A virtual machine is a program that simulates the hardware of a possibly abstract computer system. It is the process of using social skills to convince people to reveal access credentials to the attackers. An intrusion is a type of attack on information assets in which the instigator attempts to gain entry into a system or disrupt infoemation normal operations of a system with, almost always, the intent to do malicious harm.


Alice and Bob may decide to trust a third party called “Cathy” here.

What are the communities of interest? It is a plan or course of action, as sscurity a government, political party, intended to influence and determine decisions, actions and other matters. Differentiate between authentication policy and issuance policy.

Explain Ethical Concepts in Information Security. What is Residual Risk? State the roles involved in Risk management. How will you balance security and access? What is an alert roster? Explain the various types of Intrusion Detection Systems.


A covert storage channel uses an attribute of lectjre shared resource. Information flows from each of the xi’s to y. What are the protocols used in Secure Internet Communication? A noisy covert channel is a covert channel that uses a resource available to subjects other than the sender and receiver, as well as to the sender and receiver.

What is meant by top-down approach to security implementation? What is information security blueprint framework? What is the formula for calculating risk? It is the process of assigning financial value or worth to each information asset. Security of health information. Biological Databases Page Link: