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[4] CSN 73 Thermal protection of buildings – part 2: Requirements, Czech , [6] Jerman, M., Kočí, V., Maděra, J., Výborný, J., Černý. following Decrees refer: CSN 73 Parking areas for road vehicles, CSN 73 Changing rooms, lavatories and bathrooms, CSN 73 Daylighting. ČSN 73 – Obytné budovy. – ČSN 73 – Šatny, umývárny a záchody. – ČSN 73 – Denní osvětlení budov. – ČSN 73 – Tepelná ochrana.

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Copper and Gold Risk Disclosures. The Company does not carry key-man life insurance with respect to its executives. Under the Operating Consulting Agreement, Nuinsco received: Any amendment to any provision of the Employee Incentive Plan shall be subject to approval by any regulatory body having jurisdiction over the securities of the Company.

The Joe Mann Mine was brought back into production by the Company in The convertible debentures are considered as pre-petition liability under the Plan of Arrangement pursuant to the 37 proceedings.

VŠTE:TBU_1 Typologie budov I – Course Information

The estimates in this Report are based on various assumptions relating to copper and gold prices and exchange rates during the expected life of production, mineralization of the area to be mined, the projected cost of mining, and the results of additional planned development work. Tailing disposal sites meet all existing environmental requirements and standards. To the extent that distributions exceed current or accumulated earnings and profits of the Company, they will be treated first fsn a return of capital up to the 37.


There are no family relationships between any of the directors and executive officers of the Company.

The mine was dewatered in early and in June of that year, an underground exploration program began. Location, Access and Ownership. Restricted deposits and exchange agreements Note 7. The Company intends to take all necessary legal action to settle the situation and recover any amount due to the Company. Weighted average number of common shares Resulting higher cash operating costs compelled management to temporarily suspend development and mining operations to permit re-evaluation of the economic viability of the Joe Mann Mine and development of a new mine plan.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

The Destor-Porcupine Fault, a major regional auriferous structure, crosses the Pitt property. Should the underlying valuation assumptions and estimates change, the recorded amounts could change csm a material amount. Production should continue throughout while targeting zones to increase milled grades to 0. The directors of the Company stand for election at the annual meeting of shareholders and there are no staggered terms.

For more information, refer to the following table:. These financial statements were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in Canada and are expressed in Canadian dollars. The Pitt property lies within the volcano-sedimentary belt of the Archean-age Abitibi subprovince.

Railway station Jestřabice | České dráhy

Cssn a result, the Company might become subject to liability for pollution or other hazards for which it is uninsured or for which it elects not to insure because of premium costs of other reasons. The Company may also be unable to maintain insurance to cover insurable risks at economically feasible premiums, and insurance coverage may not be available in the future or may not be adequate to csm any resulting loss. The program is designed to attract and retain executive officers by delivering a competitive rate of base pay.


Termination of the Employee Incentive Plan shall not affect the rights of an optionee holding an option at the time of the termination of the plan without the consent of the optionee.

During the fiscal year, the Company entered into an option agreement to sell its Mexican subsidiary, Oro de Sotula, S. All three members attended the four meetings of the Audit Committee held during the last fiscal year, with the exception of Mr.

Warren Holmes and James D. Limitations on Ownership of Securities. The agreement stipulates among other things, a base salary and provides that in the event that Mr. Ramsey, New Jeyser, United States. Meston appealed the assessment but, in order to do so, it was required to pay the amount assessed. At present, it is thought that the mineralization of the new ore zone is spatially and genetically related to a large quartz-feldspar porphyry dyke.

All operating costs are expressed in Canadian dollars. These horizons are located about metres north of a magnetic banded-iron formation.