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DA FORM (REQUEST FOR ISSUE OR TURN-IN). 3. The DD Form 6 (DOD Single Line Item Requisition System. Document)(Figure 35) is used to. -For PD requests, follow up at the time of monthly reconciliation and when the estimated. shipping date has expired, after determination that valid supply. Form Used: DA Form (Request for Issue or Turn-in) Used for Turn-in: Items to SSA, that have no value except for their basic content (scrap) that: Are.

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What is Class IV and why does one need to care about it? In order to begin this process, commanders must appoint personnel in writing and provide that letter to the st Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron Customer Support Section and the Class IV.

This informs ELRS that these personnel are authorized to purchase items on behalf of the unit. What does this mean? Air Force units are not authorized to backorder items at fodm Class IV. Units must understand that anytime the base identifier code is used to obtain items from another service, they the unit are obligating funds from the Air Force stock fund.


Home News Features Display. Customer Service will validate the item is or is not available in Air Force supply channels. The assistance and cooperation of everyone is needed to ensure the ELRS continues to acquire the necessary materials from the Army to complete projects on Kandahar Airfield.

There are actually ten classes of materials used by all services, but this article focuses on Class IV. Class IV items are construction and building materials that may be used day in and day out to improve current accommodations or organizations, such as what civil engineers may sa for their major construction projects.

The Army inputs that code in their system, which generates an audit trail that leads to the Defense Accounting System.

Once the customer provides the documentation, supply personnel will ensure the money has been expensed in the 2675-1 system. What is Class IV? The above mentioned procedures must be followed to properly obtain materials and to ensure the Army receives the appropriate reimbursements.


What is Class IV?

In some instances, a unit’s designated “supply” person may be one in the same, but the letter must also stipulate Class IV.

Once approved, it is the unit’s responsibility to determine what is available to them at the Class IV and if the item is on hand. This process is extremely important.

The customer will purchase assets from the Army supply point as either they have it or they torm.

Figure 1:DA Form ,Request for Issue or Turn-in

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Every time Air Force units shop at the Class IV they must use a base identifying code that tells the Army who is buying their material.