Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Not ioned. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. DABESTĀN-E MAḎĀHEB (School of religious doctrines), an important text of the . Contained in the Dabistan,” Transactions of the Literary Society of Bengal 2.

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Dabestan-e Mazaheb – Wikipedia

By blindly following the first sheep the next sheep were saved from the stone but, in exchange, they missed a chance to apply mental discretion. Can we ever assimilate the truth that we never witnessed directly? What were the causes that necessitated the formation of new religions? This reflects their ideas of universe as god.

Slowly, the quality of omnipotence which is but a single part of the very broad spectrum of aspects that god is gained much importance. This changed the idea of god and godliness. Most of them intend to help humanity lead a life that is good and meaningful at various levels.

Death ritual and society in Maxahib North India since [28] http: And it is not so difficult to understand that we need to go a long way before we can predict the waning of all these differences. This is expressed ddabistan Abu Ali, a member of the Parsee cult, who is known as the prince of physicians. As long as the rituals or mazahin changes that they undergo do not negate basic human traits of Humanity, discretion, and rationale they can be followed.

It became essential to understand the difference between what religion means and what religionists preach. Different religions have different theories about life and death. And this is essential being a good person as the goal of most religious practices is the same at least in ideology. Since following the first sheep helped them to pass through the path without stumbling over it.


In these places, the main source of income is attained from the tourist industry. The deed of giving charity is undoubtedly a good practice, a virtuous act. The Parsean cult, Dabitsan, Hindus held Polytheistic ideas. In the latter case of re-incarnations, a being depending on the merit or demerit accumulated during its lifetime attains its next life. The objectives, ideologies, and philosophies of several religions show various diversities and similarities.

They feel the threat of the same being extinct if they do not take necessary preservative actions. This article possibly contains original research. This change in the definition of divinity led to converse effects.

Dabistan-i mazahib

If charity or any good practice is made with an intention of getting a good afterlife, a better next life, to enunciate sins or gaining positive karma instead of a zeal to help the needy, it will make us people who perform good deeds in this case the act that we do is good instead of making us good people who perform good deeds.

The development of Kirlian photography or electrography which claimed to capture the aura or energy field surrounding all living beings underwent huge criticism as it also captures energy emissions of non- sentient beings like coins, rocks etc. This adoration of stars became the starting point of all religions, [9] the concept of heaven and hell, the starry path that lead to them: This belief in addition to another similar belief in the merit obtained by dying in Varanasi made this place a major center for death rituals.

The perspective of Intellectual history: One problem with this approach arises when a seeker adheres to the first or second stages of understanding without progressing to the next stage. This karma is a result of all actions performed by the living beings.

Since humans perceive reality depending on their interpretation of it this case of absolute reality is difficult to re-create it in any form in writing, as memory or speech etc.


A very interesting question would be to ask why there are so many religions. There always exists a constant painful tension between faith and reason. This lead to a series of debilitating effects on the believers.

Dabistan-i mazahib | Open Library

This attempt of resisting any type of change has taken an aggressive note, refusing to allow even the slightest bit of change. There dabistzn different kinds of realities like absolute reality, relative reality, personal reality, collective reality etc. The similarities and differences that religions share are not always obvious. The way to measure of many aspects of the universe is still unknown.

According to them, one man and woman from old cycle will remain and multiply and start the next cycle. Fatalists believed that everything is pre-ordained and controlled by god. Sun is the main reason for the water cycle.

Everything mysterious happening was looked upon as miracles. This raises the complex questions of the application of rationale and logic behind rituals. This confirms the Human beings tendency to display the phenomenon of Confirmation-Bias.

Egyptians, Aztecs, Buddhists, Hindus, Indonesians, Baltics and Africans have beliefs and mythologies relating to the sun god.

All logic, understanding, and rationale that the humans are capable of being discarded to some extent. Here, the point mazahbi not to definitely invalidate all of the preset rules. He also In the chapters that discuss Christianity, the author records a conversation between a Muselman and a Christian, showing that it is a comparative study. So out of these gaps arose new religions and schools of thought that encouraged the humanity to use their rationale.

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