The Damocles Crusade (also known as the Damocles Gulf Crusade) was a major campaign against the Tau Empire by the Imperium of Man. The Crusade was based around a dozen capital starships of the Imperial Navy, five As Imperial forces now made preparations to cross the Damocles Gulf. Gathered within this anthology are four action-packed novellas focusing on the cataclysmic campaign in the Damocles Gulf. Each tale sheds light on a different.

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Appearing seemingly out of nowhere after suddenly powering up their main systems, a Kroot warsphere headed directly for the Imperial troop transports.

Related wiki Horus Luperclean. I see you in your serried ranks, matchless in skill and courage, and I know that the victory you will win for me will be remembered in the annals of history of all eternity.

Damocles Crusade – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

It was reopened again when an investigation being launched into what they were started after Adeptus Mechanicus Genetors found that this advanced alien race matched those of a primitive alien race found six thousand years ago. The Damocles Gulf Crusad.

When the Imperium restored its grip in the region they discovered via system defence ships, a Tau ship that didn’t stop at the designated checkpoints.

In order to damovles everyone calm, they replace the xeno-pope with a perfect hologram as they decided to fall back.

The Imperium had cusade but the smallest fraction of its size and power, yet the Tau had gained invaluable insight into its methods, strategies and tactics. The eastern seaboard of Dal’yth’s largest continent was selected as the target for the landing. The worlds of the Damocles Gulf. Their limbs will break easily under little applied pressure.


Warhammer 40K

During what the Tau called the Second Sphere Expansion, the Tau’s colonization efforts brought dajocles across the Damocles Gulf where they found human worlds existed on the other side. At this point both forces received new orders from their high command guulf Tau to take Agrellan quickly with a swift blow rather than a series of patient, cost-effective but time-consuming engagements, and Imperials – to evacuate the world and join combined sector forces gathered to stop Tau invasion.

The Crusade forces were allowed to withdraw back into Imperial space unmolested, allowing the Fire Caste to swiftly reclaim those Tau Sept worlds it had lost to the Imperium’s offensive at the outset of the conflict. This will add 2 Land Raiders, 2 Whirlwinds and 6 Predators to one of your companies.

The conclusion was that they represented a major threat and Cardinal Esau Gurney of Brimlock called cruxade a Crusade to purge the aliens. The huge Kroot hulk was slow and gluf weapons were short-ranged, gufl its sheer size seemed certain to eradicate the Crusade’s ground troops.

The drop was contested by large numbers of Tau aircraft but eventually proved successful. Resistance from the Inquisition and Adeptus Astartes to this course of action was overruled by the arrival of an express astropathic order in late Max 4 army groups.

crusqde One Tau starship was unable to withdraw and exploded while the crew was in the process of abandoning ship. With Titans and armoured formations as the spearhead, the Crusade ploughed relentlessly toward the Tau city. Tau are frightened by water. You are but one soldier among millions destined to go down in history, showered in the glory earned from annihilating a foul and insidious enemy.

Strike cruisers – points.

Damocles Gulf – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The Battle of Pra’yen: Despite having declared Farsight a outcast and a rebel, the Tau are emboldened and manage to rally to his Enclaves, slowing the Imperial invasion down to a crawl with a violent stalemate over the world. Tau have poor eyesight. In the end the Damocles Gulf Crusade had resulted in the Imperium gaining a healthy new respect for the fighting abilities of the Tau while the Tau Empire came to understand the true scale of Humanity’s power in a Galaxy they had previously thought theirs for the taking.


The tau and their insidious ways. M41, as the Imperium was forced to conclude its military offensive early to deal with the encroaching Tyranid threat while the Tau sought to begin diplomatic negotiations with the Imperium to show humanity the benefits to be had by accepting the Greater Good. Units had to be detached to drive back the Tau spotters, but these were in turn engaged by Tau jump troops equipped with cloaking fields.

Making use of the newly acquired starport, General Gauge began to evacuate his forces from Dal’yth. The Crusade fleet attacked immediately, but found the Tau starships to be capable of launching powerful torpedo salvos at long range, breaking up the Imperial formation. Yes, my password is: You will soon witness this Crusade’s irresistible strength: A short break was called as the Imperium took to going over their collective plans again for taking Dal’yth, but in the meantime an expeditionary force was sent over to deal with Tau in the Viss’el system.