This is the first part of our tutorial series. In this tutorial we’re going to make our first program. So open up DarkBASIC Professional and we’ll get. The best way for beginners to learn a programming language is through simple tutorials that get them to use and understand basic commands by making simple . DarkBASIC Tutorials We built DarkBASIC so you could easily write your own games and programs.

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First, of all you need darkbasci understand what a “sprite” is, yes I know I mentioned it but not has in depth as I need to now, again that was just a basic example.

tutorials – TheGameCreators

Now we need to load in the player image. This link will take you directly to their section on Programming. What does it do exactly? Click here for a list of tutorials featured in the TGC Newsletters. This tutorial will explain to you how a pixel-scrolling map works, complete with a working example darkbasoc the end.

Okay let’s start darkbaic the pong game, I must say it’s been a challenge writing this pong game, I’ve had lots of bugs with it. First you will learn about the principles of programming, then advance onto media and 3-D topics with further study. Your main question may be what is a sprite?

Types of Projects

You should see our player image drawn onto the top left corner of the screen. The final part in your assignment is to edit all the code and data statements to make a sequel, add rooms, and more. In other languages Add links.

Contribute your work to my Website. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: These are going to tell the computer the coordinates on the screen to draw our player sprite. Making great video games while you learn how to program If you want to learn how to make video games and you think that you want to learn how to program then there is an excellent opportunity for you to do both. Well, sync on allows us to manually refresh the screen. How to use memblocks This tutorial’s intended purpose is to help shed some light on memblocks by answering questions such as what a memblock and why we should use them.


Evil Elves have captured you in their prison, now you must escape the Dungeon of Doom. Before we start I’d just like to thank everybody for visiting this wikibook, taking time to read it and for knowing when I google “DarkBASIC Programming” I see my book on the first page.

What do I need to do to get started? Top Selling Game Development Books. What is this doing? There are a few commands in darkbasic that draws crude graphics, the commands we’ll use are: This is the first part of our tutorial series. Want to Learn how to make a video Game but not sure where to start?

DarkBASIC Programming/2D Game Programming Pt 1

Click here for a list of useful mathematic equations. Each chapter comes with a working example ready to compile. Currently, there are 11 chapters. No this game is not a text role playing game, we’ll make a text role playing game in the next lesson.

Read the introduction to the website. Basically, put a sprite is nothing but an active image that allows more manipulation then standard bitmaps. This site uses cookies. The same works for collisions with sprites: It’s purpose is to create a simple scrollable 2D map. Before we start, if we leave the computer to take care of our game’s framerate then our game will run slow and differently on different paced computers.


Go directly to the list of top sellers. There are more commands that draw different basic 2d shapes, but we won’t be using them. We’ll call it “Dungeons ttuorial Doom”, it’ll have the player to escape the dank dungeons of a castle using numerous data commands and whatnot.

The basic equations are explained in chapter 6 of ” Physics for Game Developers “. I’m a Canadian but I still spell color as color instead of colour.

Books on Programming Amazon.

I think tomorrow your gonna have a break-out of game programming. But you do not know how to delete sprites, how to detect collision with sprites, and have not used them very much yet. An older version of the tutorial’s code designed with DB Classic in mind is also available but does not cover everything the DBPro version does. Try running the program now. Place these lines of code inbetween the sprite command and the sync command.

If you want to learn how to make video games and you think that you want to learn how to program then there is an excellent opportunity for you to do both.

From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Plus you’ll learn how to clear the screen in various colors, and darkbaskc boy you’re gonna enjoy this lesson. What may not be so easy after reading the code below is what the random numbers are for. They are for both X axis and Y axis and you should know what those are already. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.