DATAFORTRESS PRESENTS: ULTIMATE HANDGUNS. Note: this article is part of Autumn Blade. ARMS. As stated earlier Autumn. THE HISTORY OF THE DATAFORTRESS CYBERPUNK GAMES The in game timeline is not really accurate to reality; the events of the campaigns were.

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All the gratitude in the world, the following people! This city’s always got a promise for you — might be a lie, an illusion.

Datafortress an expansive catalog of cyberpunk lore : cyberpunkgame

I am back in the hospital with pancreatitis again. For those of you interested in his work it’s right here. I do know this Thank you everyone, with your help Datafortress has been funded for another 2 years. I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience. But yes you’re right.

Thursday, September 6, Make no mistake, I have not given up on the site, and 22020 hope to get back to updating it again as soon as I can afford another computer, but I can’t promise when that will be.

Between that and health matters, I don’t have much success getting any work done.


Posted by Wisdom at 4: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. So until they release me from hospital I am afraid the PDF files for the site are unavailable.

Datafortress needs your help | Forums – CD PROJEKT RED

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. But now, I am going to thank you all directly. I’m not super fond of the art style and his website needs a face lift but all the content is pretty solid stuff.

Just around the corner. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If anyone has suggestions for a host for large, publicly shared files, feel free to get datafortresw of me. Posted by Wisdom at 8: I’d love to, but as a fixed income retiree I have to save my pennies literally to buy games.

Will update when the File Project is restored.

I never dreamed I had this much support. I hope he gets to play the game too. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m just talking about the cartoon looking ones. Ok, so I am out of the hospital.


Also, I am well aware the dropbox links on the front page of Datafortress don’t work. But everybody still wants to live here.


Want to add to the discussion? As for the site, what happened was, I got a message from the host that the site was using too many scripts, which I though was weird, since the site doesn’t have any scripts, then I realized that some sections of the project file still had comments turned on, and spam bots were running rampant.

Not everything on this site is cannon, but it is free to read. I am on disability as my sole income now, your donations are what kept the site up and running for the last 2 years. I hate this, datfortress least of which because I haven’t been able to update the site in any significant manner.

But I do datafortress you, if DatafortressInterlock Unlimited, and the Cyberpunk Archive mean anything to you, and you can spare it, please help me keep it alive by donating with the icon on the right side of the page.