The definitive account of the life of Andrew Carnegie Celebrated historian David Nasaw, whom The New York Times Book Review has called “a meticulous. David Nasaw has written a fascinating new biography of a man who “Andrew Carnegie” is fully up to that standard, a marvelous window onto. Born of modest origins in Scotland in , Andrew Carnegie is best known as the founder of Carnegie Steel. His rags to riches story has never been told as.

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The answer of course is both. His quest for world peace and the end of his life and era at the end of WWI. He notes his tough stance against his own workers after earlier having been praised as a friend of laborhis sometimes ostentatious efforts to become known as a man sndrew letters, his desire to give world leaders a piece of his mind irritating people like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson in the process.

The embodiment of the American dream, he pulled himself up from bobbin boy in a cotton factory to become the richest man in the world.

Biographers have to make decisions as to whether their book will be an interesting story for the general reader or a documentation of all that is unearthed. This is csrnegie Carnegie thought about donating money. He never seemed to understand or care that his laborers were actual human beings and his breaking of the Homestead strike was the clearest demonstration of just how callous and oblivous he was.

See 2 questions about Andrew Carnegie…. Were his men to have better wages, they would only squander it on foolish things such cafnegie women and drink. Wikipedia says that Hill was commissioned by Carnegie, and that …more I have no recollection of Napoleon Hill being mentioned in Nasaw’s book on Carnegie. Back in the days of the good ole boys where there were no laws for insider trading.


Andrew Carnegie

The Great War broke this man’s spirit. He was who he was. He died invery much aware of how impossible this goal really was. View all 13 comments. Excellent biography of Carnegie, steel magnate, philanthropist and peace advocate. Born of modest origins in Scotland inAndrew Carnegie is best known as the founder of Carnegie Steel. He also earned a promotion to superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad.


The author gives a wide canvas — but as mentioned, the length is excessive. Apr 20, Bill P.

He amassed so much money, some of which came on the backs of breaking unions, paying employees starvation wages while his company and he made in today dollars billions of dollars a year in profit. Majestically told and based on materials not available to any previous biographer, the definitive life of Andrew Carnegie-one of American business’s most iconic and elusive titans-by the bestselling author of The Chief: He did not feel he had earned his wealth immorally, let alone illegally.

I am certainly glad to have read this book. So many block quotes.

Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw | : Books

Still, he left numerous other fortunes in his wake, including that of his irascible and unsociable partner Henry Clay Frick, who Carnegie tried to treat like a son and friend dvaid who turned away all of Carnegie’s love.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Oct 30, Pages. The Battle for Homestead But, we are left to rely upon mostly one-side of business communications. The sheer amount davdi written letters, diaries, transcripts especially those of congressional hearings in which Carnegie was subpoenaedand travel ledgers is stunning, efficiently documenting the life and times of someone worth remembering.


Overall, he was a complicated man. This despite the fact that even though he worked his way up from a poor Scottish childhood, he never believed in excessive work and celebrated the life of leisure even as the leader of one of the world’s largest corporations.

The Life of William Randolph Hearst.

There are some character There is nothing more fascinating than a life story. I ended up being heartbroken by his failed attempt to influence the leaders of nasaaw day on the folly of American Imperialism. This is a solid biography that raises a crucial question that it never answers. Stay in Touch Sign up. We don’t learn about successive generations.

Luckily, he was just as interested in giving away his fortune as he was amassing it. An Impregnable Position Apostle of Peace View all 16 comments.

While I’m happy about the object of investment I’m disturbed at the principle. The reader gets a real sense of Carnegie’s personality from this book. When it came to the time of H. I’ll come back to the libraries later. Hard work and application make a Frick though he got shot for his efforts along the way.